This Gaming PC is No Frills, All Thrills!

30 Th10, 2020
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Micro Center doesn't just sell every PC component you can imagine, they also sell their own house brand of PCs! Open Description for more details!
PowerSpec G467 Gaming Computer:
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  • I live pretty close to two Microcenters one in Jersey and one in PA. Went to the one in PA in September for the first time and had a really cool experience. The guy that helped me was super cool, easy going, no pressure, and made solid suggestions. I walked out of there with a Powerspec g464 and have been super pleased so far! It's quiet as hell and crushes everything I've thrown at it like AC Valhalla of late which it has no issues with running at ultra! I also do a podcast and since it's an AMD system I've been happy with how it's handled that aspect! Yeah if you are near these guys give them a shot!

    TomBeatsterTomBeatster2 giờ trước
  • I put an extra exhaust fan in the back to blow air out. Good idea, or should I leave it be how its made?

    agentblank122agentblank1222 ngày trước
  • do you think its a requirement to get GPU support brackets for the 3080? im getting the gigabyte one and will need to get a support if its required

    Elmo HeynsElmo Heyns3 ngày trước
  • I have the Powerspec G465 (i9-9900KF, 2080 Super blower), reserved online prior to 3000 series launch, ($1 a day), went to snag and they sold my reservation. $2,100, because of their mistake, they had an open box for $1,900, they let me walk out with it for $1,700. Incredibly happy with microcenter and the build, upgraded the storage and in the works of upgrading fans & AIO as it’s running about 5-10 C hotter than the first few months of owning. Powerspec gets a solid 9/10

    Mizzle NationMizzle Nation3 ngày trước
  • What program are you using to overlay the FPS, Temp, etc?

    Kris MKris M4 ngày trước
  • jay lookin a lil chunky

    john thompsonjohn thompson4 ngày trước
  • Imagine spending money on that pre-built for them to have forgotten the thermal paste.

    cory brearleycory brearley8 ngày trước
  • How ASUS STRIX Z490-E Gaming that supports just PCI Express 3 support the 3080 RTX with PCI Express 4? I will appreciate an explanation for that

    Albert GelilovAlbert Gelilov9 ngày trước
  • I just got mine. 10/10

    Andrew NatiliAndrew Natili13 ngày trước
  • What's the F stand for in Intel lol

    Paul NolanPaul Nolan17 ngày trước
  • 2 Intake fans and a front panel choking the airflow Makes perfect sense.

    N Gauge England -Synthematix-N Gauge England -Synthematix-18 ngày trước
  • Well if they did ship them in just a single box thats pretty shitty tbh, packages need to take a 5ft drop without damage

    N Gauge England -Synthematix-N Gauge England -Synthematix-18 ngày trước
  • I bought this and I am enjoying it so far. IT was an open box from Micro Center Dallas store.

    Freddy DaruwalaFreddy Daruwala20 ngày trước
  • Now do watercooling, no spills, all chills!

    Sam SamsonSam Samson21 ngày trước
    • Then do one about cooking ducks, no bills all grills

      The RubThe Rub10 ngày trước
  • Apparently Jay doesn't remember the days of CompUSA. Though I will say MicroCenter has a larger selection of PCs now, but back then both stores were pretty equal in layout, parts and computers

    VikingLord248VikingLord24822 ngày trước
  • "If you haven't been to a micro centre, you haven't been in a pc store" I live in south america and that made me feel bad :(

    Red Panda SebasRed Panda Sebas23 ngày trước
  • My PC is All Frills, No Thrills!

    BlueRSBlueRS23 ngày trước
  • As an enthusiast, I’d never buy such a build... I feel not all parts are top quality or the best designs available. I’m a no frills kinda enthusiast, my builds don’t have a clear panel and all RGB is off except where it maters (on keyboard and mouse).

    Turbulence3000Turbulence300023 ngày trước

    Hayden MorrisHayden Morris24 ngày trước
  • if only there were Microcenters in Belgium

    Bob PietersBob Pieters25 ngày trước
  • Go and buy your own parts, if the parts are in stock, grrrrr.

    Daniel CoelhoDaniel Coelho26 ngày trước
  • Micro Center best toy store. I used to work at Micro Center, and can tell you that one of the greatest things about the PowerSpec line is that it can open the door for those who want to custom build in the least intimidating way. Someone who never had a computer before can easily upgrade and see that their computer isn’t much different than a BYO machine, since PowerSpec is mostly COTS hardware. Regular prebuilts from Dell and Acer and the like can seem like an entirely unrelated beast to someone with no PC experience, plus they often need special PSUs and power adapters, or have limits on upgrade options due to weird case builds or motherboard compatibility issues. So someone with a PowerSpec has a much better set of upgrade paths. One other thing about having the PowerSpec line is that it’s a good template. A customer can say “this is close to what I want” and anyone in the BYO section can take the part list and customize it from there with them. Or even take a PowerSpec and just add a little more to it for storage or a second GPU if that’s what they need, instead of a bottom-up build. The options are great.

    DoctorX17DoctorX1726 ngày trước
  • I'd love to see you do more with building your own chassis. Your arts and crafts skills really do set you apart from the other tech channels. I mean, Linus' crew is making inroads here, but they clearly don't enjoy or play into the process. For instance, that portable itx your built was sick, how about one with some sort of impact protection so it's actually reasonable to transport? Big editing companies build and ship setups like that all over the place, but they go more for the giant, pallet shipped cases, and also, they look hideous.

    Edward GradyEdward Grady27 ngày trước
  • Imagine buying Intel in 2020

    FaySmashFaySmash27 ngày trước
  • Now : "Eeewwwwwwww , Intel??????" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 (After AMD 5000 series🔥🔥🔥🔥😎)

    ShamanthaShamantha27 ngày trước
  • Can I have that pc?

    godwin charls cachogodwin charls cacho28 ngày trước
  • not cool not to mention the powersupply and mustard cables. you sould out Jay!! ohh wait 9:17 ;)

    Brian PedersenBrian Pedersen28 ngày trước
  • AIO fitted incorrectly 🤦‍♂️ Pipes should be facing towards the bottom of the case Air travels upward So air sitting towards the pipes means the pump has to work harder and may even prevent water reaching certain areas of the CPU

    John MccormickJohn Mccormick28 ngày trước
    • Dumb PC builders ikr

      Cl0vxrCl0vxr24 ngày trước
  • If you have 2.5k to spend for a pre build pc, i'm pretty sure you have few more bucks to have black cables.. Or at least non ketchup and mustard ones.. That is absurd and cheap ass logic. Why TF they sell 2500$ pc with these cables ? Lazy, cheap ass bastards

    Mr MatataMr Matata28 ngày trước
  • I just want to say, going to MicroCenter is like buying groceries at 7-11 your whole life then going to Walmart/Kroger for your first time. You wouldn't think its real until you saw it.

    Douglas KopczynskiDouglas Kopczynski28 ngày trước
  • 0:37 While I know this is just an innocent version of the child's circle game... some people less familiar with you and your channel may misinterpret this having some connection to the hate symbol co opted and corrupted by the domestic terrorists on 4chan. Not the vibes I assume you where looking to spread.

    FrostedPandaFrostedPanda28 ngày trước
  • I've been to the orange county location. It is nice.

    Ataru MoroboshiAtaru Moroboshi28 ngày trước
  • My cat already sits on top of the my surround sound receiver... I would have to lock him outside if he started lounging on top of my gaming pc!

    Matt TMatt T28 ngày trước
  • Can i use antifreeze as cooler ?

    Islaicigs AkauntsIslaicigs Akaunts28 ngày trước
  • Hey guys, what software does jay use to see those cpu gpu parameters? I just build a new pc and I wanted to see how it perfoms

    ELMITLONELMITLON29 ngày trước
  • We need something like a Microcenter Germany..... plssssssssss SPEAK WITH THEM JAY ! :D

    Volkan D.Volkan D.29 ngày trước
  • If you're paying that much for a PC, the PSU cables should be all black. Shouldn't even be a thing lol

    OleBaconBeardOleBaconBeard29 ngày trước
  • sorry jayson i haven't go to a micro center but i will when go to the usa i live in western australia wa perth these are the stores that similar to microcenter austin computers msy computers ple computers storm computers arrow computers

    John-Paul TolczykJohn-Paul Tolczyk29 ngày trước
  • I used to think micro centre was common. Went to New York queens and then Dallas there was always at least one. Bought my first gaming pc from there before I built my own. I also got a monitor aswell and brought it back to the uk. Some things weren’t the best prices but they price matched Best Buy for the monitor

    Gian ChaudhryGian Chaudhry29 ngày trước
  • Why do pre-builts always have top of the line CPUs when a current mid-range works almost as well in most tasks (games included) for 1/3 of the price?

    raszelastraszelast29 ngày trước
  • I may go the pick parts and have Microcenter build the PC for me next time while I love building my PC and going new routes everytime I've had so much trouble with my current build and the fact is I don't have much time to build anymore I've been working on the build for the last two weeks still not done 😔

    snow foxsnow fox29 ngày trước
  • I just wish microcenter was more widespread. I have no major PC parts places here where I live, which sucks.

    Marshall WilliamsMarshall WilliamsTháng trước
  • idk....i get reflections from destiny 2 in water and on the scope of my weapon without the use of rtx on my XBOX.......

    lx DINGO xllx DINGO xlTháng trước
  • Any thoughts on an MSI set-up ? Anyone. Looking at affordability, reliability, capability, longevity. MSI seems a solid option. But other input is always welcome. Paul, in the UK.

    Paul SmithPaul SmithTháng trước
  • I know it's secured and all that stuff, but it's not a wise move to premount the graphic card for shipping unless u're sure of ur shipment services.. Though for 2,5k$ yellow cables sticking around?.. Bought 70$ Power Supply from SilentiumPC with Black cabels..

    LanGista02LanGista02Tháng trước
  • $550 markup for the rebranded lian li case and a ketchup and mustard psu? 3080? Sold!

    aymareiaymareiTháng trước
  • I love the speed square that's been there for years in the exact same place and orientation

    sl1m: p1k1nzsl1m: p1k1nzTháng trước
  • Dont know, how about the new Ryzens? I wish they had those on the review. I'm just waiting for the CPU, got a Asrock B550 Extreme 4 :)

    Wolfgang ChristlWolfgang ChristlTháng trước
  • 6900xt is reasonable for me

    kevin hamkevin hamTháng trước
  • lmaof this why ive never used rtx on my 2080ti. cant even get 60 fps @1440p. raytracing is still a joke

    kevin hamkevin hamTháng trước
  • micro centers selection is pretty limited

    kevin hamkevin hamTháng trước
  • That is a nice machine. To bad nobody can buy it.

    MakoMakoTháng trước
  • Frys electronics here in Seattle. Havent been for a long time though.

    Jeremy BlackJeremy BlackTháng trước
  • Mahn can you get me any RTX card I'm so broke 🥺

    Abijith KAbijith KTháng trước
  • 0:37 DAMNIT!

    goldsilvergmgoldsilvergmTháng trước
  • Links are not working...?

    Mike RhodesMike RhodesTháng trước
  • There is no micro center in my country LoL

    Eren ELDEMEren ELDEMTháng trước
  • So aside from people flipping gpus, now we know why they're out of stock.

    BOT MushinBOT MushinTháng trước
  • Rude

    ClevelandPOWNDClevelandPOWNDTháng trước
  • Don't have a micro center near me 😒😫

    JTJTTháng trước
  • Stopped watching when you said "Intel" :P

    HoochHoochTháng trước
  • I live a couple of hours away from the Tustin Micro Center and took a coworker there this weekend and he was exactly as Jay describes a first-time visitor to Micro Center even if they had no 3000 series GPUs in stock.

    SomeGuyFromITSomeGuyFromITTháng trước
  • Ketchup and mustard cables for a top of the line build? >.>

    RevanRevanTháng trước
  • jay whats that monitor ur using??

    Optic EuOptic EuTháng trước
  • Im waiting on a 3080TI or 3080 super and waiting for more availability and polish on the drivers

    Cody McCartyCody McCartyTháng trước
  • Wish we had a Micro Center in the UK. America and Canada are so lucky ☹

  • I feel like 1935 isn’t that high of a clock. The FE seems to boost higher, I thought the tuf was better than FE. Both crazy awesome clock speeds, just saying.

    Joseph DigerolamoJoseph DigerolamoTháng trước
  • Hi JZ, love your Chanel Quick question my build i9 10980XE 128 memory, Asus motherboard x299 I Will run flight simulator exclusively. Which graphic card RTX3080 OR RX 6800XT will be best for the sim in your opinion ?

    Technick 2kTechnick 2kTháng trước
  • I see the 3080 looks like its powered by 1 8pin with the piggyback is that enough power,or is 2 dedicated 8pins better?

    Tony CiprianiTony CiprianiTháng trước
  • I would love to see cpu temperature in full load....over 60 degrees while 20% utilization?

    Aditon SmajkaloAditon SmajkaloTháng trước
  • I lived 20 minutes from Mayfield Heights (OH) Micro Center, to now living in South Florida where the nearest Micro Center is Georgia... I cry everyday

    Randy KennedyRandy KennedyTháng trước
  • Hold up! You were averaging around 80-90 FPS on 1080p extreme Nd my etc 2060 super averages at 60 FPS. Someone explain

    BigJamoBigJamoTháng trước
  • Hey Micro Center we need you in Orlando Florida

  • How do you get the info window on the screen ?

    Tony CiprianiTony CiprianiTháng trước
  • Hello, I live in a very rural area, so I did not know about micro center till I watched a video from you about a year ago ,and you where there building a pc. The nearest MC is at least 1 hour away, but I 💘 that place. I have bought a Maingear liquid cooled pc there and a LG CX 65 inch TV, so I'm a big fan of MC and your channel. Thank you!

    sky194sky194Tháng trước
  • prebuilts suck untill you have to do a video about them since you got paid by them . nice ;) for the price tho the psu is shit dont try to argue , he tries to but deep down he knows it CAN NOT FLY LIKE THAT

    NutriFIT nutritie si fitnesNutriFIT nutritie si fitnesTháng trước

    NutriFIT nutritie si fitnesNutriFIT nutritie si fitnesTháng trước
  • Jay I need a hand here Going to build a pc using the TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) AMD 5800XT CPU, 6080 GPU and was wondering if the XPG DDR4 D60G RGB 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz PC4-28800 U-DIMM Desktop Memory CL18-20-20 (AX4U360038G18A-DT60) Would work. in regards to the memory Thanks

    redneck1stredneck1stTháng trước
  • what is he using to check the utilisation and temperatures on the games and benchmark what software is it?

    Norsk ImposterNorsk ImposterTháng trước
  • No rear fan I'm pretty sure every stock case comes with one really odd

    DTPDTPTháng trước
  • Looks like a Lian Li Lancool 205!

    Adam AfsethAdam AfsethTháng trước
  • What motherboard is in this computer? I kept hearing bad things about asus and so I started to look at other options, i was looking between the asus z490 e gaming, gigabyte aorus ultra, and the msi gaming carbon wifi. Really liked asus but their reviews and what seems to be customer service is scaring me away from them

    Jonathon GlazeJonathon GlazeTháng trước
  • Remember Falcon Northwest.

    SladeofdarkSladeofdarkTháng trước
  • Its a top of the line PC...with those cables and ya....

    Takumi NishijouTakumi NishijouTháng trước

    Elliott OlveraElliott OlveraTháng trước
  • I am switching from Intel to amd so I came to this comment section for help lol. I have a 1660ti and an i7 4790k and I am upgrading to a 3700x. I will have to swap the mobo, ram, and cpu but what will I have to do in terms of software? Any help is appreciated :)

    ReyFNReyFNTháng trước
  • Where is microcenter in Connecticut?

    andrendenum1andrendenum1Tháng trước
  • I live near 3. All of them are out of stock for anything that matters.

    aephix73aephix73Tháng trước
  • i used to work for micro center in Brentwood MO. apart from just the fact i hate dealing in retail anymore after near 10 years i honestly miss working there. if they ask you to do a warranty on the system when there honestly do it. ya its more money but its not a whole lot more and you will not find a better warranty so ask your BYOB sales person the details for more info on it of course but i recommend it. they take care of you.

    MorganAnarchyMorganAnarchyTháng trước
  • That case looks a LOT like nzxt h510!

    oggybodoggyoggybodoggyTháng trước
  • 0:36 This could be a mf EmKay _reference_ ? Great video.

    Alexis BarrientosAlexis BarrientosTháng trước
  • love the bloopers you guys have been adding to the end of your videos

    Richard BelisleRichard BelisleTháng trước
  • Ketchup and mustard cables

    HazZasonnHazZasonnTháng trước
  • I fkin love control!

    Spirit HealerSpirit HealerTháng trước
  • There's a lot of promotional exaggeration in this video. However, one thing that isn't an exaggeration is that going into MicroCenter is literally like being a kid in a candy store for PC builders or tech hardware enthusiasts. No store to my knowledge in the US comes close to MicroCenter's inventory.

    Joel JacobsonJoel JacobsonTháng trước
  • Too bad there's no Micro Center in Alaska

    TroglodyteTroglodyteTháng trước
  • LOL dude, just buy a DELL XPS 8930 and stick a RTX 2080 TI ULTRA in it with 24GB RAM and 550W psu. No heat issues as no over-clocking shit. Just works! That shit is a big box of space!

    MacMacTháng trước
  • the funny thing is, at least my micro center doesn't even sell lian li fans! wtf mate!

    GnarlySpookXTGnarlySpookXTTháng trước
  • if only fry's electronics could hold a candle to them. 100miles vs 300 miles. microcenter is just too far away

    jakebrake_12jakebrake_12Tháng trước
  • My first visit at Micro Center was yesterday!

    Rand TRand TTháng trước