Reacting to Subscriber PC Builds... does anyone use Intel anymore?

16 Th08, 2020
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  • Feel like your humour is perfect for this type of content.

    Juice BakeJuice Bake3 tháng trước
    • @The Dragon I don't think you know what a SJW is

      kilogttamkilogttamTháng trước
    • No SJWs better send their builds into Jay he they would start crying and try to cancel him when he gave his twocents lol. I'm disabled and can barely walk anymore and I have nobody to help me make my cables look good or help me clean up so I would NEVER send what my gaming space looks like to Jay LOL.

      The DragonThe DragonTháng trước
    • @Aaron Kiptoo XcQ i recognize it so well

      Nexus999Nexus999Tháng trước
    • JayzTwoCents never meet a date with 5 fingers before jay 12:25. Must live near nuclear plant or something

      TheMelbourneladTheMelbourneladTháng trước
    • He reminds me of the male host from Attack Of The Show

      kilogttamkilogttam2 tháng trước
  • 7:17 making the desktop icons fit perfectly in a square around the border of the monitor while not adding/removing icons must take some _serious_ willpower lol

    Logan MeyersLogan Meyers5 giờ trước
  • The Dude with the Zombies perks IS A LEGAND

    g0rg0nVAg0rg0nVA14 giờ trước
  • 26:36 I have something like this from AMD that runs on my phone, very useful in game. ;)

    Karam MarjiKaram Marji3 ngày trước
  • For what it's worth, I've never been able to whistle. I am uncertain why exactly.

    WC3fanatic997WC3fanatic9973 ngày trước
  • Went from a 1800x to a 9900k never going amd again worth saving up honestly. Maybe will go with amd ona build for just productivity though

    Presley JenkinsPresley Jenkins4 ngày trước
  • 7:32 Walking Dead? WALKING DEAD? That Black Ops Zombies Themed.

    Who you looking at? absWho you looking at? abs4 ngày trước
  • Doesn’t anyone else use tenkeyless keyboards or am I the only one

    CS hackSaw2121CS hackSaw21214 ngày trước
  • @JayzTwoCents wow not bad your german! I am really impressed.

    friendly destructionfriendly destruction4 ngày trước
  • "Durr Hurr durr Ringuh"

    KartoffelbreiKartoffelbrei5 ngày trước
  • How can u contact or can't i ? i'm trying to find out which items to buy for in my pc but im not so good in doin my research im from belguim and im trying to understand your vids but i can't understand everything. so i would much appreciate if you help me out :P

    TheRoJaLLTheRoJaLL6 ngày trước
  • even my teachers at schools have laptops with ryzen, lol

    blazej chojnowskiblazej chojnowski6 ngày trước
  • 16:15 I just wondered why he doesn't just put the cable in the other way around, then I realised how nice European wall plugs are lol

    John SmithJohn Smith7 ngày trước
  • Did I spot call of duty perk bottles? (Double tap, Juggernog, quick revive and speed cola)

  • You should team up with hacksmith or something and build a domestic version of those Nova 360 Simulators.

    Stuart CouttsStuart Coutts9 ngày trước
  • I am going to 10700k soon from r5 3600 Of course intel still fine

    ZGGZGG9 ngày trước
  • My *2017* build: Motherboard: _MSI X299 Raider_ CPU: _Intel i7-7800X_ [3,5 GHz, 6C/12T] Cooler: _Arctic Freezer 33 CO_ RAM: _Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 (4 x 8 GB)_ [2400 MHz, quad-channel] GPU: _EVGA GTX _*_1080 Ti_*_ SC2_ SSD: _Samsung 250 GB 960 EVO_ HDD: _Seagate 6 TB 7200 RPM SATA3_ [x2] PSU: _Corsair HX1000_ Case: _Cooler Master Silencio 550 (matte black)_

    ZeHoSmusicianZeHoSmusician9 ngày trước
  • Great video

    Jose FelixJose Felix9 ngày trước
  • "That's a really interesting position for a livestream" Ohh yeah Reeaaaally interesting..

    Ranelle RonquilloRanelle Ronquillo10 ngày trước
  • Well ultra budget and low end builders

    Kaustubh PrasadKaustubh Prasad10 ngày trước
  • 5 finger magic... lmao!

    JWilliSoFGJWilliSoFG15 ngày trước
  • The feels when you buy an 011 Dynamic and then sub to Jaystwocents months later only to discover you are indeed, a basic bitch.

    DankePlaysDankePlays16 ngày trước
  • to tell you some thing foam acoustic treatment doesn't do whole lot compared to acoustic treatment for recording studios

    Aiden WarrenAiden Warren16 ngày trước
  • 16:20 when you are from Europe and you laugh cuz you just need to turn the cable...

    Ester McgregorEster Mcgregor16 ngày trước
  • I’m not even anywhere near a micro centera

    DatMemeKidDatMemeKid16 ngày trước
  • jay plz try and drop some weight i dont want you having a heart attack your tall more at risk in mid age we love ya plz u wi;ll feel better for it .sorry if this pissed ya off

    Wickedson SonwickedWickedson Sonwicked16 ngày trước
  • You should do seasonal themes.

    L CL C17 ngày trước
  • 'Cool gaming room, he wallmounted his AC unit'.... nope thats a 1 bedroom apartment's living room

    PugsylolPugsylol17 ngày trước
  • Dear Jay, you are Gen X, not boomer gen. :)

    ArmyOfAllArmyOfAll18 ngày trước
  • I don't like the talking camera thing. Either have someone directly in the video with Jay or complete silence on the set when Jay talks.

    Darryl DeeDarryl Dee19 ngày trước
  • My wife plays more video games than I do. Fallout ect. Right now she plays Fallout 76 daily.

    Lance ZimmerLance Zimmer19 ngày trước
  • 14:22 That sounded pretty descend tbh

    ChiiZ0 litChiiZ0 lit19 ngày trước
  • New t-shirt idea: Dur Hurr Der JayZ Dos Centos

    berret2589berret258920 ngày trước
  • using intel is like saddling a dead horse. why waste your time and money?

    REEL'S TANKSREEL'S TANKS21 ngày trước
  • Does anyone use intel anymore? Me with intel: IDK!!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    M gamingM gaming21 ngày trước
  • Reacting to Subscriber PC Builds... does anyone use Intel anymore? No

    N Gauge England -Synthematix-N Gauge England -Synthematix-23 ngày trước
  • hey jay said my name

    Émile GuilbeaultÉmile Guilbeault23 ngày trước
  • Magic The Gathering is a great game

    Austin GagnonAustin Gagnon24 ngày trước
  • Says he doesn't roast people but then calls out the lotion and the 5 finger date. Smh....

    Mikey McGMikey McG24 ngày trước
  • 21:06 Karin...

    Sebastiaan WanteSebastiaan Wante24 ngày trước
  • Your fan base is budget builders

    Toasted FlowersToasted Flowers25 ngày trước
  • Since I first built my pc back in 2014 I've always been for Intel. Today I just built my first amd pc and I'm not going back.

    長谷遥人長谷遥人25 ngày trước
  • For whoever own wall mounted setup.. do not ever, own a cat.. Don't make the same mistake as I do..

    Rilo PambudiRilo Pambudi25 ngày trước
  • Those are cod zombie perks not just bottles

    The Blondy kidThe Blondy kid25 ngày trước
  • Tron and Tron Legacy were HORRIBLE movies!

    Fake NewsFake News25 ngày trước
  • i got an i7 8700k h100i rgb platinum water cooler, rx 480 8 gb rog strix gpu =[, corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb ram, 3 front rgb intake fans front, 1 rear 3 up top pulling air down, asus prime z 390 prime-a, 1 tb 870 evo pro samsung nvme, 500gb 870 evo pro samsung nvme, 1 500 gb samsung ssd, 500gb wd blue ssd. gpu overclocked 1400mhz, 2250 mem, fans all the way up. i7 @ 5 ghz.

    Kuroi CryptoKuroi Crypto26 ngày trước
  • Intel 4 life, hate me if you want.

    Cessna9417lCessna9417l26 ngày trước
  • PPl having such clean pc´s and then having such bad monitors, i cant understand man

    SvSv26 ngày trước
  • I have an intel build but the only reason I got Intel is because my cpu died but my board worked and I didn't feel like buying a new one so I just got a new cpu. Next build is definitely gonna be AMD tho.

    Brock BBrock B27 ngày trước
  • that white one with the alex drawers and hanging on the wall and just wow. kudos.

    faibarlinc999faibarlinc99927 ngày trước
  • lmfao the portait curved panel

    yoku wakaranyoku wakaran28 ngày trước
  • At the moment, yes I'm still an Intel guy but AMD is getting stronger and stronger so might be switching when I build a computer in the future.

    Roy CamposRoy Campos29 ngày trước
  • 16:21 amarican problem require amarican solutions Post was made bye the germen socked-gang

    zädz _zädz _29 ngày trước

    Carpathian HermitCarpathian HermitTháng trước
  • Could anyone point me in the direction of the stand he's using at 20:07? I'm going to have to do something similar in my setup but I'm not sure how to track down what I need.

    Kameron MitchellKameron MitchellTháng trước
  • How do I send you a pic of my build to critique

    Tim WaggonerTim WaggonerTháng trước
  • PLEASE someone tell me how to do that raspberry pi

    JonPattrsonJonPattrsonTháng trước
  • 17:50 "When I'm done I throw it away!"

    Arturo TaberaArturo TaberaTháng trước
  • 16:25 :D Thats why the german plugs can be used in both directions xD Now i learned something, thx :D

    e30kittye30kittyTháng trước
  • Damnit, Phil! You ruined Vans for me! You had some bangers in this video 😂

  • 21:37 Not one mention of the absolutely unreal job of mounting, and even more impressive, *cabling* that rig. The cabling for all connected components is integrated into the f'ing *wall* .There are no power, nor video cables visible anywhere. There are no monitor stands or arms visible *anywhere*. The desk lighting is provided by pot lights in the bottom of the case box. That build integration into that room is simply ridiculous. Not one peep about any of that from Jay. What does Jay see? The cove lighting. Derp. Ignore the monitors that seem to be floating in mid-air, and the components that are seemingly talking to each other by means of voodoo Tom Cruise magic.

    CraigCraigTháng trước
  • Dude your tool management is lacking!! All I can look at in this video are those messed up screw drivers ahhhhh! Haha great vid

    Mitchell LemireMitchell LemireTháng trước
  • I love dude's laugh, makes the video, haha.

    That Dude ChristianThat Dude ChristianTháng trước
  • I feel your pain Phil, I cant whistle either! :( Jay really should not be mocking us!

    Dave BlakeDave BlakeTháng trước
  • I have every ability necessary for upside down plugs. I'm european.

    nonam nonamnonam nonamTháng trước
  • 24:22 Good point master level. ROTFL !!!

    szalapskiszalapskiTháng trước
  • Why use a dual pc streaming setup? i stream on just a laptop with a virtual audio cable : D

    Rob / Snark80Rob / Snark80Tháng trước
  • I wish my school used final fantasy books instead of textbooks.

    Nathan GNathan GTháng trước
  • YOU HAVE TO SEE TRON JAY!!! At least the first one from 1982. I think you will enjoy it.

    thinkrtankthinkrtankTháng trước
  • I feel attacked. I'm 33 and I can't whistle XD

    Jinkx ItUpJinkx ItUpTháng trước
  • i have a good 20 or some cables visible on the right and only 3 on the left

  • 16:35 jay you're a fucking genius. Going it this precise second. That power strip cable has been annoying the shit out of my clean setup for YEARS now and i never thought of doing that, it's just such a simple fix that it never crossed my mind

    Juan SambucettiJuan SambucettiTháng trước
  • the build at 16:40 110 volt is just a tickle just unscrew it and turn it over. heck i have even been shocked by 220 volt and that hurt a bit. it isn't the volts that kill you it is the amps

    Carl's Computer HardwareCarl's Computer HardwareTháng trước
  • Had to stop to download the trons and cringergarden cop

    InservioInservioTháng trước
  • This "kyle" seems to really want you to ROAST him Jay.

    Beezy KingBeezy KingTháng trước
  • This type of content is both fun and useful for developing common sense in building setups, thank you!

    Karen MinasyanKaren MinasyanTháng trước
  • "theyre all ryzen" the computer before that was "intel i9" which he didnt have the interest to even mention... Not until half the clip did you notice the i9 9900k and said we got intel representing now, totally missing out theres been like a few other intel riggs... saying "does anyone use intel anymore" is a little bit too harsh since there were a pretty decent amount of intels there. but yeah.... youre not a fanboy at all.... fanboyism at its finest....

    S MalmoeS MalmoeTháng trước
  • 25:40 His cat is better managed than his cables xD

    TweeKestrelTweeKestrelTháng trước
  • So th cleanliness of the setups..... These dues don't have a wife or girlfriend that lives with them. That's why Jay is such an advocate. Lol I'm the same.y lady doesn't touch my office, however if I leave any bit of trash she would light me the fuck up.

    RodolomRodolomTháng trước
  • Do someone know the episode where they show phils pc?

    CrazyIdiotsTVCrazyIdiotsTVTháng trước
  • When he said he never saw any of the tron movies. “BRUH”

    BlackSkysArtBlackSkysArtTháng trước
  • Yeah I’m still running Intel. Always been an Intel fan. My first computer I built was with a AMD FX-8350 Black edition on a MSI mobo. Now I have a I5-8600K, with a ROG Z370-e mobo. Jay I really need your help with my fans RGB. I have 6 Corsair LL120 fans with the lightning node pro and commander pro, and my RGB was working perfectly fine, but now the RGB stopped working properly and then eventually just stopped working. I’ve swapped out lightning node pro’s, tried replacing fan hub RGB, new commander pro, etc. I, still lost , haven’t found a solution. I think you’re really the only one that can possibly even help me. I’ve tried everything and talked to many many people. Do you have an email or something I can email you and maybe you can help me?

    Logan Shapiro-ShawLogan Shapiro-ShawTháng trước
  • Gotta appreciate that FX-8350 / R9 390 combo from before it was cool to do an all-red build.

    Lofty SmallsLofty SmallsTháng trước
  • 21:35 ThE cAbLe MaNaGmEnT

    Chris PattersonChris PattersonTháng trước
  • I would like to see one dedicated to theme setups.

    Eric "Q" HochuliEric "Q" HochuliTháng trước
  • I have a i7 8700f and a 1660ti. And it works great.

    william ryderwilliam ryderTháng trước
  • Bwahahahha... who built this... the verge....

    Sneaky DemonSneaky DemonTháng trước
  • njonesy555. That pci-e power cable over the hard line is amazing looking. Never would have thought to do that, but it gives a really amazing asymmetry to the rig.

    LawsonMcLarenLawsonMcLarenTháng trước
  • 13:26 Self note - perfect impressions.

    Psychic Afro DancerPsychic Afro DancerTháng trước
  • damn jay, why you hit where it hurts, just got the o11d. camrak waiting on the o11mini..

    Bootleg RavioliBootleg RavioliTháng trước
  • lol flip socket.. one more thing the EU does better then XD fits both ways here in norway ;)

    Kristian SchultzKristian SchultzTháng trước
  • Next one, I'll send you my Pentium.

    Chad RobertChad RobertTháng trước
  • for the @thezombiebiter , The bottles on the wall are actually from Call of Duty Zombies, they're the original four perks

    Beyah BruceBeyah BruceTháng trước
  • I like the guy who cackles in the back ground.

    ccdx2ccdx2Tháng trước
  • Jay, I am lazy where is your room setup video.

    Tim BankTim BankTháng trước
  • Love your vids. Learned a lot from you this past year.

    No NameNo NameTháng trước
  • Why is Lee Syatt working for you now? Great video

    Who’s Martin?Who’s Martin?Tháng trước
  • I've got a Belkin power bar that has a slim profile rotatable plug, 360 degrees . No need to invert that power outlet.

    Cris CCris CTháng trước
  • Can’t wait to get my game room sorted out , just moved but looking forward to show off my retro themed room

    LouisLouisTháng trước
  • Mismatched panels bug me too. But my freesync/gsync cost $500+ and thats a chunk of change for a screen thatll spend 90% of the time showing youtube videos

    CorvakCorvakTháng trước