The AMD Launch was SUPPOSED to be better... Here's why it wasn't...

19 Th11, 2020
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The AMD launch was supposed to be better than NVIDIA's... except AMD made some pretty devastating mistakes...
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  • Instead of hoarding all of these GPUs, give them away and stop being a dick about it.

    Kurrupt GamingKurrupt Gaming50 phút trước
  • The upside though is if “team red” gets the first stock, the AMD internal team members are likely to report quality control issues back within the company so that future waves of these cards can be polished and matured. I know it’s favoritisms, and that sucks, but there is a silver lining here. @JayzTwoCents well if they’re stolen images...DMCA them, they’re your images used for a commercial purpose.....then make a video about it with Linus and everyone else and everyone else in your community will rally.

    brutalhonesty07brutalhonesty078 giờ trước
  • well... i got a card. suck it losers

    FrekiFreki14 giờ trước
  • why the rush???? its to hard today to just wait? another problem is the price. high demand = high prices, you are riped off. just wait

    Cosmin EneCosmin Ene15 giờ trước
  • Whats really funny is all the people who rushed to sell their RTX 20 series for dirt cheap when they heard about the 30 series, only to not be able to buy the 30 series. Now the 20 series card prices went back up and beyond. lmao. I cant believe people were selling their 2080 Ti for 500. That card is still really good even if youre playing in 4k. Its just missing HDMI 2.1

    DLAROCDLAROC15 giờ trước
  • My new-comp build cycle is every 5 years and my current system was built around Christmas of 2015. I started looking at parts for my next build yesterday. This is going to be one wild ride....yikes! Looks like I’m going to be using my 980 gtx for awhile yet.

    Gerald NicholsGerald Nichols16 giờ trước
  • This guy is super crappy!

    Helio Gomes Pereira da Silva FilhoHelio Gomes Pereira da Silva Filho17 giờ trước
  • Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a system from Cyberpower with a Ryzen 5900X. Am I still able to get away with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 air cooler? Or should I use water cooling?? I would like to do some OC'ing but not much

    Jeff G.Jeff G.19 giờ trước
  • Using your head to think of other avenues isnt conspiracy tin foil hat shit.. Why are all these youtubers parrots? Also there are plenty of guitars available... No, its not every industry. You actually think the shortage was due to previuos sales and number crunching? Oh my. Had to shut this off halfway through. Naive or shill... You decide.

    Prototype 81Prototype 81Ngày trước
  • EVGA got rid of their queue. I was on it 4 weeks ago. Their website doesn't mention it anymore and I was never notified.

    Blacked OutBlacked OutNgày trước
  • AMD screwed up royally. They had a chance to take a major market share away from Nvidia. They had an "Air" launch not Paper. Paper has substance. I went to the 3rd party launch date for the AMD cards. Micro Center had 1 AMD card. They had over 40 Nvidia RTX 3000 cards. I got a 3080 and couldn't be happier. Maybe AMD is too busy making chips for the XBOX and PS5.

    Blacked OutBlacked OutNgày trước
  • Mmmmm. Braain soilll.

    funnydogfunnydogNgày trước
  • I am from Saudi Arabia in Amazon the RTX GeForce 3090 is up to 13,503 SAR/ 3,600$ unbelievable

    NAHARNAHAR2 ngày trước
  • The stay at home and lockdown stuff has been going on since the beginning of the year, last year if you count Asia. They couldn’t have predicted the demand...? Come on...

    Nick KNick K2 ngày trước
  • Jay, sitting behind a pile of brand new graphics cards: "Why is there a shortage? Let me explain."

    charlene aguirrecharlene aguirre2 ngày trước
  • Ejeee eeryyy fannnn boi lollllllll

    Jim JohnsonJim Johnson2 ngày trước
  • Complaining about AMD RED TEAM getting cards before anyone else while having 10 GPUS on your desk. Ok.

    P ZP Z2 ngày trước
  • Can't buy a new Ampere GPU? That's because NVIDIA sold them to miners😨😭😱 NVIDIA has reportedly sold a large chunk of its next-gen Ampere GPUs to miners, with reports suggesting $175 million worth. Yeah it's going to be months before you can buy a new GeForce RT X30 series cards -- and that's directly from NVIDIA. But now, we're hearing why there's so little cards -- $175,000,000 worth of them were reportedly sold to crypto miners. In a new report from Barrons, it appears that NVIDIA made around $175 million selling Ampere GPUs to crypto miners. Ethereum changes are coming, so miners will not be able to use older GPUs so many of them are upgrading right now -- and picking up whatever Ampere GPUs they can in the process. "For the quarter in review, NVIDIA sold at least $175 million worth of new generation GPUs to ethereum miners, helping the outperformance. The analyst had guided sales to miners to come in at $150 million for the quarter". "Steves noted that the upcoming network upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain, also known as Ethereum 2.0, which is scheduled to take place sometime in December, demands that miners switch over to more .... 😭😱😨

    Red SauronRed Sauron2 ngày trước
  • can you substitute flour with almond powder

    AdamJQSmithAdamJQSmith2 ngày trước
  • I just bought a guitar :) my first fender strat... they had alot, but there are alot of guitars that are out of stock online i was thinkin about buying

    r33susr33sus2 ngày trước
  • I love how when AMD has a launch issue we hear all the excuses for them, but when NVIDIA fails, THEY ARE EVIL AND OUT TO MANIPUALTE US!! AMD launch was even worse than NVIDIA. Sad that people thought it would be any different.

    moby1kanobmoby1kanob3 ngày trước
  • Why dont these companies wait until the stock is available before announcing a release? did they know before hand they didn't have enough stock if not why not they didn't know how many they had made?

    Antoine FinchAntoine Finch3 ngày trước
  • Also nvidia and amd should not have launched without ample inventory. Like business 101. Unless they want to create super duper demand just because they do not have the supply so it's really fake demand.

    craziedzombiecraziedzombie3 ngày trước
  • Nvidia is way more than 30 days. More like 60 days

    craziedzombiecraziedzombie3 ngày trước
  • I got that "community" email 3 hours after it was sold out. LMAO

    joey gonzalesjoey gonzales3 ngày trước
  • My place have 1 of each, only 1..., in malaysia

    Kelvin SooZhiYeuKelvin SooZhiYeu3 ngày trước
  • Racketeering? I think that's probably what's actually going on.

    Derek JonesDerek Jones3 ngày trước
  • Maybe you, Linus, and GN should stop getting sucked into the marketers web and don’t review cards before their available. If I can’t buy the cards you’re reviewing then who cares? It just generates demand for the very paper launches that you complain about!

    Tracy TTracy T3 ngày trước
  • AMD fked up big time. Theyre just as shady as nvidia!

    R3TGxR3TGx4 ngày trước
  • is it me or are major distribution companies price gouging their own products to make more revenue through the use of bots. read an article earlier today that Micro Star (MSI) was caught by their smaller companies jacking prices. by re purchasing their own product to triple profit margins. specially with the pandemic going on, they have smaller manufacturing product numbers so they are meeting there quote to make up for the small production line. keeping their stock market numbers high without any risk of fallback due to production. though the fact that some companies have been getting caught. i feel like this has slowly been going on even when the RTX brand released. and shortages of power supplies, DDR4 etc. if they were so concerned about the viewing of the average consumer why not make it harder for bots to purchase these right of the bat by introducing a Captcha like most companies use for Password information. specially for well sought for products. this price gouging with latest equipment is indeed. bullshit.

    Nicholas LittlefieldNicholas Littlefield4 ngày trước
  • So how do I get a damn 3080 ASAP?!?!?

    Daniel ShebyDaniel Sheby4 ngày trước
  • Voting for democrats is why you cant have nice things. They'd lockdown everything, make everyone lose their jobs, make businesses close, etc. Anyone that voted for Biden is responsible for this. Period.

    Derka Von DangerkillDerka Von Dangerkill4 ngày trước
  • Marketing by contractually obligated influencers = ADVERTISING. I don't know how anyone could find that to be controversial.

    MoKTiger0oMoKTiger0o4 ngày trước
  • i was able to pick up a 6800 from newegg using Chrome distill web monitor, hope it helps someone get a AMD or Nvidia card stay alert.

    Savage MurdaSavage Murda4 ngày trước
  • > nvidia is about 30 days behind with preorders nice joke. I ordered MSI 3080 Ventus 3X OC 17.09 17:23 (launch wat at 15:00 in Poland) Today person that ordered the card at 15:05 got it. I might be happy if i get it in 2020 but I'm not gonna be mad if I get it in march 2021

    Błażej BurakowskiBłażej Burakowski4 ngày trước
  • The problem must be with the Fabs

    Asanda NdimandeAsanda Ndimande4 ngày trước
  • Love microcenter, but what do you do when they refuse to build a store in an area that doesn't have one. I wouldn't mind a 2 to 3 hour drive, but the closest is 10+ hours out. I'm not burning a day or two of PTO to camp that startband walk away empty handed. I wrote my own bot to get my gpu. Nope, not selling it the card or the use of the bot. Not abusing it, but at the end of the day... got tired of losing out. A day later I got one of the evga openings and declined it, or the ability to help someone else out to get one. Figured let somone else get it the right way, or learn how to do it themself. Even then it's not possible when you use those utilities 100% of the time. I bought a bigger gpu than I'll need anytime soon just to get one. The gpu set up my 6 year old monitor pushes it to 60% utilization. If you want a card do what it takes to get it under your own power on your terms.

    Jerry PowellJerry Powell4 ngày trước
  • 2020 the year of massive fraud.. Good job continuing the trend AMD

    Alex LawAlex Law4 ngày trước
  • I just want a 3070😐

    XcelXcel4 ngày trước
  • Managed to get my hands on a XLR8 by PNY RTX 3070, however I had to get it on eBay period but those cards are usually $540 msrp, and I only had to pay $700 for this one. And it was the cheapest one there that wasn't in an active bid. Also got an external GPU enclosure for my Razer Blade 15 base model, and even though it doesn't work quite as I intended it due to thunderbolt 3 band with limitations, it's still a significant step up from my RTX 2060 dedicated graphics in the razer blade 15. The frame rate just fluctuates a lot between 40 and 76 FPS and games like Destiny 2 on medium high settings at 4K. But before 4K was totally unplayable so again it's still a significant step up! Thoroughly satisfied!

    Alexander LeeAlexander Lee4 ngày trước
  • I have never owned a non-EVGA graphics card going back to the 500 series.

    CmdrVOODOOCmdrVOODOO4 ngày trước
  • the releases this time are so boring, both Nvidia and Amd cards unavailable everywhere... Yaaaawn

    It's JonesIt's Jones4 ngày trước
  • Guys you should've at least said something like, higher is better or lower is better 12:17

    Owais UnarOwais Unar4 ngày trước
  • Remember when r9 290s were going for 800

    Nick SpenceNick Spence4 ngày trước
  • This is why I like his vids

    Anirudh NairAnirudh Nair4 ngày trước
  • @JayzTwoCents I agree, If really even in the first 1/4 of 2021 they make more, or send more volumes of reference cards to maarket. Myself I refuse to buy an aftermarket card, NO WAY!

    Brad KBrad K5 ngày trước
  • The best all of you can do, is to take a cold shower, and let the scalpers loose some of the money they "invested" to take advantage of you, until the card might be 6 months old, and stocks are up again. Heck.. Then you can get an unused card for less money than a new at MSRP. That is a Win 4 *You (*the End-consumer) :)

    AlphaJon 81AlphaJon 815 ngày trước
  • 14:28 >> Hear Hear! When people buy from scalpers, they not only support their "Vulture business", but also shooting themselves in the foot, supporting a future for consumers to Overpay buying from other consumers. When consumers(scalpers) earn money from other consumers selling new retail items (and not being a business), that is totally wrong. Remember when you overpay for something purchased for less money legally, you can only claim the original price from the Retailer. Meaning if your card is DOA, and the retailer gives you a refund (because they can't replace it at the moment), you just lost what's between the "real" retail price and your "actual" purchase price from the scalper (or good luck getting the refund from the scalper).

    AlphaJon 81AlphaJon 815 ngày trước
  • I just want my RTX 3060

    Daksh PatDaksh Pat5 ngày trước
  • F*** U dude. You have a full room with GPU's and I can't get any. My RTX 2080 burnt down and now I'm on integrated.

    Reinis SproģisReinis Sproģis5 ngày trước
  • Welp, At least people know how painful it is when you buy parts expecting good stuff on it only to die on you months later. Trust me either i have an Aura that destroys electronics or im so unlucky on silicon lottery or that my parts seller cash big time on shit quality parts. Either way, Imma just gonna chill here and hopefully i can finally play my japanese speaking picture book with scantily dressed girls on it without red lines, blue screens or random crashes

    SufuurinSufuurin5 ngày trước
  • sorry...with around 20! total 6800 (XT) at launch for complete switzerland...what amount of demand was there in the last years for AMD? With 10x they claim they see now should be 200 total. I can assure you that even in the forums there were more than 200 annoyed idiots like me investing time to bath in support that AMD launched worst than nvidia.

    Andy EAndy E5 ngày trước
  • You can't call it a paper launch before the AIB cards are out. It was known well in advance that the AIB would come out later than reference.

    Phil GibsonPhil Gibson5 ngày trước
  • Why don't AIB do FE any more?

    Rainbow DashieRainbow Dashie5 ngày trước
  • Jay, have you any estimates how long it might be until 3070s are available?

    Maria TMaria T5 ngày trước
  • They do help.

    Z. ZauxstZ. Zauxst5 ngày trước
  • 30 day turn around ? Lol Jay. I ordered my msi gaming x trio 3080 on release day I got a email telling me I'm 819th in the que. The last email I got im 456th. If only it was a 30 day wait I won't see mine till way after the new year if lucky I will get it on my bday in march

    Nuke626Nuke6265 ngày trước
  • The AIB are here and... it is worse. Honestly the retailer sort of became the scalpers. Like why would they sell this MSRP 749€ AIB (e.g. Red Devil) Card for 749€ when I can sell it for 1000€?! They knew that there are only a few hundred cards per country and they knew they could charge whatever the fuck they want and so they did. The very few AIB of the 6800XT here traded between 849€ and 1149€... most prices between 949€ and 999€. And they sold out in like 1 second because like I said the entire retail market here had probably like 100 or so... what a joke. A big PC retailer got a new stock of 3080 today… they probably sold more 3080 today (949€ and 979€) then the entire country received 6800XT. And yes those overpriced 3080 sold out as well… took em a bit longer however.

    PraxicsPraxics5 ngày trước
  • stupid buy bots and scalpers need to go away

    Brooklyn TheFurryBrooklyn TheFurry5 ngày trước
  • 1 good reason to not pay scalpers is because you have no way of knowing whether or not profits are funding terrorists, and/or cartels and/or organized crime.

    borgranta61103borgranta611035 ngày trước
  • I heard that Harleys have to be ridden hard and put away wet.

    borgranta61103borgranta611035 ngày trước
  • I appreciate your videos Jay, thank you they are always informative I certainly have watched enough of your stuff to know your neither sides fan boy, which is great you really care about the tech and that's what its all about for us enthusiast. Not enough centrists in this this world!

    MK SpindelMK Spindel5 ngày trước
  • Even 5700 xt is out of stock, I was waiting for Black Friday and yesterday they sold out. Sad boy hours

    HixsenHixsen5 ngày trước
  • Rx Gpu Matter !

    lukaszytclukaszytc5 ngày trước
  • *Hugs 18 month old £250 Vega Red Dragon and Ryzen 2600* plenty for 1440p - I nearly waited until Ryzen 5 and this new gen of NV amd AMD GPU's to build a new system. So glad I didn't, what an absolute farce. Mining has completely overrun PC gaming now, very few cards both teams at launch and 90% went to miners.

    Zimri-LimZimri-Lim5 ngày trước
  • Honestly personally if i did have the card i would sell it for a profit i did with the ps2 way back in the day i got one for xmas saw they were going for 1600 pounds around 2 thousand bucks and i cashed in and bought one six months later for 300 pounds sorry thats being smart as much as it pisses people off.

    R KR K5 ngày trước
  • the demand being too high is a bullshit excuse, demand has always been high for new hardware.. Nvidia and AMD hit supply chain issues and barely produced any units

    Adam ZanAdam Zan5 ngày trước
  • For real don't support scalpers, it can never be stressed enough. There are those people who are still going to buy from them despite everyone saying not to buy from them. Make those scalpers fall flat on their face and eat it. Don't buy until stock stabilizes, then scalpers can't make their ridiculous profit margin, they'll have to bring it down within MSRP margins and take more modest gains. It's also not smart to change hands on a product like this at launch, who is going to guarantee your shipment doesn't arrive damaged? And if it does, is that scalper going to offer a guarantee? Probably not. You'll be stuck with RMA'ing, but you'll likely need a receipt of purchase which is going to be in the scalpers hands. Just don't do it, don't pay double to lose all your product fulfillment guarantees. It's going to be difficult to resolve the issue if something goes wrong when you buy from a shady dirty scummy scalper

    Justin LangleyJustin Langley5 ngày trước
  • Jay everyone knows your not a fanboy. It’s just idiots that say you are.

    mike zappullamike zappulla5 ngày trước
  • 25th November, hardly any AMD cards confirmed across the world as a whole. last week "Its on AMD to drop the balls now" *Sound of ball bouncing**

    TinyTiny6 ngày trước
  • stuff

    catcat6 ngày trước
  • ofcourse its out of stock because youtubers assholes like u got 4-5 cards then how will gamers get their hands on this products

    Kaustab KarKaustab Kar6 ngày trước
  • I'm running two RX580's on CrossFire and its doing just as good as the the RX6800 (IMO).. I want one but with of this hot garbage going on.. Fuck it!! Run what I got, especially on OC setting.

    Shadre SanfordShadre Sanford6 ngày trước
  • Jay or Phil: PLEASE put chapters in your videos. After you get used to using them, it blows not having them. Been with you for 8 years Jay, at least, since Intel Q6600 and AMD FX.

    Hayden RobertsHayden Roberts6 ngày trước
  • Walmart is SELLING 5600x CPU for 600$. JAY PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME! -XOXO

    MicahKeoki ueharaMicahKeoki uehara6 ngày trước
  • All I see across this Country still is people out of work and/or homeless because Companies have shut down or gone bankrupt due to COVID19. Yet here we have record amounts of sales for computer parts. But I deal directly with the "Working Class" Blue collar people that make things you buy and not the "Office Class" of Nerds sitting in a cubicle. Concrete shortage? Highly doubtful and more likely "made up" on purpose. Supply and demand dictate pricing for what we buy. Then if a Consumer just has to get it first then they'll pay the most even if there's no true shortage. During Q1 of this year shipping costs for Product A was around $2.25-2.50 per mile. Mid year till end of Q3 pay for shipping Product A was down to $1.25-2.00 and now in Q4 I'm making as high as $4-5.00 per mile for the same product. Create a demand for the Public (and Companies) and increase the prices. As a Truck Driver I see these fluctuations first hand whether the products are made in USA or from International sources.

    Ron TRon T6 ngày trước
  • I imagine Woody from ToyStory saying: Scalpers .... scalpers everywhere ...

    Jesus Antonio Sosa HerreraJesus Antonio Sosa Herrera6 ngày trước
  • When do you estimate they will be widely available, as I've been waiting months and holding off out for AMD's new CPU & GPU

    edgi55edgi556 ngày trước
  • It seems like the main supply is with the aib partners, such as sapphire. I wonder if they will be able to produce more cards because they are using smaller chips and have higher production yield. Could be a good time.

    Rudy Sal 14Rudy Sal 146 ngày trước
  • 1080ti owner here and live in the UAE. I was extremely lucky to order 3080FE from best buy very recently and now it's on its way to me on 29 November. I think they are stealthily putting cards back in stock. All I can say is good luck and if you happen to get one, don't miss the opportunity especially if you're not happy with your PC performance.

    Imran Akhtar SyedImran Akhtar Syed6 ngày trước
  • Intel fanboy

    Cpl1mperial USMCCpl1mperial USMC6 ngày trước
  • Jay. I'd like to see you do a can 10 years ago compete video. I recently scored a huge bundle with a 2600k system included. I wanna show people that (when on a budget) the cpu can still compete. AMD might be screwed here.... but I digress :)

    Tim W.Tim W.6 ngày trước
  • I have nothing against scalping. I can also wait a little bit longer. If you want instant gratification in life you have to pay much more. That's the way it is.

    r771 q3r771 q36 ngày trước
  • My question is how are all of the youtubers getting these cards when I can't find a 3080 to save my life. If these companies are sending y'all these why aren't they making them available to the masses

    SirBlackSirBlack6 ngày trước
  • Interesting thing is you can buy a reference card from aftermarket brands like Gigabyte and Sapphire as well, looks like AMD did launch their reference cards better after all. Custom cards by these brand will only appear a week after the reference cards from these brands.

    Hein ViljoenHein Viljoen6 ngày trước
  • Don't bother reviewing cherry picked samples. Do reviews of in store bought products, report the real experience of a customer. Right now most big VIworld reviewers are in fact advertisers who get sent free to use or even free to keep cherry picked samples. It's not that hard to deal with demand changes on the macro scale, there hasn't been somewhat worthwhile GPUs since Pascal era, even these are far from great and a similar flop as Turing but still better than Turing. AMD made decent cards and finally released their console RDNA instead of the 5000 series beta testing... It's either TSMC/Samsung can't make more or they don't care to order more. Nothing more to it. To overproduce they would have to be cranking out the chips for a long time over demand as they did with Hawaii. Even then they renamed them to Grenada and sold for another generation. NV rushed the launch, AMD too. Same with AMD CPUs, they wanted to launch end of this year and not have to move it to next one.

    v1m30v1m306 ngày trước
  • i have always, and will always say that both teams are victims of Covid manufacturing breakdowns. Paper launch is not a label i would use.

    David MillerDavid Miller6 ngày trước
  • People need to chill out, we are in a pandemic! Everyone wants these products now, just like the PS5 and the Xbox. They will make more. Just relax.

    EddieEddie6 ngày trước
  • frickbiscuit

    FlyGuy2000FlyGuy20006 ngày trước
  • Am I hearing you right that someone can expect to hear from EVGA 30 days after registering for the notification email thingy?

    SchniebelSchniebel6 ngày trước
  • There is literally no way you can compare without actual numbers. It's silly to try without them. Also also, AMD said the majority of their stock will be AIBs which go on sale tomorrow. Don't exactly get the hate.

    Hideous PenguinboyHideous Penguinboy6 ngày trước
  • I paid half of all my bills this month, when the collectors called I blamed it on COVID. They didn't seem to give 2 sh-ts.....

    Sonn IkdohSonn Ikdoh6 ngày trước
  • I hear what your saying and imma let you finish....but if you know availability is below miniscule why launch? launch in cant make money on cards you cant sell. start 2021 off with a win not add to the 2020 taint stabbing that we all have been going through.

    rick haddixrick haddix6 ngày trước
  • Tell that to some retailers in Europe. Dickheads are trying to compete with scalpers.

    Bogdan MarkovicBogdan Markovic6 ngày trước
  • Jay, is that EK kit under NDA or something? Im itching to see what rx6000 does under water.

    Derrick HansenDerrick Hansen6 ngày trước
  • I have a 6800XT. Does Anybody want to trade for RTX 3080. The reason behind it is that I have 2 34 inches G-sync monitors... PG348Q.

    Archaic HeroArchaic Hero6 ngày trước
  • you are making publicity for joining the amd fanboy club :)

    Lorin FortunaLorin Fortuna6 ngày trước
  • It's hard to get any product at launch because we are so many people now that can afford it. But soon comes the great reset! More people will get poor again.

    Glitch ChelGlitch Chel6 ngày trước
  • and the biggest shortage of all "cash shortage"

    jpteknomanjpteknoman6 ngày trước
  • For me the weird one, Wooden Golf tees on back order.....Yeah OK... THX JAY

    10UPn2DOWN10UPn2DOWN6 ngày trước