RTX 3090 SLI... This isn't going to be as easy as I thought...

04 Th10, 2020
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Every time a new family of GPU launches, Steve and I will see who can overclock them farther... but this time, an unexpected rival appears...and in typical fashion these scores are out of date before this video even goes live... stay tune for more!
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  • Must be nice to even be able to get one card, let alone multiple... We should boycott nvidia for this bullshit, why would some guy who uploads videos of himself on youtube get them; but customers like myself are just screwed....? This can't be real life

    ThatTempesTGuyThatTempesTGuy21 giờ trước
  • Does rtx 3090 nvlink work for all video games? Any problems like stuttering

    EwaldCHEwaldCH22 giờ trước
  • Why no SLI / NVLink support for COD Warzone???????

    John WickJohn WickNgày trước
  • There are all the 3090‘s i See

    Louis KloepperLouis KloepperNgày trước
  • Jay looks like you having a good time ..But I am not able to get a 5900x not sure why .. 3090 is a distent dream may be 6900 x

    Bill CheriyanBill Cheriyan2 ngày trước
  • Wfe WhatS THE cost?

    arabic dj remixarabic dj remix5 ngày trước
  • been watching several of the videos and I love them, getting ready to build off of my brothers parts after his upgrade. my question is when is the next GPU Giveaway???

    TheNavydoc07TheNavydoc077 ngày trước
  • С такими видеокартами, он будет играть с комфортом в игрушки.

    SaNya*MrSaNya*Mr8 ngày trước
  • what test bench is that? I can find a good one

    Chris BrodkaChris Brodka9 ngày trước
  • Jay learned about venturi effect.....how cute

    Bradley WiseBradley Wise10 ngày trước
  • the screwdriver for the ram i dont understand, but the lego guy it's fine

    Turbo Hardware LudoTurbo Hardware Ludo10 ngày trước
  • Your channel definitely deserves my subs!

    Business GuideBusiness Guide11 ngày trước
  • Revive #rippaul and #ripgn with Zen 3!

    Abel LauAbel Lau13 ngày trước
  • Im gonna have a hart attack just watching him.. slow down bro!

    It'z_joeIt'z_joe14 ngày trước
  • I got an ad from Linus while watching this.

    John SmithJohn Smith17 ngày trước
  • 14:03 Intel squeezing more clock speed out of their new 14nm+69 chips for 2030

    Angelo MartinezAngelo Martinez19 ngày trước
  • I can never unsee Jay not being Arnold anymore.

    Anton BAnton B20 ngày trước
  • This video in one word? Cocaine.

    skizzarzskizzarz20 ngày trước
  • you have to deactivate the antivirus!! jojo

    Facundo ScarlinoFacundo Scarlino20 ngày trước
  • Gosh, one of the cards is like twice as expensive as my pc

    Filip MartinekFilip Martinek21 ngày trước
  • Do something with your body, pay attention just like technology.

    KRIMINAL GameZoneKRIMINAL GameZone21 ngày trước
  • Mind sending me one? 👀

    BlairBlair21 ngày trước
  • jesus you must be rich to have so many 3090's

    Nuke MeccaNuke Mecca21 ngày trước
  • You ain’t Ali. Kingpin is ali

    Sujeeth NadellaSujeeth Nadella21 ngày trước
  • Mega lost of time!

    Running FLRunning FL22 ngày trước
  • Me with my 1050ti: „ Ok, rtx3090 sli is not worth it. Good I didnt buy these.“

    BruderMussLosBruderMussLos23 ngày trước
  • honestly, I didn't think much of crucial. always thought they were subpar, but seeing this changed my entire perspective!

    Yung XYung X24 ngày trước
  • I wanted to see a dual 3090 build could this be one

    Introstep_ 1080Introstep_ 108025 ngày trước
  • Anyone know what mouse he's using?

    Ebon WolfEbon Wolf27 ngày trước
  • My SLI Setup (2070Super) are working damn great for me. I actually made a video with different games to proof that they can scale 100% if you want.

    Fabian CruzFabian Cruz28 ngày trước
  • A pelican case for a ram kit?? Talk about overkill. "Now you can take your ram kit hiking, biking, skiing, surfing, kayaking, etc with this rugged shock proof, water proof, airtight case....."

    CreatipCreatip28 ngày trước
  • Those 2 rtx are worth more than the entire tech i have in my house

    cart sicklycart sickly28 ngày trước
  • I only need one 😂😂😂

    Hpro RacingHpro Racing29 ngày trước
  • I did not understand a thing said in this video.

    Mason ScottMason ScottTháng trước
  • Now you just need a trio of trios

    fiend116fiend116Tháng trước
  • Oh shit ! we need more energy to install the crucial ram so they sent energy gel😂

  • I swear Jay is just trolling us filthy casuals now.

    packinwood2009packinwood2009Tháng trước

    Rudi AnsahRudi AnsahTháng trước
  • What is that song at the beginning of 5:10 can someone tell me please

    Gamer Boy 67Gamer Boy 67Tháng trước
  • Msi makes some of the best looking cards

    Prince WalkerPrince WalkerTháng trước
  • Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC *vs* Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3090 Master 24G * vs* MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio 24G ?

    Kod Adı TÜRKKod Adı TÜRKTháng trước
  • Introduction/ Hi my name is KrinoDaGamer to the best of my knowledge this somehow fakes Hertz IN_GAME or ENGINE I have no idea but the smoothness is that of 120 Herts or even more I'm not sure but the difference is jaw dropping if you are able to game on a 120 hertz monitor I know for a FACT!!! you will notice the differences. It took me months of testing to find something really noticable I think gamers would really appriciate me for this. Took me almost a year to figure out these settings to improve graphics. I'v also notice my transfer speeds have increased up tp 800mb/ps and up to 1gb/ps. I think its fair to say PC are like engines and dlls are the fuel..the lantency has lowered too Here is the link if possible someone plz do a vid on this and pass it on thanks KrinoDaGamer I wrote all the steps to do drive.google.com/file/d/1EtXlLqU6qVNm5crNY6ThT6tSujgeh2o4/view?usp=sharing

    Krino Da GamerKrino Da GamerTháng trước
  • When you don't have Windows 10 activated in newer version's, it will deploy a program in the background task's called "Sppsvc.exe" in the background and causes +10% CPU usage. I'm pretty sure that's why it was crashing randomly. Hope you read this Jay!

    Emulation_JunkiesEmulation_JunkiesTháng trước
  • "Secwet Weapon!!!" OMG I do that all the time! American Tail, right??

    orinokonx01orinokonx01Tháng trước
  • bruh when he stacks the 3090s on top of each other at the beginning, so nonchalant. shows how much he works with expensive equipment. most people would be so careful

    mynameis bobmynameis bobTháng trước
  • New rtx are out of stock, some people would like to have one, a they are few guys who have 2 to try SLI or overclock .... what a beautifull world we are living in

    GrMfullGrMfullTháng trước
  • Whats the brand of that test bench please ?

    Billy BuntBilly BuntTháng trước
  • Dr.Disrespect wants to know your location

    D3VIL'S DEND3VIL'S DENTháng trước
  • Is this good for fortnite?

    Stewart PhillipsStewart PhillipsTháng trước
  • RTX 3090 SLI when you want to spend 4000$ on the Gcard alone. Does anyone remember the times when a 1000$ PC was a hardcore gaming rig?

    IsmalithIsmalithTháng trước
  • So um Jay, can I buy one of those cards? lol

    Juan MoralesJuan MoralesTháng trước
  • u are defa nut guy and luss

    Chamindika SarangaChamindika SarangaTháng trước
  • I was googling “best budget gaming laptop” a couple days ago. I have no idea what’s going on lol

    Andrew CookAndrew CookTháng trước
  • HoW MaNY FaMeZ On FoRtNIte

    Couper 28Couper 28Tháng trước
  • Those memory kits with the case still available? Can't seem to find it

    Klabby KKlabby KTháng trước
  • Where on the world is that getting the money to buy all this stuff for these videos ? Does he own shares in google or does he bluid crane computers for the super rich. Theres no way youtube money could possibly pay for all that stuff ???? 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Josh ChelvolskiJosh ChelvolskiTháng trước
  • It really bugs me when i hear people from across the pond using just C instead of Celsius.

    enzzo danielenzzo danielTháng trước
  • Me with my 0.2 score

    UnEvenEndUnEvenEndTháng trước
  • Just do liquid cooling should keep them cooler even tho they are close to one another right ??

    KimboDogg07KimboDogg07Tháng trước
  • Thank god stupid hardware configurations aren't easy...so people can save a lot of money.

    GIGGI'GIGGI'Tháng trước
  • Can I get a rtx card?

    No YesNo YesTháng trước
  • Didn't you have instability issues w that wireless lab mic 🤔😬

    Kev HenryKev HenryTháng trước
  • Ok jay give me a pc day#1

    HacnlHacnlTháng trước
  • His case is worth as much as my secondhand gaming PC, Jay where u live? When I can afford to travel from Australia I'll rob you of your stuff

    VenularRubyVenularRubyTháng trước
  • Hey Jayz: 🤤 it's ....oke!

    EZRA 13EZRA 13Tháng trước
  • OMG, that Paul impersonation!! Lolololol

    Joe MahoneyJoe MahoneyTháng trước
  • I don't even have a pc any more mine was a pile of crap a amd 4300 summing like that and a Nvidia 960 oc and it couldn't run anything so I chucked the pc out the window 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    JamiesmokestoomuchJamiesmokestoomuchTháng trước
  • step one get 2 step two welp there isnt one because nobody can do step 1

    RelyuccRelyuccTháng trước
  • and the air was like "heeeeeeyyyyyyyy"

    Derek Johnstone FraserDerek Johnstone FraserTháng trước
  • out-freaking-standing! love your Channel JayzTwoCents!

    KaeKaeTháng trước
  • @ 0:27 he lied, I have a GTX 765 SLI Lol, that supports SLI too sooooo.... ya !

    daniel Ajdaniel AjTháng trước
  • critical role season 2

    Nike LaskyNike LaskyTháng trước
  • All these reviewers should be forced to sell their stock to actual buyers who are still waiting for this product.

    DaveyCDaveyCTháng trước
  • I love the irony how most of the (current) world's supply of 3080s and 3090s got to youtube tech reviewers instead of actual customers.

    Scorpius165Scorpius165Tháng trước
  • Seems like the average user can't do simple sli anymore but I enjoy these videos anyway

    Jace CreatesJace CreatesTháng trước
  • But can it run crysis?

    ZockZebraZockZebraTháng trước
  • Jay is the best to watch of all the main pc geeks on VIworld

    yankidiotyankidiotTháng trước
  • yo, So for an AC you need the cold air recirculating into the AC so it can make it even colder just so u know just with this same setup and boxes i could beat ur score

    Dj ExitDj ExitTháng trước
  • Maybe in 5 years i will be able to afford just one 3090.....

    Beerkeg BobBeerkeg BobTháng trước
  • Jays haircut cost more than my pc

    z32_Davidz32_DavidTháng trước
  • Is there actually any point in running these in SLI other than penis-waving on benchmark boards?

    Drew MaroldDrew MaroldTháng trước
  • damn man i haven't watch a video in a while and the first thing I saw was how large you have gotten my man plz start a diet or get into the gym before its too late, your getting up there in age my guy::

    TaiR EnvyTaiR EnvyTháng trước
  • How it this man have two rtx 3080 cards??

    Cyrion not foundCyrion not foundTháng trước
  • sli and crossfire are useless. just use one card for your gaming pc.

    the watcherthe watcherTháng trước
  • The REASON every next test was lower than your first is because THE CARDS WERE HEATED UP ALREADY. Like, you seriously NEVER realized this did you.... and you're supposed to be some expert rofl

    bob smithbob smithTháng trước
  • 1:00 Jay I didn't know you a chunkie boi

    Mark DasMark DasTháng trước
  • 5:29 is the funniest thing i've ever seen

    Sub0_MichaelSub0_MichaelTháng trước
  • Why not Threadripper? More PCIe *4.0* lanes

    B_chanB_chanTháng trước
  • All of us trying to get our hands on ONE rtx 3090 meanwhile you've got 15!!

    KamoKamoTháng trước
  • I'm gonna buy the ram kit just for the screwdriver

    yoinkmypotatoyoinkmypotatoTháng trước
  • I would see some hashcat bechmarks with these cards...

    ZIL OborzilZIL OborzilTháng trước
  • Maybe the lack of oxygen to your brain as a kid with your head out the window caused permanent brain damage? just sayin 😂

    I love lampI love lampTháng trước
  • nice to see people use this monitor and i though i'm the only one outdated

    GokuGokuTháng trước
  • I felt much pain seeing two rare GPUs in one pc (((

    MareksMareksTháng trước
  • this i where all the 3090's where

    fin reedfin reedTháng trước
  • just a heads up rtx 3090s use pcie 4.0 and they were probably being *slightly* bottlenecked because the c622/w3175 have pcie 3.0.

    Ian McClintockIan McClintockTháng trước
  • how did u get 2 cards when we cant even get 1

    ThepoetThepoetTháng trước
  • Im curious sWhat you meant by “switched it back and forth to many times” about a windows activation?

    1Dshot1DshotTháng trước
  • You mention crucial mvme ssd it would be cool if you could explain the different ssd style/type like m.2 for instance. Do you need a certain kind of ssd to perform well or for different tasks (i.e. gaming vs video editing or programming)

    1Dshot1DshotTháng trước
  • maybe if every youtuber on earth wasnt sent 6 free 30 series cards there would be some left for the people who actually work for the money they had to pay to try to get them.

    Joshua StagnittoJoshua StagnittoTháng trước