My new Personal Gaming Rig might surprise you for the WRONG reasons...

11 Th10, 2020
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My new personal rig will be missing three things that I almost ALWAYS have to have...
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  • that case i almost expensive as my whole pc...

    CpmnkCpmnk2 ngày trước
  • Your Amazon links don’t work anymore

    jart122jart1223 ngày trước
  • What kinda Spyderco ya got?

    Robert PetreyRobert Petrey6 ngày trước
  • Jay could you look into Lumilor paint for a case build. I love watching you custom paint jobs and doing one with Lumilor paint would be so awesome

    Devin RichtersDevin Richters7 ngày trước
  • Is part 2 out?

    name last namename last name8 ngày trước
  • Corsair spec alpha, the black and silver one. Would match that graphics card perfectly and it has angles and good aesthetics

    Gaming_and_Reality 101Gaming_and_Reality 1018 ngày trước
  • The moment he said "cougar case" i got an add for Tinder...

    MargrimMargrim9 ngày trước
  • Can’t even get a 3090. Have the cash to build a high end pc finally and can’t get the damn parts.....

    Pathfinder IthilPathfinder Ithil10 ngày trước
  • As always, quality videos right here!

    Business GuideBusiness Guide10 ngày trước
  • “Transformery looking,” right as I’m watching transformers lol

    Brendan WattersBrendan Watters12 ngày trước
  • I don't need a shtuff

    Joe WJoe W12 ngày trước
  • I’d be shocked if you paid for any of these components out of pocket!! Gotta be super rough!!

    Matthew HansenMatthew Hansen14 ngày trước
  • well ill use your old pc if you dont want it

    Graham UllmanGraham Ullman14 ngày trước
  • As GPU'S get bigger and heavier the m/b manufactures and OEM's are going to have to think of a better way of supporting them . Noticed Jay and others have said several times they may need to build a bracket to support them . Not good really .

    PatrickPatrick15 ngày trước
  • The Allen wrench from the verge is finally needed??

    SignatureSignature15 ngày trước
  • INTEL SHIL!!!!!!!

    alexanderalexander17 ngày trước
  • Still can't let go of Intel for the gaming rig. I just don't get that unless this is just using parts you already have. Not wanting to "waste" a 5950x, then plopping in the previous (by what, 2 weeks?) top line gaming CPU (that most people will never take advantage of fully, assuming they could afford one) seems like a weak excuse. Is it just the raw clock speed numbers that keep you on that platform? It's venerable at this point, and If you don't want to deal with the way more finnicky than they're worth (for most) AMD chipsets and BIOS', then just say so. Fiddling with memory timings, especially these days gets old real fast.

    Jamal TaylorJamal Taylor20 ngày trước
  • i loved when he pop up behind the case 0:02

    Manav MuthrejaManav Muthreja20 ngày trước
  • 10900k...LOL

    Inspiration WeeklyInspiration Weekly21 ngày trước
  • Sleeve the f***ing cables lol

    NextDegenerationNextDegeneration22 ngày trước
  • You lost me at using Intel. ; (

    Ricardo D'ArcivarRicardo D'Arcivar22 ngày trước
  • Uh Jay, you have the DDC flat res/pump combo. The D5 version has the wires sleeved...

    Chuck TaylorChuck Taylor22 ngày trước
  • lol lowkey flexes the 3090 at lol

    SnatchN Ur WigSnatchN Ur Wig24 ngày trước
  • Jesus youth how many computers do you need?

    N Gauge England -Synthematix-N Gauge England -Synthematix-25 ngày trước
  • Whyyy did you go with intel ???

    GravityGravity25 ngày trước
  • Why does Jay look so overweight?

    MongooseMatt45MongooseMatt4526 ngày trước
  • Does anyone know what fans those were at 10:26 ?

    DMMShadow1DMMShadow127 ngày trước
    • Lian Li I'm guessing

      Sankarshan GhoshSankarshan Ghosh25 ngày trước
  • It’s still huge...

    LiKLiK28 ngày trước
  • Why not wait for rdna 2?

    princebladeprinceblade29 ngày trước
  • I love that rant about EK not sleving the cables (9:23) 😂😂😂

    Yudi. GYudi. GTháng trước
  • For a hot second that looked like an expensive build, but then I thought that as long as people keep buying cars, none of the computer stuff really is expensive in comparison. I use my PC hell of a lot more than I use my car so I probably should put more money to it also :-D

    Innocentius LacrimInnocentius LacrimTháng trước
  • What about a AMD 3990x PC? :D

    _MrMatrix__MrMatrix_Tháng trước
  • which vertical mount is that?

    Mathias GravesenMathias GravesenTháng trước
  • People praline and whine compine r looks... What the feck does it matter..

    7rixee7rixeeTháng trước
  • Okay, I have a question, which may seem stupid but has a base in reality: When I worked on radars and comm radios for the USAF, if you even walked into the facility with the INTENT of touching an electronic component, you first had to recite (from memory) the ESD mantra: "I shall not forsake my talisman, the ESD wrist strap. I shall walk among the ESD grounding floor pads and tiles. I shall not falter in my testing of the workbench bonding system and yea, though I walk through the valley of very damned dry air, I shall compel my fellows and myself to adhere to the sacred ESD protocols and use proper containers for anything that has ever heard of an electron". Amen. So, why no ESD wrist strap, you goddam heathens! (Yes, I'm old school; our radars ran on delicious Diesel fuel, could cook a seagull at 500 meters and would light up a T8 fluorescent lamp in your hand if you walked outside with the music on).

    Mark ReynoldsMark ReynoldsTháng trước
  • That EK comment is GOLD!!! Also it's true, so....

  • Lmao that first 5 seconds tho xD instant like

    Brett WohlfordBrett WohlfordTháng trước
  • What was that black bottle he had while lapping the CPU?

    Gavin 24Gavin 24Tháng trước
  • Jays intros just get weirder and weirder

    Captain ExplosionCaptain ExplosionTháng trước
  • I noticed Jay used two different Crucial memory kits (two 2x16gb kits). I thought you weren’t supposed to combine two separate kits like that, but rather buy a lot of four instead two separate kits of two. Is this alright?

    Ergo ZeroErgo ZeroTháng trước
  • i laughed so hard at "if you're going to charge as much as you do, Sleeve the F**CkING Cables"

    TomehTomehTháng trước
  • I really hope EK listens like In Win did with the crappy metal, its nice when people listen.. :(

    Jeremy CroteauJeremy CroteauTháng trước
  • Intel and nvidia fan boy. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Marjan ŠterkMarjan ŠterkTháng trước
  • you do a lot of talking

    WBNMWBNMTháng trước
  • It sucks they don't design cases with vertical slots

    Anthony JAnthony JTháng trước
  • The only famous tech VIworld that doesn't have a threadripper personal rig

    Sage_DaNzoSage_DaNzoTháng trước
  • I just came to make sure he was still and intel shill Yup.

    NovaDollNovaDollTháng trước
  • dont you think Jay is putting weight on :)

    Phil & KylePhil & KyleTháng trước
  • If you have an issue with all those computer laying around not working hard, I could definitely put one to work for you!

    Scott KreutzScott KreutzTháng trước
  • He probably got that gpu for free or a crazy low price smh

    stoner pinkmanstoner pinkmanTháng trước
  • 10:34 I never built a PC and what is that?

    Law Wen JunLaw Wen JunTháng trước
  • getting lazy with his success

    Kenneth BarkerKenneth BarkerTháng trước
  • Can anyone explain the sanding at 10:40?

    Derek BallDerek BallTháng trước
  • When you are obviously challenged by everything, it helps to enjoy a good challenge.

    Wu LiWu LiTháng trước
  • Hey Jay do you think you could ship me a PC for my brother he really needs one. He made me build one for his twins because they needed it for school.

    jhonnix1995jhonnix1995Tháng trước
  • "A 5900x would be wasted in this" Uses a 3090 anyway

    Bruh MomentBruh MomentTháng trước
  • this channel is blue team

    Xavier GohXavier GohTháng trước
  • 3:10 if you're thicc, then i have no idea what Barnacules is

    Charles HydroniumCharles HydroniumTháng trước
  • My problem is I can't find a game that is appealing since Blizzard level squashed all my toons on warcraft. Games seem to have gone the way of movies. Digging through all the crap to find gold. I have started learning linux just to have something interesting to do. The good thing is linux runs on old hardware and there is no need to pay a fortune on overpriced computer hardware.

    Robert HambrookRobert HambrookTháng trước
  • I respect the choice to not watercool it, but dam that would look SICK with a black loop

    Braden ScottBraden ScottTháng trước
  • Jay should call the system 360 or something similar due to all the 360 rads plus 360 no scope. idk thought it would be a cool name

    NoahNoahTháng trước
  • 0:44 this is what was going through my head Jay: Opens knife, Also Jay: Sets knife on table, Jay? he walks away, WHO IS THIS: Jay just closed the knife.

    Prem QuadePrem QuadeTháng trước
  • is it possible to mount the distribution block to the top of the power supply shroud and have enough room down there to mount it and have the tubes run? I think it could look cool.

    Wolfgang SchragWolfgang SchragTháng trước
  • did they rip off the sony walkman logo lol

    Carl BakerCarl BakerTháng trước
  • Tbh, it sucks i can't buy the unifans on amazon or smth.

    Ionmaster 987Ionmaster 987Tháng trước
  • DUDE! I’ve been planning my new rig, and am also going to use the 925 and the Formula XII. Gonna go with a Green and Purple “Joker” theme. Awesome to see some stuff before I get it. Have fun Jay!!

    Sammy UnnaschSammy UnnaschTháng trước
  • Intel really?

    HardTarget JimmyHardTarget JimmyTháng trước
  • Me Thinking, wow that a nice case, i think im gonna change my Thermaltake View 31 for that. Google InWin 925, Yeah my case insnt that bad after all...

    pierluc lesagepierluc lesageTháng trước
  • When should we see a price reduction in the NVIDIA 2000 & AMD 5000 series GPU's?

    Cody DraperCody DraperTháng trước
  • Can't imagine what his idea of High end Gaming Rig would be...

    TLR EclipseTLR EclipseTháng trước
  • man i wish i could have a good computer to play games with my friends :(

    ChanceChanceTháng trước
  • No offense, but did he gain some weight or is it just me?

    ClaricClaricTháng trước
  • Lol Here we see an AMD Shill, trying to convince you why you should still use AMD products, despite the fact that Jay can obviously put any cpu he wants in there, the case costs more than a normal cpu, and he chooses Intel.... Giving Jay a hard time, he actually hasn't been nearly as shilly with Ryzen as the other channels have been (besides Steve of course) lol. Some of the other channels I used to watch more like Paul and Bitwit and lian started pushing AMD like theres no tomorrow as soon as Ryzen launched, almost to the point of dishonesty.

    MannEliteMannEliteTháng trước
  • this guy reminds me of my social studies teacher

    SpyruxSpyruxTháng trước
  • And here I am not even having the slightest chance to ever get my hands on any founders edition card :'D

    Andi PalmerAndi PalmerTháng trước
  • I'm thinking of building a pc to watch pornhub videos in 4k. Is a 1650 enough?

    GuilhermeGuilhermeTháng trước
  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo can I have Nebula since you killed her off? thanks. kloveyoubye!

    Austin HundleyAustin HundleyTháng trước
  • When isn’t this guy making a “new” rig.... Don’t forget to dislike the videos guys

    fugehdehyoufugehdehyouTháng trước
  • Hey Jay I have a question I hope you'll answer. I'm looking to build a new PC from the ground up but I don't know what CPU to get. I'm looking to game but also do IT/Cyber Security stuff ie: VMs, pen testing, Linux, etc... What would you recommend would be a good CPU that blends games and IT well?

    Chris RogersChris RogersTháng trước
  • at least you got the card, uffff

    alasterdemarealasterdemareTháng trước
  • Where is “Part 2” of this video? This is NOT even a build, just a discussion of the parts you might use and a rough fitting, but where is the final parts list and final build video? Also, let’s see the lighting, specs, cooling. Let’s do a REAL build Jay! #ClickBait #WorstVideoEver #NotABuildVideo #NoPartTwo #JayNeverFinishesAnything #PostBothVideosOnTheSameDay #LetUsSeeTheFullBuild #ADHD #YouForgotToBuildTheBuild #GetItDone

    Mark MalewskiMark MalewskiTháng trước
  • I knew it.. He's using Intel lol

    irwin leonardoirwin leonardoTháng trước
  • Why are you not wearing Antistatic straps, when handling electronic componants, you could be shortning the life of the componants if static is present

    Pamus BingPamus BingTháng trước
  • This case is making the 3090 look like a regular video card

    YessitsmeYessitsmeTháng trước
  • Intel&nvidia...might have guessed hehe.

    Super MarioSuper MarioTháng trước

    Secco _Secco _Tháng trước
  • My build X58 LGA 1366 MOB XEON W3565 12 GBS of corsair VENG DDR3 RAM GtX 1060 6Gbs ssc Evga powersupply 500w Just a simple black case forgot the brand but can't use the front USB 3.0

    francisco villarrealfrancisco villarrealTháng trước
  • I'd say give the pc to me but this time you really had to buy it for review and build. Sad it won't get too much use. I use my pc all the time I think I recently put it fully in the comments of a video of Linus or bit wit. But best thing is now that he paid for things fully. He can be more admiment about things that everyone would like and should be the pc standard quality

    francisco villarrealfrancisco villarrealTháng trước
  • That case is butt fugly. I am just saying ...

    genjokoangenjokoanTháng trước
  • The air filter is for the radiator. LOL..

    k0d0kank0d0kanTháng trước
  • omg what s up with the flappy arms

    LaupLaupTháng trước
  • Nice, thank you 😀 ,.,. But space inside gets megahurts.

    Veli KuparinVeli KuparinTháng trước
  • Why tf does jay think that thing is going to run world of warships

    Stryker 808Stryker 808Tháng trước
  • Hello I want to build a new gaming pc I want 1080p highest FPS as well as streaming 720 or (1080p future) and record at 1080p Should I buy 10900k or Ryzen 9 which will not give the highest frame rates possible Or dual pc setup 10700k but the streaming pc would be laptop as I cannot run two desktop PCs What type of laptop do I need for streaming and recording (1080p) at the same time How many core and how much v ram is enough ? Please answer Thank you

    Z tech gamingZ tech gamingTháng trước
  • What is with the heavy breathing

    SobuSobuTháng trước
  • The build that maybe 3 people on earth can replicate

    robert kennionrobert kennionTháng trước
  • beast of a fkin computer mayne

    ザ Zeek 根暗ザ Zeek 根暗Tháng trước
  • "Intel" Ewwwwwww

    SomeGuySomeGuyTháng trước
  • "some of these fins are not perfectly spaced, I'm gonna have to go through and like bend them...."

    SomeGuySomeGuyTháng trước
  • My new Personal Bot Cleans my Floors

    Mr. GMr. GTháng trước