NVIDIA Responds to RTX 3080 Crashes...

30 Th09, 2020
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Its been almost a week since we did our video about possible crashing reasons for the 3080, since then NVIDIA has responded.
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  • That’s tuf lol

    Allen chenAllen chenNgày trước
  • Hello! TWO questions: 1) What is more stable/better, MSI RTX 3080 VENTUS, or ASUS RTX 3080 TUF ? 2) How to undervolt the GPU ? THANKS !!!!!

    Google userGoogle userNgày trước
  • Jay: Just return your cards if you don't trust them Local Canadian retailers: laughs in final sale only

    qsdfcvgyjmklqsdfcvgyjmkl2 ngày trước
  • Just glad i'm not the only one gaining a bunch of weight lmao

    Jordan WeltyJordan Welty5 ngày trước
  • I assume these toxic comment wars are perpetrated by teenagers who definitely can't afford this, so I wouldn't worry.

    Russ ContiniRuss Contini5 ngày trước

    M SM S6 ngày trước
  • Reliable and humurous, the kind of resource I'm looking for!

    Business GuideBusiness Guide11 ngày trước
  • I updated my drivers and my system still crashes. Yesterday it just shut off. I have the EVGA 3090 fTW 3. I was able to play longer than 5 mins when I set my voltage to 1 volt at 2000 MHz but the system shut off after 2 hours of play

    Sweaty DJACKSweaty DJACK11 ngày trước
  • What kind of testbench does Jay uses?

    101100101001110101011001010011101014 ngày trước
  • 3:50 Someone will call Louis Rossmann here because the word "Mosfet" was mentioned. And boy he will be pissed... LOOOOOOOL

    Redban loves asiansRedban loves asians21 ngày trước
    • just to clarify, it's kind of an inside joke... there's nothing wrong with this video, I just thought it was funny picturing the image of him storming through the door and giving us a thorough superlong explanation of what mosfets are and why they are overmentioned everywhere ;)

      Redban loves asiansRedban loves asians21 ngày trước
  • So having a modem/router next to a computer could cause crashes?

    woba 42woba 4222 ngày trước
  • My Msi rtx 3070 Gaming x trio still crashing like a plane

    Joe OrkaJoe Orka22 ngày trước
  • Will stores ever have this GPU in stock?

    Eric BakerEric Baker23 ngày trước
  • Jesus Jay, you gotta hit the gym man. You're getting a beer belly

    HexatopeHexatope24 ngày trước
  • Thought Ure skinny ehmmm...

    Sebastian LSebastian L26 ngày trước
  • What can someone do about how "clean" your power is coming from your wall?

    K rBK rB27 ngày trước
  • Please Please stop to repeat all the time you are not payed or corrupted by Asus, MSI, NVidia etc... I believe you !

    Running FLRunning FL27 ngày trước
  • So today (November 1rst) I can't find a 3080 card on Amazon. Hmmmm

    StinkySQL SixpenceStinkySQL SixpenceTháng trước
  • Why do I have this feeling that moron in a leather jacket is going to send hitmen after Jay?

    Milan AvramovicMilan AvramovicTháng trước
  • Everyone keeps wondering why these are out of stock when it's clear to me that every available unit of every model went to a youtuber. The future of consumerism is you can only get the new product if you have enough followers.

    Tyler PhillipsTyler PhillipsTháng trước
  • i ain't buying this piece of shit or the 3070, which was lied about, regarding release price you can't even get a founders 20** series founders from nvidia, they never even EXISTED.

    Unreal: PhaselandsUnreal: PhaselandsTháng trước
  • This JayzTwoCents.. he's like TRUMP can't admit that he was wrong and was causing disruption for views! Then doubles down on rhetoric technical sounding jibberish nonsense. Just admit that you were WRONG and that Hardware Unboxed made you look like a MORON!

    D HD HTháng trước
    • Yeah he really looks like an amateur compared to other hardware reviewers. But it makes him $$$ so no reason to care about integrity.

      KinGzeDKKinGzeDKTháng trước
  • Just managed to get an 10G-P5-3885-KR RTX 3080 thanks to EVGA's auto-notification and 8-hour purchase window system (it works; it actually works!). My understanding is this card has only one MLCC. Should I be worried? Also, my 1080 (also from EVGA) has constantly produced a ton of coil whine ever since I got it. Anyone with the 10G-P5-3885-KR have coil whine or other noise issues?

    Ari MargoAri MargoTháng trước
  • yaa Fook Nvdia

    Ayikkara YajamaananAyikkara YajamaananTháng trước
  • Thanks for being loyal to users and that's why I watch your videos....

    Rahal WidanagamageRahal WidanagamageTháng trước
  • so should i buy one or not?

    Nothing HereNothing HereTháng trước
  • So will there be issues if the boards aren't overclocked? like just simply used out of box? Or if there's still issues at regular clock speeds, which board would you recommend?

    wingchangwowwingchangwowTháng trước
  • Good video, thanks for the info and the laughs....

    Draxuss420Draxuss420Tháng trước
  • How about benchmarking the Asus Tuff Gaming card with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. That's what I'm waiting for. I currently have an NVidia RTX 680 and that will not run the Sim. I was going to get the 2080, but, my buddies said wait for the 3080. I'm still undecided.

    snjairbeatersnjairbeaterTháng trước
  • The RGB is a bit weak on the TUF.

    Ian BlackIan BlackTháng trước
  • Arcane runes been around a while so I am kinda surprised powering them stably is a issue in 2020 after decades in computers. Fix your grown crystals there nvidia. Power them correctly thanks 👌

    Satanist in Gamma Hyperianism in ThetaSatanist in Gamma Hyperianism in ThetaTháng trước
  • Will Dell do that in their Aurora 11s?

    MrSunlanderMrSunlanderTháng trước
  • Im happy I stopped gaming a while ago (ok the reason why is nothing to be happy but yea...), so I'm hanging around and browsing and video streaming largely with my Ryzen 7 2700X and 1070 (I wanted a 1070 Ti, a few weeks before they said that the RTX-20 Series would come "soon", my birthday is on 23th may and shortly after I went to the shop I always buy my PC's (individual everything), and yea... Ryzen 7 2700X was just new, less than a month I think since release and I checked the Intel counterparts, I got a good price of ~300€ (incl. taxes in germany always 19% and if the €uro is a bit stronger like now at least ~18% they usually "forget" to give that extra cash to us through a price reduction -.-), and I wanted to go for one of these badass 3-fan 1070 Ti, since the prices were extreme high in this may/june 2018 for RAM and GPU's... first one they said miners and smartphone demand, second one miners only, and yea the shop owner of that great brand told me its true, and he showed me the Inno3D GTX 1070 twin x2 ... it was ~100 - ~115€ cheaper than the 3-fan 1070 Ti cards (depending on which brand and if RGB or not), he said he bought that card like 15 times because miners are buying it like crazy because its small, cheapest listed but still in OC its the same, he was fair, I mean would I have bought a MSI/ASUS/ZOTAC! 1070 Ti for ~115€ more his profit would be also more, but he said that the 1070's and the 1080 have the same GPU, its just "cut" in 1070 and 1070 Ti, but the little more units the 1070 Ti got is really not worth such a strong increased price, also the higher boost clock... he was right my inno 3d reaches 1898 Mhz OC which is the maximum all of these gaming X and other 1070 versions say they reach, the 1070 Ti is not really making better, ofc it was my decision but he was damn right... and I wish I would have bought a 1080 Ti in March 2017 but I didn't get it live back than how the launch of that card (and the new GTX Titan X or so? because the 1080 Ti is such a badass card if you forget Raytracing, DLSS and all that other new stuff, that it kicked the ass of the older Titan card, but going even for a normal 1080 would have been crazy, and a few weeks later when they said "2080 Ti and 2080 coming september/october 2018!" or so I was happy because yea... strange that this time the Ti came first, however this is a joke...I follow it a bit and now for 3 weeks or so a little bit, some new people have nice channels on youtube, including Jay!! but also in German speaking section "Igors Lab" is a very good man, and yea its frustrating even for me who doesnt want one card now to see people like you or igor with 2 (or even 3?!) different 3080 and/or 3090 cards, I just did read that a game studio releasing its game now or in the coming days will have to bring a patch for 3080/3090 improvement, since they couldn't get one until now.... yea its sure not Electronic Arts of Blizzard Activision or which company rocks these days, but also these short time peak demand of like up to 580 Watt (wtf?!) from the cards which had to be patched, Igor said that his reference spoke about the problem being fixed with the data from "the few thousand 3080 founders edition"-cards really delivered right now... I mean "few" can mean 3k or 30k... but more likely ~10k or so, and so many people sold their 2080 Ti or other 20-series after the price/release date and performance was confirmed... I really hope AMD brings a card which is close to 3080, and I mean they will use improved technology too? This time the usual "AMD consumption of power is much more" (especially in CPU, I remember my good old FX-8320, was a good partner, but 220W TDP was heavy, but extreme short energy peaks of ~580W on a 320 or 350W (dont know if it was a 3080 or 3090 peak with ~580W), but a PSU with 1200W and Platinum couldn't manage it, and it was only that one card, one of the newest processors and the usuall stuff... but even 320W (3080) and 350W (3090) for Founders Edition sounds heavy, and if we think now about the usual ~10% or in the Pascal series here its ~12.7% power increase possible, alone 10% would boost it to ~352W and OC gaming cards, maybe liquid cooled will use the full limit, bringing it to 360W or more and I think close to 400W for 3090 (whoever buys this, except the shortage will last so long and they produce like 1/3rd 3090 and 2/3rd 3080, which ofc is not representing demand as only few people want to pay almost the double price for 15% more performance... would be interesting how my Ryzen 7 2700X would work with a used 2080 Ti which will get cheaper, even more when the 3080 and 3090 really will be delivered in larger number for a more realistic price or founders edition for ~700 USD or ~700€ for 3080... I think R7 2700X was "Zen+" or Ryzen 2nd Gen, now its Ryzen 4th gen out there? (3900X/3950X?) but will the 5th gen come "soon" or did it just come?! Maybe I mix than a new Ryzen with a 3080 Gaming Card (or an AMD alternative, right now its not hard to beat nvidia offers, ~2250€ or 2500 USD for a 3080 is sold and some people are buying it....ok the total number isn't that high, but here before the weekend only 1 store had some cards left, 2 cards for each ~2247€... the article came out in the morning, a few hours later I could find that 2 cards still via google shopping on that german site, like 9 hours later in the evening these 2 were sold...founders edition ~700€/USD I found the next day, a guy "stockX" or so is selling them on amazon, ebay and other platforms, he even directly sells the 700 US-$ founders edition for over 2200€ + 15€ transport -.- I mean I dount know but thats almost what the (old) RTX Titan 24GB always costs...new RTX Titan coming I guess, but we have other problems right now, but since this will be a ultra high margin market and only nvidia so far is allowed to sell titan cards, no titan brand cards, they directly get the cash, so maybe a RTX Titan (Ampere) for ~2749€ as usual (or ~2750 USD without taxes in US?!) will appear, a 3090 upgraded, don't know how to upgrade the already pretty good 3090, but I think you always can add and improve something, even if its only the cooling materials, special fans, ultra light, use the 1% best output of everything, add even more VRAM, and a bit higher clock, increased heat will be absorbed by the expensive materials for heatpipes and I don't know what effect ultra light weight fans would have? easier to reach more rpm?! but too fast isn't good too?, maybe you can increase the fan size a bit without increasing total weight than...

    KilonBerlinKilonBerlinTháng trước
  • What hsppen to Destiny 2 players?

    LightningMcDeanLightningMcDeanTháng trước
  • I have the same tuf card and it works fine so far

    Muslim LatifMuslim LatifTháng trước
  • Did he take off the plastic on the backside of the gpu?

    darkheart333 hotmaildarkheart333 hotmailTháng trước
  • When you see the lights dim in your neighbors house across the street, you know that your RTX 3080 has crashed.

    Rocky IntertidalRocky IntertidalTháng trước
  • the drivers did not fix this

    kyle bkyle bTháng trước
    • Yes it did. You would know if you own one.

      KinGzeDKKinGzeDKTháng trước
  • Cheap stuff made by Samsung tho?

    BrandonBrandonTháng trước
  • I would request you refrain from sensationalism & unfounded assumptions based on sudo facts & limited knowledge.

    Steve MoonSteve MoonTháng trước
  • Seeing so many high spec cards blows my mind as I try to scrape together funds for a new PC. XD But as someone who cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to buying parts, I really appreciate your videos.

    Brad CokayneBrad CokayneTháng trước
    • @Brandon oh I know. I am coming from an older PC. i3570k old. I have a 1060 6Gb graphics card which I'm going to transplant until I can afford a better GPU

      Brad CokayneBrad CokayneTháng trước
    • Your first build is gonna be the most expensive, so just be prepared for that

      BrandonBrandonTháng trước
  • Another great video, we ty for your reviews & opinions sir but is it just me or is Jay gettin a lil thick around the middle?

    ChronicKoffChronicKoffTháng trước
  • 7:40 You mad bro?

    PCS preePCS preeTháng trước
  • Think I dodged a bullet holding onto my 1080 for the time being before all this crap is sorted out....

    WakingfromslumberWakingfromslumberTháng trước
  • Thanks for the video! Clarified a lot :)

    Rik van der MarkRik van der MarkTháng trước
  • Can you compare tuf with founders edition in terms of thermals and oc limit.

    Wonky74Wonky74Tháng trước
  • How about losing some weight, you weird looking marshmellow man. Just imagine if you spent 1% of the energy that you do on hardware, on your health.

    Neuro TankNeuro TankTháng trước
    • 😂

      Steve MoonSteve MoonTháng trước
  • You missed a censor at 11:45 :)

    1Dshot1DshotTháng trước
  • not seeing the same thing in the sales photos for the TUF : static.bhphoto.com/images/multiple_images/images1000x1000/1600108246_IMG_1417370.jpg Also, a lot of stock photos for the cards are showing differently than what content creators are showing, specifically the EVGA FTW3 on Gamers Nexus shows his with 6 normal SP Caps, and the one on their website shows 4 SP Caps and 2 MLCC's. Looking to order one of these, but there's just so much misinformation with this launch now.

    Elyk LootElyk LootTháng trước
  • Asus make some of the best stuff

    GreywolfStudios74GreywolfStudios74Tháng trước
  • Hey man do you think the 3070 will also have this issue?

    HankpharrisHankpharrisTháng trước
  • Now that weve burned both sides of the bridge lol

    Robert CraneRobert CraneTháng trước
  • 😡😡😡 OK so my 3080 graphics card made by EVGA Just crashed while I was playing madden and now its not working at all I just got the dam computer in the mail yesterday from cyberpower $2500 bucks so what the hell do I do now..i won't be able to talk to nobody at cyberpower till Tuesday probably..im Not bout to deal with this bullshit I'm just gonna get my money back...I'm new to PC gaming and if this is the way it all starts ill stick to fucking xbox

    Gerald SmithGerald SmithTháng trước
  • and that card is $699 which is cheaper than most aib models. way to go asus.

    good guygood guyTháng trước
  • Nvidia crash im glad Glorie AMD

    Laurentziu NegulescuLaurentziu NegulescuTháng trước
  • Hey, @JayzTwoCents . I have decided to buy TUF-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING . Does this card have this crash issue? Your recommendation is most welcome.

    Premlal PremkumarPremlal PremkumarTháng trước
  • still getting a 3080 next year, 1440p max graphics looking at an easy 144 fps with most games.... nuf said

    Thomas MearingThomas MearingTháng trước
  • Your microphone transmitter cost more than a 3080? Forget the 3080, I want to know what technology is in that box?!?

    LostConjugateLostConjugateTháng trước
  • Real Heavy Breathing,,, ( lose some weight?),...

    Darrell MayDarrell MayTháng trước
  • There is a difference in response between bigger single capacitors and combined smaller capacitor arrays. The bigger capacitors can handle a bigger load generally speaking, but the smaller capacitors are a LOT better in filtering out higher frequencies. So even if you have capacitors / arrays with the same capacity and voltage specs, you still get different filtering specs. I'm not saying that this really is the problem, but it does make sense. After all, you have a LOT of high frequency noise on the power lines in a computer, because a LOT of components generate a high frequency clock to work. I'd imagine that using an array of smaller caps would do a better job in filtering the noise on critical lines. So using the right combination of big single caps and arrays of smaller caps can absolutely improve performance. FYI; my credentials for claiming this? I'm an electronics engineer, specialized in technical computer science and high frequency (data-) communications.

    Ronald DelvaxRonald DelvaxTháng trước
  • @JayzTwoCents - Does the screw in the back of the case help support the 3080's weight to help prevent sagging? Thanks in advance!

    FSDraconisFSDraconisTháng trước
  • Is that a 4k monitor? I'm planning to buy, what monitor will you recommend guys? www.thetechnoburst.com/best-monitor-for-rtx-3080/ I'm stuck choosing between 1080p 360Hz and 4K 144Hz monitor

    Robert Henzon LlarvesRobert Henzon LlarvesTháng trước
  • “Concrete details as to what is causing the problem”. I think that was a serious over amplification of “possible reason”.

    Leigh HaynesLeigh HaynesTháng trước
  • how many nvenc and nvdec chips on rtx 3080??

    r00t by Suntor00t by SuntoTháng trước
    • @r00t by Sunto Had to read up on this and I'll correct myself. According to Nvidia the 3080 has 1 nvenc chip and 1 nvdec chip. However the nvenc allows 3 concurrent sessions. Yes the 10-series has 2 nvenc but from my understanding the newer generation encoder has better video quality.

      KinGzeDKKinGzeDKTháng trước
    • @KinGzeDK thnx for your answer so 1x nvenc 1x nvdec right? gtx 10x series has 2x nvenc 1x nvdec

      r00t by Suntor00t by SuntoTháng trước
    • Two. The same as 2000 series.

      KinGzeDKKinGzeDKTháng trước
  • dude, you need some serious cardio.

    crni grujacrni grujaTháng trước
  • www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/165686/en-us

    plushdragonplushdragonTháng trước
  • What can you say about your previous comment on RTX 3080 capacitors?

    Nelson BatonghinogNelson BatonghinogTháng trước
  • So - complete shortage of cards and Jay unboxes new ones each video :( rub it in Jay!

    anupkumarraoanupkumarraoTháng trước
  • This is a list of parts for my first ever PC build, any suggestions/advice or feedback would truly help me tremendously. Thank you. CPU-Intel i9-10900k, CPU Cooler-Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black, Motherboard-Asus ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO(Wi-Fi) LGA 1200, Memory-Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro(4 sticks of 16GB each), GPU-Trying to get literally any 3080 but preferably not one of the worse custom cards, Case-Phanteks Eclipse P500A Digital RGB Mid Tower, PSU-Corsair 850W 80+ Titanium Fully Modular ATX and Monitor-Asus ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5” 1920x1080 Hz Monitor

    Matthew ImbroscianoMatthew ImbroscianoTháng trước
  • I really wanted the 3080 too, but the fact that the cards are buggy af and are hard to get a hold of killed the motivation to buy one. I am gonna wait for amd gpu's.

    HarryCamelHarryCamelTháng trước
  • 7:00 "Now that the children have left the room, the adults can resume the conversation."

    DuckofFailDuckofFailTháng trước
  • Put it in rice

    Kevin SinghKevin SinghTháng trước
  • "My loyalty is with the consumers" - JayzTwoCents...... That deserves a thumbs-up 👍

    EUK007EUK007Tháng trước
    • Really? That was such an obvious back pedal I was shocked.... Now the excuse is that my wall power can cause card crashes. What a joke. If they are engineering these cards to be so delicate then they are garbage. Of course they are mad at this guy and now he's are suggesting every other part of the power delivery plays into the issue... But he's not doing it at their request... Whatever.

      aubullionaubullionTháng trước
  • reviewers got the drivers before the AIBs? Hahahha

    HirenHirenTháng trước
  • For me the newer drivers messed up number of games on 2080Ti. Path of Exile for one - the game has a lot of "hitching" makes it frustrating to play.

    HelavatarHelavatarTháng trước
  • as an ex-SMT line worker; in this case putting 6 of those small components instead of 1 big is not a cost increase by itself. Most likely it's negligible. A machine places those 6x small components just as fast as a machine that places the big one (big ones require different nozzles and slower movement). It's even possible that the 6x layout is "cheaper" to manufacture in terms of time.

    sygn4r3ksygn4r3kTháng trước
  • True sinewave UPS with Powervar conditioned outputs is a great way to start your power trip (pun intended).

    Moonpie SpotlightMoonpie SpotlightTháng trước
  • Do the 3090's, including the AIBs, have the better quality capacitors/SBs?

    MAC GODMAC GODTháng trước
  • Hmm how odd...your testing that driver on a board that is using the better chips where as the boards that are having the issue are using the cheap ass chips..lol...someone been paid off to say the driver has fixed the issue? 😄😄😄 Take a look for your self when he holds the board up 😆😅😅😅 Now try re-run that test on a cheap ass board with cheap ass chips and see if that power has been nerfed

    craig lyoncraig lyonTháng trước
  • wish it was even possible to buy any of these cards

    MontykrajtaMontykrajtaTháng trước
  • viworld.info/rock/video/xYyetJ7Xt6SA3Js.html

    King KingKing KingTháng trước
  • No

    King KingKing KingTháng trước
  • damn jay, when you where sitting down you seemed so wide

    AndoraAndoraTháng trước
  • What mic pack are you using that cost $2500 ?

    ConteConteTháng trước
  • lots love for jay2cent

    Aureo Jr CentenoAureo Jr CentenoTháng trước
  • Can I buy a card from you? lol

    BoomahlyPlaysBoomahlyPlaysTháng trước
  • This is why I like jay more than any tech youtubers hes really transparent

    Salad_ManSalad_ManTháng trước
  • I love being smart enough not to rush out and buy a first release over priced video card. To sit back and watch the idiots struggle is the best entertainment you can get these days

    Jerri CoverstoneJerri CoverstoneTháng trước
  • Confirmed why there is a rtx shortage jay bought them all

    FallenActualFallenActualTháng trước
  • Jay: "Reviewers get the drivers before the AIBs do." .... Me: Well *THERE'S* your problem right there... Okay, like he said, there's no such thing as a *perfect* launch....but they'd be a hell of a lot better if the people *making* the damn things actually had the ability to *test* them before shipping them out...

    SSand4SSand4Tháng trước
    • and the dumbest part of all is they had plenty of time before the new consoles to drop and amd to drop their card and they still could have been the FIRST guy.

      Andrew schaeferAndrew schaeferTháng trước
    • exactly. Which is why people in the tech industry hate nvidia. They treat AIBs like field assistants that do nvidia's bidding

      Crimson OrionCrimson OrionTháng trước
  • I want the best 3080 FE available. You said the Asus Tuf is the way to go so far. Should I wait?

    Negsmazin GaminNegsmazin GaminTháng trước
  • Jay i want to thank you for all the hard work and loyalty and moreover impartiality. There are always people on the internet who just go online to hate, it is a shame that you feel kind of obliged to address all these haters. Imagine how much more time you could spend on putting more of your awesome content out if these toxic miserable beings wouldn't drag you down. Sad times we live in.

    D4RKBRU73D4RKBRU73Tháng trước
  • 12:00 Fair analysis. AGAIN. And looks like I had my eyes on a solid choice for a card. No forward knowlege of the capacitor issues, honest.

    Michael PowellMichael PowellTháng trước
  • Do your lights dim when someone turns an appliance on like a blender or garage opener? What other devices are plugged into the same circuit as your computer? PSU's aren't perfect, even good ones. Slight variations in power or even RF interference like J said can cause instability. I bought a voltage regulator (NOT a power conditioner/surge protector, those are useless) and that solved all of my problems achieving a stable cpu overclock with reasonable voltages. You will find them marketed for industrial/server or home theatre use. Battery backup UPS's will often come with this feature for competitive prices depending on your region. Not always though, read past the marketing and make sure it actually compensates for voltage dips.

    Ethan StarryEthan StarryTháng trước
  • Why do you get so worked up and emotional over computer parts?

    Brandon EdwardsBrandon EdwardsTháng trước
  • I never really noticed just how big jay is until he was asked about his weight. Now I notice it. I can see how he was 400lb. Good on him for losing as much as he did. He is a big boy.

    Calcifer MoonbloodCalcifer MoonbloodTháng trước
  • so how long before the reports of rtx3080 bursting into flames and burning down homes get past nondisclosure clause?

    Joseph MeholickJoseph MeholickTháng trước
  • This is one GOOFY looking guy. Maybe lose some weight there partner...

    Jason PerryJason PerryTháng trước
  • Great video, could you please do one with various fans, RGB and non RGB, LED strips, water pumps, etc. to see if they will interfere with boosting capabilities?

    Ed RennerEd RennerTháng trước
  • Still amazed how many new cards he opens and tests when ordinary people are still fighting to get their hands on one card.

    Old Rock GeeserOld Rock GeeserTháng trước