This is the weirdest case you’ll see in a while!

29 Th09, 2020
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You guys have been asking me to take a look at ASUS ROG Cases for a long time... well today we finally take a look at the new Z11 ROG case from ASUS!
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  • It's been two months and 3090s still aren't in stock anywhere

    RijajaRijaja3 ngày trước
  • hey Jay can you build this case out really interested to see a finished pc in it also couldn't you snake a 240 AIO into the top of the case where the exhaust fans are looks like there is some decent space hiding up there?

    JRBodnarJRBodnar3 ngày trước
  • @6:24 cracks me up 😂😂😂😂

    sarahisstrangesarahisstrange4 ngày trước
  • I have this case. Installed a Matx case. Screw a tiny itx motherboard. I could shoehorn a full atx in there.

    pacific highway cruiserspacific highway cruisers4 ngày trước
  • Gpu looks like it doesn't get enough air

    Bill BirdBill Bird4 ngày trước
  • Finally a case for those of us who keep their puter on their left? but the major problem is , there is no dvd drive space.. what a horrible case... oh well, i can't afford it anyhow or the hardware to put inside it anyway.. lol I had to make my own case. now i just need to do some welding/riveting.

    charles dilmorecharles dilmore7 ngày trước
  • dude, did you just whip out a Spyderco Military to open that box? my man! best ever!

    socmonkisocmonki9 ngày trước
  • Fans will overcome convection but if you make your fans work with convection thats better!

    the one you dont seethe one you dont see10 ngày trước
  • Pretty case but OMGwhyyyyyy?

    VynzographyVynzography11 ngày trước
  • Asus: yeah making a rotating tower would be nice for a lot of users Me: the f*cking logo is upside down

    Seddi MaginlessSeddi Maginless12 ngày trước
  • The motherboard is at an angle. Damn this looks shit.

    Z1pZ1p3rZ1pZ1p3r15 ngày trước
  • Up at 5.30... must be nice to get a sleep in on work days too...

    Boras RavenBoras Raven19 ngày trước
  • 6:23 It's official, computers as we know them are obsolete.

    Aaron JohnAaron John19 ngày trước
  • Also, heat does not rise, heated air rises. Yes, fans will overpower that so much it wont even matter.

    Lance ZimmerLance Zimmer21 ngày trước
  • - Jay: "this has two fans, so this Is exhaust, and thia has one fan, so it must be the front" Yeah, because there are no PC cases with two or more intake fans in the front, and only one exhaust fan in the back. Totally unheard of. ... Is Jay ok? Did he have a stroke? xD

    Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]22 ngày trước
  • i wonder how many times jay said world of warcraft instead of warships lol

    Zack swartzZack swartz22 ngày trước
  • The 3000 series is a myth, it doesn't really exist.

    Dan StrohscheinDan Strohschein22 ngày trước
  • Cases are boring? Do a review of cougar conquer 2 then, with the built in water blocks. That thing is far from boring.... Also zip ties? Tweezers maybe.....

    CreatipCreatip23 ngày trước
  • I would have loved to see a build with that thing

    Luca PistellatoLuca Pistellato24 ngày trước
  • I'm still trying to figure out how you access the rear IO...

    filnnfilnn24 ngày trước
  • I'd rather see an ATX build.

    Pete CarvoPete Carvo24 ngày trước
  • My case is already full of ROG RGB gear; MB, GPU, AIO and fans. I might as well put it in a ROG case like this beauty!

    Pete CarvoPete Carvo24 ngày trước
  • They should probably have made the ROG logo parts removable/turnable so you can switch the case orientation but not have upside-down ROG logos

    DoctorX17DoctorX1726 ngày trước
  • Jay: says a Bane reference in a Yoda sounding voice. Me *Confused Screaming*

    スリックスリック27 ngày trước
  • best dedicated chassis review channel on the tube!

    AB0L1SH3DAB0L1SH3D29 ngày trước
  • Jay you're such a crackup... Love your informative videos but I request you to do a compilation of your cameraman's laughter... Honestly it has me in stitches whenever he laughs

    Naeem YusufNaeem YusufTháng trước
  • Love how much fun ya'll are having. XD

    Shwiru Fine ArtShwiru Fine ArtTháng trước
  • at what point is a "radiator" cooler mandatory?

    randalljamesrandalljamesTháng trước
  • What role does this case fill? Outside of a small build, is there a point in using a micro-ATX or ITX mobo? I feel like I'm missing something, but I can't imagine any use case scenario where this case would be better than either a SFF build or a normal ATX build.

    Wesley BrehmWesley BrehmTháng trước
  • Concerned about thermal performance, but doesn’t show or test thermal performance.

    Andy MAndy MTháng trước
  • Jay !! What if that "Back" is like a "Bottom" making it a sort of Desktop case (with custom feet no to restrict the vent on that side) what would also change the watercooling in it !!

    Arno ModelstateArno ModelstateTháng trước
  • Hardware canucks copied this build in their latest build video. "A Very Different RTX 3080 Build! " is the title despite it being nearly identical to your month old video. #jayztwocents #trendsetter

    ThaReal CLoThaReal CLoTháng trước
  • I had heart attacks of just thinking the graphic card will drop out of its socket one day.

    RyuSoonkRyuSoonkTháng trước
  • Take a shot every time he turns it

    CapncrunchandOrangejuiceCapncrunchandOrangejuiceTháng trước
  • About the units: We were to be metric in the late 1700s but the ship that had the metric standards and such was hijacked by it never made it and we went on with life as normal, as apparently no one wanted to send another set.

    J. A. G.J. A. G.Tháng trước
  • Is this possible that I put a assassin 3 air cooler into this case?

    qian xiangqian xiangTháng trước
  • I haven't understood a single thing about this case.

    Carlos FeitosaCarlos FeitosaTháng trước
  • Jay ate all the 3000 series graphics cards

    z32_Davidz32_DavidTháng trước
  • pounds. wtf

    Peter CulkaPeter CulkaTháng trước
  • I actually really like the look of that case

    Mad FishMad FishTháng trước
  • I don't know anyone who can game and admire the logos at the same time, and I get really bored looking at pc hardware no matter what written on it lol I'd just enjoy gaming on the 3080/90, and telling others how much money I waste on crap doesn't excite me at all.

    Paulo ForgedPaulo ForgedTháng trước
  • Are you putting on weight again?

    LisboKateLisboKateTháng trước
  • that was the most not-boring case review ever

    Michal ĎubašákMichal ĎubašákTháng trước
  • It's too bad there were no ways of mounting feet to the 'side' panel. I think that case would look pretty in a horizontal/desktop (glass up) config. But everyone is all so horny about footprint these days.

    Zardoz13Zardoz13Tháng trước
  • bad case , waste use of volume

    Toot TaataaToot TaataaTháng trước
  • It's like the puzzle box from Hellraiser!

    james fisherjames fisherTháng trước
  • Psychiatrist: Jay the Ripper doesn't exist. 5:40

    JesseJesseTháng trước
  • “I only speak freedom!” Best Jay line ever LOL I squirted Red Bull out my nose laughing

    Gregory GalyanGregory GalyanTháng trước
  • anyone else get the ad with Linus Tech Tips? wonder if they're doing that to mess with you

    Don CowboyDon CowboyTháng trước
  • Apparently Asus can't even do ITX right

    The Great SatanThe Great SatanTháng trước
  • Me: "wonder what it costs..." Google: "Silly Human! It's not for $ale" ASUS Store: "Sorry, the page has been removed."

    PoodlePuncherPoodlePuncherTháng trước
  • the lian li lancool 2 is still a cooler case

    Zero GearZero GearTháng trước
  • @jay does it fit a MICRO ATX w/adding MB stands ? its really a nice case plz answer thx

    Michael TranMichael TranTháng trước
  • If they made a silver and white version with clear glass I'd pay anything..

    Devon ClancyDevon ClancyTháng trước
  • I want a horizontal desktop-style case

    omfgbunder2008omfgbunder2008Tháng trước
  • wait, what about pumps above rads on AIOs?

    Aaron WAaron WTháng trước
  • Damn nice microwave oven u got there

    Mattias AlkellMattias AlkellTháng trước
  • Steve: "We built a crazy flow-pattern image system using special mirrors and splitting beams of light with a razor blade just so that we can show you how much the slightest variations in GPU cooler design can affect airflow so that you can pick the optimal card for your setup. Also, have 50 graphs and more raw data about these coolers than the manufacturers even collected." Jay: "IDK, you guys are the consumers. _you_ tell _me,_ does this case get, like, hot, or maybe, like, *loud* or sumting? I dunno, lol."

    KevinKevinTháng trước
  • 6:20 is perfect!

    Themodman 101Themodman 101Tháng trước
  • What should I look for if I want the highest quality PC for audio design/gaming without budget concerns? Pls help idk much

    J RollaJ RollaTháng trước
  • Feels like this thing gives up literally the only advantage an ITX case is supposed to have. Being small. If I want a mid tower, I'll get ATX since its cheaper and more expandable. On top of that, what the hell is with blocking off the I/O inside the case? Do you seriously have to remove a panel to plug shit into it? Oh yeah its also somehow more expensive than the Ncase M1 at $280USD. Wtf were they thinking?

    MultiClown1000MultiClown1000Tháng trước
  • great

    AL LAAL LATháng trước
  • tooo much America in this clip

    Mark OneMark OneTháng trước
  • I do like the flexibility to change sides so your tower can be on either side of the desk

    depth386depth386Tháng trước
  • Wow that looks big tower big and its ITX? lmao ASUS

    ComanderSevComanderSevTháng trước
  • Its cute how these guys mention eachother in vids. The 1 mil sub club.

    Prototype 81Prototype 81Tháng trước
  • You might be able to change the orientation of the motherboard in the case as well, to make the geforce logo right side up, and some other upsides

    Spencer WarrenSpencer WarrenTháng trước
  • This is a list of parts for my first ever PC build, any suggestions/advice or feedback would truly help me tremendously. Thank you. CPU-Intel i9-10900k, CPU Cooler-Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black, Motherboard-Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO(Wi-Fi) LGA 1200, Memory-Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro(4 sticks of 16GB each), GPU-Trying to get literally any 3080 but preferably not one of the worse custom cards, Case-Phanteks Eclipse P500A Digital RGB Mid Tower, PSU-Corsair 850W 80+ Titanium Fully Modular ATX and Monitor-Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5” 1920x1080 Hz Monitor

    Matthew ImbroscianoMatthew ImbroscianoTháng trước
  • I feel like that EK special edition INWIN case would have gone great with the 3090

    RadicalxEdwardRadicalxEdwardTháng trước
  • That face you made when you said the thing fitting. Gold 😂

    Neil BooneNeil BooneTháng trước
  • my GOD that first mobo vs 3090... just X_X :) hahahahaha

    Kristoffe BrodeurKristoffe BrodeurTháng trước
  • Send me the case, I'll do a gnarly custom loop and make it as overkill as possible

    SiN LoudSiN LoudTháng trước
  • Jay didn't say... I like boats

    josher14josher14Tháng trước
  • dumb and dumbest... regret it every time when i click one of these shit show vids.

    retsamyarretsamyarTháng trước
  • I had to dislike so it wasn't on 666 anymore. I actually liked the video.

    NuggetttssNuggetttssTháng trước
  • Angry stone here, upcoming!

    Milky RinoaMilky RinoaTháng trước
  • Asus had a good idea with the 11 degree then just fucking added whatever they wanted to it.

    Ivan SwaIvan SwaTháng trước
  • 8:45 It’s actually supposed to be tubes down. That was the entire point of his video.... Jay calling out ppl for not understanding but gets it wrong himself

    Simon GranströmSimon GranströmTháng trước
    • @Joel Towart That is true for fresh aio’s but gamers nexus argument was that the water evaporates slowly inside the rad and it will eventually cause bubbles, therefore also pump noise

      Simon GranströmSimon GranströmTháng trước
    • Nah what he means is that there is space inside the rad to catch bubbles if you're going tubes up, just make sure the tubes are physically higher than your CPU socket.

      Joel TowartJoel TowartTháng trước
  • I wonder if the ROG brand name is banned in totalitarian monarchies like the KSA

    Yu TubYu TubTháng trước
  • What the actual fudge is this? 🤔

    Mister MayhemMister MayhemTháng trước
  • Jay I recommend checking this video before talking trash about metric units.

    Twistal2Twistal2Tháng trước
  • Getting an ASUS case and trying to make it work somehow. Again.

    OleOleTháng trước
  • All the plugins on the top from outside the case

    jrl carmichaeljrl carmichaelTháng trước
  • Gpu up out top

    jrl carmichaeljrl carmichaelTháng trước
  • Yeah I'm kind of over it... agreed Phil. I just want my hands on a card, no more hype when there's no stock.

    TheTargetlockonTheTargetlockonTháng trước
  • I hate when I drop one of those small ass screws into my PC case and the screw disappears into oblivion. That’s a huge case for a mini.

    Eric REric RTháng trước
  • Hey Jay, I have been a fan for awhile, and I used alot of your videos to build my first Gaming PC. I noticed that you use a knife to open boxes, and I thought that maybe you could use some safety box cutters lol Not trying to be a dick like others, just thinking about safety of your fingers

    Richard BroylesRichard BroylesTháng trước
  • Still using Thermaltake LEVEL 10 GT snow edition after two builds , don't see anythng like it on the market now .

    Cts vVvCts vVvTháng trước
  • as a money saving tip, i would suggest selling the case and mounting your hardware using the cardboard box the case came in

    Dick BirdDick Bird2 tháng trước
  • no rgb haha looking forward to the build

    Blitzrad Daddy Din's GamingBlitzrad Daddy Din's Gaming2 tháng trước
  • looks like full size atx case NOT mini itx

    Jesper AndersenJesper Andersen2 tháng trước
  • I guess no one care about Matx users anymore. All I ever see is towers the size of buildings or builds so small that I'd have to literally buy a new whole computer jot even that, those Itx cases always look good.

    Luis SanLuis San2 tháng trước
  • And the 30 series stock situation is still no better today. In fact I have a feeling its going to get worse seeing as they pushed 3070 launch back (and could push it back even more). I know this happens on every new launch but this seems like a whole new level or inept planning.

    Bacher108Bacher1082 tháng trước
  • nah not for $279....

    Kevin LKevin L2 tháng trước
  • I love it when x-spurts are extremely confused.

    Gary LeeGary Lee2 tháng trước
  • You can fit a 3090 in any case that holds 3080 with liquid cooling

    whiteandnerdytubawhiteandnerdytuba2 tháng trước
  • Not good

    Mohamed ShakerMohamed Shaker2 tháng trước
  • the hysterical laughter in the background really adds to the whole experience

    first lastfirst last2 tháng trước
  • Actually United States is one of the very oldest countries by longevity of government. Meaning we have had these weights and measures a long long time compared to some places.

    Fred WilliamsonFred Williamson2 tháng trước
  • love the looks they have a atx version?

    dv Vaughndv Vaughn2 tháng trước