Should you upgrade your CPU when Zen 3 launches??

18 Th10, 2020
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AMDs anticipated Zen 3 based CPUs are almost here... but should you upgrade now or wait?
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  • Well given I have pc which is so old it can hardly run 1080p vids so I play games on MSI laptop (compromise between gaming and college) I think I NEED an upgrade xD.

    PrimePrime14 giờ trước
  • That’s a lot of yapping.

    Martin JMartin J2 ngày trước
  • Thanks for the "future" info I was going to partly upgrade but I have the means to upgrade everything and start new and this seems like a good time to

    Dougie 91Dougie 914 ngày trước
  • i really don t know Should I upgrade from an intel core 2 duo cpu?

    KetamineKetamine4 ngày trước
  • Still on a first gen i7-870, and I find myself buying games to scratch an itch, but not finishing half of them and avoiding others because of the load times, so I think the answer might finally be yes... But that DDR5 SDRAM though :(

    Tara CheeTara Chee8 ngày trước
  • I’m so torn. I just built a new rig and for the first time I went AMD. I got an X570 Crosshair and a 3600 to hold me over til 5000 is available. My question is, should I just get a 3700 or 3800x instead of the 5000 series? I only game at 4K.

    Lex Lutha111384Lex Lutha11138411 ngày trước
    • alert alert alert 5800x is on amazon right now go go go go

      win one soonwin one soon10 ngày trước
  • I did. Got me a 5900X.

    CaseAgainstFaith1CaseAgainstFaith111 ngày trước
  • Worked for me on a b450. I found out there is a beta bios out... would love to see you do benchmark tests using these bios files. I have a asus b450-i and bought the 5600x for it. Works great. Can you do a benchmark with a b450 and a 5950x?

    Tom FooleryTom Foolery11 ngày trước
  • I just upgraded to a Ryzen 3950x before there was news of the launch, a upgrade from my FX9590, so I had to replace everything. I’m going to wait till the 5950x price goes down considering my Meg x570 Ace would not have to be replaced so I’ll just need to replace the CPU, so if the socket goes than I can presume the price of 5000 series will drop when the next socket type comes out, I only upgrade every 5 or so years depending on if there a game my PC can play on max settings. Or not buy it at all and put that money toward my next system upgrade in 5 years.

    SethdarkusSethdarkus11 ngày trước
  • upgraded from fx8350 after 7-8years to 3600x well it is 5-10fps less in games than 5600x and for my home work/projects there is no need for new lower-mid range cpu like 5600x or ultra high end like threadripper for now. For gaming 3600x if perfect and for work well it works little better/faster so i doubt that upgrade to 5600x will make any large difference.

    WrathchildVUWrathchildVU12 ngày trước
  • "Sniper Lake" lmao.

    Demon SaineDemon Saine12 ngày trước
  • Currently rocking my first pc I ever built back in 2017 on a budget R7 1700 with wraith cooler / $270 Asus b350-f-gaming motherboard / $110 16gb of 3200mhz trident z ram, but doesn't go past 2100 :( / $145 Asus 1080 rog strix gpu / $560 500gb Samsung ssd / $150 1tb WD Black / $80 Corsair 750+ gold power supply / $110 Pro M - Tempered glass case with stock fans / $100 Cooler master brown switch rgb keyboard / $120 Cooler master rgb mousepad / $20 Cooler master rgb 520 mouse / $30 Sennheiser headset / 100$ After 2 years of my computer - Last year I've upgraded during black friday to get everything on one platform to not have to deal with multiple rgb softwares Corsair 95 plat cherry mx switches / $120 originally 200$ Corsair Nightsword mouse / 80$ Corsair Virtouso / 160$ originally 200$ Corsair rgb headstand / $50 Corsair 120 LL rgb x6 fans / $210 originally 130$ each 3 pack 1tb of Samsung Nvme M.2 / $200 originally 250$ Dell 1440p, 144hz, 1ms, 27 inch, gsync monitor / $250 originally 400$ P.s. I think I got an addiction to corsair products at this point My computer does what I want still and have very few complaints. I'm debating on whether I should upgrade to something new. Changes I want to make with a full new build with a motherboard that has 2 slots of nvme A new case - deciding between 4000d or p500a Custom cables Ditch the 500gb ssd / 1tb hdd for x2 of 2tb samsung m.2 An Corsair Aio 360 rad

    BGRUL BARSBGRUL BARS12 ngày trước
  • I'm sold on upgrading to zen3, what's the next step? oh yeah, there is no next step.

    Rusty ClarkRusty Clark12 ngày trước
    • alert alert alert 5800x is on amazon right now go go go go

      win one soonwin one soon10 ngày trước
  • Well intel and nvidia are kinda dumb. I knew this day was coming ever since I realized Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony were doing business with AMD.

    Johg RangerJohg Ranger14 ngày trước
  • No. You should NEVER buy anything at launch.

    Juliett AJuliett A15 ngày trước
  • I have a amd fx9590 and a 390x gpu. And I have to underclock it to boot. Should I upgrade?

    Rodger BommaritoRodger Bommarito18 ngày trước
  • Jay I have a 5820k I think I should upgrade finally lol

    James WeddingJames Wedding18 ngày trước
  • I'm looking to buy the 6800 XT and I currently have an i5 9400F CPU. Should I upgrade my CPU now or should I wait? I'm asking to see if it will bottleneck severely or if I should be ok to wait for an upgrade for 6 months or so?

    jonathan dunnamjonathan dunnam19 ngày trước
  • hmmmmmm I'm upgrading from Piledriver soooooooo, I think anything at this point will be a massive upgrade XD

    Moto NuggetMoto Nugget19 ngày trước
  • i am going to build i new one if i need it or not

    konroth rec.konroth rec.19 ngày trước
  • I am not entirely sure, you should buy a CPU. Or be other kind of idiot to buy shit you do not need :D

    szponiastyszponiasty19 ngày trước
  • I remember when I bought my AMD 2700 (non x) on amazon for $129 usd after 3000 series launch. Its really hard to upgrade. My fatboy 590 on the other hand. . .

    Blandeaux FillaskiiBlandeaux Fillaskii19 ngày trước
  • Man I just want to build a pc.

    MikazukiRoboMikazukiRobo20 ngày trước
  • Running 7700k+1080ti , Going to wait till next year, intel might drive prices down, and 3k series might come down in price?

    Rock-Steady-YetiRock-Steady-Yeti20 ngày trước
    • Who knows if the 3k series will be in stock again next year. I could be wrong though...

      Victor HuangVictor Huang20 ngày trước
  • im building all new amd pc for the first time, and its gonna be a beast!

    LúthienLúthien20 ngày trước
  • NO wait.

    MyWorkshop ScotlandMyWorkshop Scotland21 ngày trước
  • I probably shouldn't upgrade I just want to change from intel to amd

    Anthony VazquezAnthony Vazquez21 ngày trước
  • For Ryzen 5 5600 B550 or X570 chipset? With would be better?

    Krzysztof Nowak-MoszczyńskiKrzysztof Nowak-Moszczyński21 ngày trước
  • me: thinking about getting new cpu Jay: To run ryzen gen 3 you need atleast 470x motherboard me: motherboard is MSI Z370 me: guess ill just try again next year

    KuramaKurama21 ngày trước
  • Im still on my a10-6800k from 2013, so im ready for an upgrade

    MrBlackspoonMrBlackspoon21 ngày trước
  • Gtx 980 ti and a kaybelake i7 6700k works for me. But I like to keep up to date

    Kaybe DragonbornKaybe Dragonborn22 ngày trước
  • Thank you AMD, I can finally afford to upgrade to a 10900K..

    BalabajkaBalabajka22 ngày trước
  • 5:46 "There's a difference between needing an upgrade and wanting an upgrade" Me with a laptop from 2010 and first gen Core i3: HMM I MAY BE ABLE TO GO ANOTHER YEAR WITHOUT AN UPGRADE

    Jason ChuiJason Chui22 ngày trước
  • I'm sitting on an fx-6300 as of now, I will definitely be upgrading to a new ryzen next year. completely new system, might even get a new case and keep this old one together like you are suggesting.

    Pema MendezPema Mendez22 ngày trước
  • I say 'no'. Wait till ddr5 is out then upgrade then.

    Ja IrieJa Irie23 ngày trước
  • I just upgrade my PC to a Ryzen 9 5900XT, AORUS X570 Master, after being with a i7-7700K gen 8 and an Z370-AORUS-Gaming-7 for 3/4 years. I did not want to get Ryzen 5000 cuz they are just too new, untested, no real MOBA for the CPU, yes it's compatible with the current gen but compatible is not equal to designed for...

    Jeremy MolinaJeremy Molina23 ngày trước
  • No thanks. I think my Intel pentium can last for another 3 years

    UnknownUnknown23 ngày trước
  • Yes

    PRAKESHPRAKESH23 ngày trước
  • For me it depends on how well my 6700k handles Cyberpunk 2077.

    Miyako SogabeMiyako Sogabe24 ngày trước
  • Me with an fx 8320 : **YES**

    mariolis1000mariolis100024 ngày trước
  • it all depends on the software. I am on a laptop since forever. But I did some video editing and it is subpar, so I am planning on upgrading, but then I stop editing. So there is no need again. haha. as for games I just get a console, unless it is a rts style game. But I am in the philosophy of buying older-gen to save money. But I do wan raytracing since that is my profession use, rtx then.

    xophaserxophaser25 ngày trước
  • no. a 3800x user,

    ExileXCrossExileXCross25 ngày trước
  • im not even on zen 1, and my hard drive is saying smart errors, so yeah i think i should

    Quick GamesQuick Games25 ngày trước
  • I'm usually 1 generation behind and haven't had any real issues with this method. My upgrading method boils down to buying a somewhat new motherboard and upgrade it till I can no longer upgrade it anymore. Then run that build till it's no longer able to keep up like I did with my previous build. Was running a 15 yr old PC build and was in need of an upgrade but on a budget due to the pandemic. Currently bought a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max Motherboard with 16GB of RAM bundle (for like $250 which is not a bad deal) and paired it with my old NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti GPU and 6TB of storage. I use it daily for Music Production, Video Editing and Gaming. Runs as smooth as silk for the most part. Also runs pretty cool considering I'm using nothing but the stock fans (I'm averaging between 60-70 degrees on heavy loads, 35-40 degrees on idle) so not looking to upgrade anytime soon for the next few years. Only thing I will have to upgrade soon is the RAM. Once I get past the 10 tracks mark during music production, I notice slow downs. It's especially an issue when recording drums as I map each individual part as a separate tracks. I record mostly heavy metal so most drums are 10 tracks minimum before any other instruments. I can have as much as 128GB of RAM so will slowly upgrade my way up to that. I want to eventually game at 4K 120fps as well so a GPU upgrade will happen down the line. Current GPU can do 4K 60 fps on medium settings but I mostly play at 1440p 120fps on high (most games) or ultra (few games) settings since it looks and feels so much better. Overall pretty happy with my new budget build. Hopefully it'll last me over 10 years like my last one.

    LookslikeanassLookslikeanass25 ngày trước
  • I'm still doing fine with my "old" 1800X and X370 MB. I can wait until prices stabilize and products are readily available.

    Smedleydog1Smedleydog125 ngày trước
  • As you said it Jay, i've dreamed to grab the 5900x but couldn't... 10 sec later it was all sold out.

    Alex CmbAlex Cmb25 ngày trước
    • Damn scalpers

      MrBlackspoonMrBlackspoon21 ngày trước
  • I'm currently thinking of building a new PC to replace my 7yr old ROG G750JX. I'm thinking to buy b550 matx mobo to pair with 5600x (when it comes out), but now knowing that AM4 will be only until 2020, should i buy B450 only? So i can get cheaper board

    Monx101Monx10126 ngày trước
  • Im still running a DDR3 i7 4970k system and 2021 Q1 marks my 5 year system overhaul an I have decided to upgrade to the DD4 platform because up until now, DDR4 hasnt really blown my lack of hair back but with what AMD has to offer with the 5000series and the radeon cards, that is enough reason to justify finally moving to the DDR4 platform imo. The rate the tech advances nowadays, a 5 year lifespan is super long. Its not like 2002 when hardware could last 5+ years safely now those benchmark 5 years have been brought down to 2/3years at most.

    VV26 ngày trước
  • If you wait for next gen ... you can get a 6900XT gpu and a 6900X cpu for a '69' meme build :p

    zakura ayamezakura ayame26 ngày trước
  • Trying to have the very latest on my PC is not only expensive, it's impossible, so I stopped trying to get the latest shit out there and upgrade when I really need to.

    darthsadicdarthsadic26 ngày trước
  • guys in the comments, I feel you. I had a laptop for 10 years, some steam games in my library collected dust for 3-4 years until I build my very first gaming pc last year around april/may and feel like I could upgrade again already. I don't think my new gaming rig will last me 10 years as well... I think I'm gonna go upgrade either just gpu or go for a completely new rig in 2 -3 years from now (by then we will have ddr-5, zen 3, maybe even a new gpu gen annoucned and the currentnly launching ones dirt cheap... I think that might work :D Oh, and one of the cheapest fps boosters: lower your settings. I can either get a 10% by getting a new gpu or just lowering details from ultra or very high to high. Did so on Witcher 3 and RE7 yesterday just to see if it makes a difference in graphical fidelity vs. performance. I did not notice a significant worse graphical quality but a great improvement in performance. So you gotta ask yourself is it really NECESSARY to be able to play all games at 60 fps for example? Turn down the resolution or just lower your graphics settings a little and you might have as much fun with a game without leaving a hole in your wallet before.

    Luemm3lLuemm3l27 ngày trước
  • I bought a 9900k for 200$ so I don't think I need to. but I think I should.

    Adharsh SenthilAdharsh Senthil27 ngày trước
  • I'm waiting anyway to build another PC. Everything is just too new right now. I'll wait like 6 months. XSX and my i5/1070 to tide me over.

    SheepAmongGoatsSheepAmongGoats27 ngày trước
  • I have an i5 2500k. Without watching the video: yes I should.

    iamlatskuiamlatsku27 ngày trước
  • God guess it is time to upgrade from a Ryzen 5 1600 and 1060 3GB 😅😅

    Cam HCam H28 ngày trước
  • Plan on upgrading but they are scaring me with the launch day dets...crickets

    Z JohnsonZ Johnson28 ngày trước
  • I probably shouldn't, but the missus started asking about xmas ideas so yeah, of course i should.

    VBshredderVBshredder28 ngày trước
  • Echo?

    keith topaciokeith topacio28 ngày trước
  • I don’t think applying a children’s story to two multi-billion dollar companies is an good example. I think both companies know what they’re doing and at this point it’s a question similar but not limited to, “Would you rather drive a Toyota or Honda?” No brand is the end-all-be-all and there never will be.

    Vince NguyenVince Nguyen28 ngày trước
  • Meh, i'll stick to the ryzen 5 3600x

    SilverBlast15SilverBlast1529 ngày trước
  • I need a whole new computer so badly, but I honestly want to wait for the Ryzen 4. We're at the end of upgrading the AM4 socket unless there's an AM4+. As excited as I am about Zen 3, if I build a top of the line AMD machine, I can't upgrade it.

    Mushroom TipMushroom Tip29 ngày trước
  • I just ripped the guts out of my machine all summer. Not wanting to spend $600 on a GPU has kept me from replacing my ROG RTX 2060, as well as my 2700X with a newer CPU. I did get the ROG AIO cooler, ROG 570 MB, and a bad ass Lian Li clone case. I've even put a Fire Cuda 520 and Samsung EVO 970 in the beast, but I think I'm done until after Xmas.

    Pete CarvoPete Carvo29 ngày trước
  • I have X470 mobo and 1800X (2700X performance wit overclock) I'm gonna wait when 5xxx get cheaper or if 3xxx get deep discounts I just might get 3700X.

    HolyDr1verHolyDr1ver29 ngày trước
  • I'm in the middle of building a new rig and I want AMD 5950x and the new AMD GPU when it releases as well. I got tired of Navi with their price shenanigans. Though they all do it, just some more so then others.

    Jeremy JenkinsJeremy Jenkins29 ngày trước
  • Just picked up an x570 board in preparation for it but I'm also thinking about buying a used zen 2 processor for cheap now.

    長谷遥人長谷遥人29 ngày trước
  • AMD ultimate troll on the 5000

    StuStu29 ngày trước
  • Nope, just got a 3800x when it was around $320 early this year.

    TærtærTærtær29 ngày trước
  • I feel like I'm in a very bad position for building a new PC right now. I was going to build a gaming PC before I heard of the upcoming AMD CPUs and GPUs. The build was gonna be a Ryzen 7 3700X and Radeon RX 5700XT, on a X570 motherboard for future-proofing, but I feel it would be silly of me to build a new PC when new components are gonna pop up right now. the 6000 Series GPU might cost a bit too much and might be worth buying at a later date, but the 5000 Series CPU is probably worth buying when it launches if the price difference is not too great and I can actually get my hands on it here in Eastern Europe. What should I do?

    Adrian BuneaAdrian BuneaTháng trước
  • my pc is from 2014 so yes i will

    Vivien DalbyVivien DalbyTháng trước
  • 7980XE@4.8Ghz on all (18) cores. DDR4 4,100Mhz at CL15! No upgrade needed! My CPU is over 3 years old. It’s toddler aged!!

  • I'm' upgrading to the 5950x and the 6800xt.

    Pan Darius KairosPan Darius KairosTháng trước
  • Yes, i will upgrade my 2600 to 5600 for 4K gaming.

    Erçin AkyüzErçin AkyüzTháng trước
  • is there any release date for Zen3 5000 mobile (laptop) ?

    Kovan A.Kovan A.Tháng trước
  • Thanks. Now I made up my mind to settle with my current 3600xt instead of upgrading to a 5600x. Saved me all the money in the world :)

    Sidhaarth KrishnanSidhaarth KrishnanTháng trước
  • You don’t need PCIe Gen 4(you are fine with 400 Series motherboard).

    LilianLilianTháng trước
  • Just bought an 10900K and damn I love it. but had also a crappy 6800k before. old board, very slow ram. to bad amds ned grakas has nothing for adobe tools like cuda.

    bhBlacky82bhBlacky82Tháng trước
  • why wait buy buy buy affirm is now offering on evga at 30 percent interest to buy a card you caint get..

    John HansonJohn HansonTháng trước
    • for a 61 dollar paymentnow became 81 dollars a month forever thanks affirm

      John HansonJohn HansonTháng trước
  • nope duel core quad is where its at..running notepad hey i uopgraded to the fastest one

    John HansonJohn HansonTháng trước
  • Upgrade my 3950x to 5950x?

    gtarman8dgtarman8dTháng trước
  • In electronic, yes, it is better and fast. But to human eyes, it is not much difference

    Soon Yew LiowSoon Yew LiowTháng trước
  • Now if you are like me who haven't owned a desktop for 7yrs now, would you still recommend to get the new hardware tech or go for the current ones om a cheaper price?

    Ciccio PasicolanCiccio PasicolanTháng trước
  • What is the black piping in the thumbnail I must have it

    Zareth DeTullioZareth DeTullioTháng trước
  • Wow, I got a settlement check in the mail, I can finally build the Ryzen machine I always wanted, well someone else is building it, a Ryzen 5

    Dennis BunikDennis BunikTháng trước
  • i5-6600k + GTX 970 checking in. I think I'm finally gonna upgrade this cycle to Zen 3 and a 3080 when they're finally available.

    notafanboynotafanboyTháng trước
  • I find this stuff hilarious... I started on PC's when the super modern DX chip arrived.. ever since that day, it has been a contest of splitting hairs.. 99.99% of all users could not tell you the difference in speed between chips a year or more older apart.. When the 286/386 went against the first 486, yea marked difference.. Today? I am hard pressed to justify an i3 over an i9 cpu for most.. I could be wrong but I tend to see the biggest differences in simple RAM installs ? seems this is a great place to splurge a bit? Still great fun to watch though.. guy builds a $15,000 machine for home, is outdated before he can post pictures of it.. I would love to see a series of videos my customers could watch for "real world" advice, most of the questions I get are more related to "can I check my email" :) I tell them computers are like a quart of milk, they start aging out as soon as they are produced.. buy what you can reasonably afford and have fun with your new toy... Me? I am finally putting together a new system for myself.. AORUS Ultra/i7 10700k/2060ko on NVMe drives.. hope it lasts as long as the last one :)

    randalljamesrandalljamesTháng trước

    CrushoniusCrushoniusTháng trước
  • I have an 3700x. Should I jump to the 5600x? I want full compatibility with the 6800xt. What I mean - rage mode and smart access memory. Or, will the be able to be achieved with the 3700x?

    aj5twizzyaj5twizzyTháng trước
  • Im upgrading, i will play CP2077 at maximum everything. Dont care what other people think, im doing what i want

    Nicholas FrontierNicholas FrontierTháng trước
  • I usually don't upgrade or buy a new pc until one day i realize that i have bought games because they were on sale at a good price but i literally can not play them.

    adamdabesteradamdabesterTháng trước
  • Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes and I just build my PC this year and a 6900 and a rainbow pony the poops ice cream!!!!!

    DoitDougDoitDougTháng trước
  • I'll be waiting. Same with the 30 series GPU. Already all the 3080s have been bought up by scalpers! Next year, new board, new CPU and new GPU.

    Liberosis ProductionsLiberosis ProductionsTháng trước
  • lucky fx8350 user here... can't believe my mobo still working well after 8 years....

    Cyber ManiaCyber ManiaTháng trước
  • i love my 9900k a good invest for the next 1-2 years. i guess intel will have a big performance boost if they switch their process. now i got a 3080 fe and nobody can tell me that this setup sucks ^^

    Dirtys CrapLabDirtys CrapLabTháng trước
  • we need microcenter in germany...

    Dirtys CrapLabDirtys CrapLabTháng trước
  • What a dumb question. My computer never runs as fast as I want.

    RagingDorkRagingDorkTháng trước
  • my i5 4440: "no, don't do it. you love me, remember? how has it come to this? i can do whatever you need. don't leave meeeee"

    pascalboyajianpascalboyajianTháng trước
    • I'm thinking of repurposing my i5 4690k/gtx960 (to a NAS) or replace it with a 4790k and oc it with a custom cooler

      Kevin GrechKevin GrechTháng trước
  • Well I have a ryzen 7 1800x and a 1080ti. It works fine for 1080p and 1440p gaming but the cpu definitely gets warmer in 1440p. I run my console on the monitor and am getting a 4k monitor so I am going for a better gpu. I think the cpu may bottle neck so im going for a cpu as well just some further future proofing

    tunga markaltunga markalTháng trước
  • Thanks for this video. Deft helped me with my decision.

    Jonathan EberleinJonathan EberleinTháng trước
  • I’m going to get zen 3 for my first pc build

    ShinyBrainShinyBrainTháng trước
  • I'm not going ryzen this time just because of the future socket incompatibility. Once their new socket is out ill probably do a rebuild, but by then maybe Intel will have its game together? In the meantime i'm on a 6700k, which is doing just fine. My 970 on the other hand is starting to struggle at 1440p

    Gerard McDevittGerard McDevittTháng trước