Is your PC now Obsolete?? Let's set some things straight!

12 Th11, 2020
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Is your PC obsolete just because something new came out?
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  • The only thing that defines if your PC is obsolete is if it is not running games at 60 FPS anymore

    TheBrazilRulesTheBrazilRules53 phút trước
  • I think an important thing to also remember here is type of usage for a pc. The most speced out machine i ever saw was a Intel Xeon paired with 2 quadros. 32 gb ram, ddr4 2666. 3 tb m.2 ssds. That person is an independent video producer, editor, and artist. My other friend has a ryzen 3 3300x with 8gb and 2060. Why? Because he was a gaming enthusiast, but he also has a budget. Everyone needs their machines to do weird things that meet their market, their price, and especially their interests. You could have a thread ripper god-tier machine, but if all you do is browser VIworld, what the point? Personally, I cant wait to upgrade this Christmas to the 5950x, get new hard drives, and new airflow for my chassis. My Titan XP and I will do just fine.

    Nate AmerNate AmerGiờ trước
  • How to know it's obsolete? Here's my take and maybe you can take this into reconsideration as well:- If the best CPU lineup of that generation (eg. QX9770/i7-875K/X3480) have aged more than 10 years since it's launch date then it's considered obsolete and deserve an upgrade. The next generation that will be obsolete in 2021 is Intel 1155 socket (eg. i7-2600K) X58 (eg. X5690) and X79 (eg. i7-3820K) and pretty much ALL AMD AM3+ (eg. FX8150) 2022 will be Ivy Bridge (eg. i7-3770K) and X79 (eg. i7-4820K) and list and years go long it reaches 10 years since launch date. But keep in mind, just because it's 'obsolete' doesn't mean it you should instantly replace it. I'd suggest use it till it's stop working. Only then upgrade a new PC.

    IskandarSamsIskandarSamsGiờ trước
  • In the meantime I am planning to upgrade my i5 2400 to an i7 3770k 😄😄😄

    Tóthmátyás BálintTóthmátyás Bálint2 giờ trước
  • i have an r9 380 and an i3 6098p i definetely need an upgrade

    DarkHunterTRDarkHunterTR5 giờ trước
  • Lol. You upgrade when your system can't handle task you do with it. My rig is 3770k 4.7ghz litteraly old cpu and ddr3 16gb ram with rtx 2070. But I do 4k gaming. Meaning the only thing I need to worry about is upgrade gpu every few years. And I am good to go, probably in 2022 will had to built new system to meat next gen requirements and will be happy to do that, 10 years with one rig, perfect investment :)

    kigasdj2kigasdj26 giờ trước
  • For nine out of ten people in this comment section that say their PC is obsolete, changing the boot drive to an SSD would probably revive their system from obsolescence.

    Jarrett MutterJarrett Mutter6 giờ trước
  • Not gonna lie, I'm in the exact situation with my FX8350. Bought it when it was new over an i7 2600k. I'm also running an HD7970. I ordered my new rig yesterday, going to a 5950x and 6800xt. Finally more VM headroom and 4k gaming.

    Karel ClijstersKarel Clijsters7 giờ trước
  • My PC is almost 10 years old. I can still play current games on reasonable settings at 60fps. Boot time is still sub 15s. I paid $1500 at the time, quite the deal. I replaced the cpu and graphics card once, an SSD here and there and that's about it. If I wanted to play a game that wouldn't run on this one I would replace it.

    Veiss sevenVeiss seven8 giờ trước
  • Went from an Asus ROG G20 w/ 960 to MSI B450, Ryzen 5 3600xt and a 1650 super. I use like 30% of my computer. It was worth it to me. My little brother got a computer and I got an upgrade that will last me quite a while.

    Steel TitanSteel Titan8 giờ trước
  • Me i like intel because i trust its durability, but.. I know that AMD is much faster. So it really is a matter of choice

    Bipolar KyetBipolar Kyet9 giờ trước
  • Nice video. But I would have talked about the pc parts more and have some action in the video

    Riley PittmanRiley Pittman10 giờ trước
  • Here's another aspect to the whole upgrading thing too: I'm one of those people that try to have the best and the brightest for my builds. Is it always necessary? No. But it's my hobby. It's what I enjoy...and I do whatever I can to give it the best use it can. However, I also use these moments as ways to sell/give away entire builds that are great for the "average gamer" who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of putting everything together and paying top dollar for it. There's also nothing better than seeing hardware that you've used, go on to someone else who cherishes it as much as you do. :)

    Austin WinklerAustin Winkler12 giờ trước
  • hell yeah~ great floating head video. and honestly i feel it, the only thing that needed upgrading was my brain. my pc has plenty of potential that i built into it like 2-3 years ago and its going strong but ive never ever actualy upgraded the peripherals and things is do with it. took so long but im dobuling my ram kit so i have 4 sticks and im finaly changing from a 60hz 24in 1080p cheapo triple monitor setup, and upgrading my primary one finaly to 1440p 144hz 32in which i seriously hope is gonna be the difference. because my pc was always specs all these years to push it and handle it without a drop of sweat~ hahaha fun times

    G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz13 giờ trước
    • budget options and some fun this winter sounds fantastic. esp for the first pandemic holiday season money wil lbe tight but we all want to make upgrades if we can so 2021 is alot more fun indoors :p

      G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz13 giờ trước
    • also agree, we can all have our own standards, but putting someone down just cause they dont meet ours with something they arnt getting is w/e. but hell yeah, i went with AMD because its been a diamond. fun convos that are actual info to converse and compare is the best. telling people why i chose something so they can compare it to their standards and see if its enough to fit thme is great, not me forcing it on them because im so loyal lol. so hard ot invest in heavy money for sure. esp with a 1080 ftw dt when its 3k series year LUL

      G. Waits4GainzG. Waits4Gainz13 giờ trước
  • at first I thought my Radeon 5500xt XFX 2 pro and ryzen 7 3700xt wouldn't be good for my first build switching from console and now realize some ppl cant even buy a cpu/graphics card due to horrible stock and scalping issues and I realized i'm lucky for how little I payed for them. (~240$ for the gpu, ~300$ for the cpu, still looking for 3060ti/3070 though) Edit: I don't know if those were good prices for the market at this time because I didn't know the prices before the whole stock issues

    Pepega KingPepega King13 giờ trước
  • Right now I'm on a Core i7-920 + ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 with 12GB DDR3 memory + Radeon HD5770. I built it in 2009, and I feel just fine with it.

    Perplexer1Perplexer115 giờ trước
  • How I know it is time, my computer stutters when loading any game. Old 3770k with a 970. Love launching some newer games and almost crashing just loading anti cheat and running at 40 and dropping to 20 FPS. Now if only they would stock components...

    Mech178Mech17815 giờ trước
  • My pc is definitely obsolete it crashes when play Minecraft Dungeons and other games.

    William Doomguide of KelemvorWilliam Doomguide of Kelemvor15 giờ trước
  • I'm not a 3D gamer but I constantly run 7 differrent browsers in 8 windows totalling 75 tabs on twin 1440p monitors. My Optiplex 3770 with 16GB DDR3 isn't ideal. I usually see 30%+ CPU and 50%+ Memory. I want to run Quad 1440p and 32GB DDR4. Should I opt for a quadro card or something else? Ryzen 5 3600XT, Ryzen 7 3700X or wait for Ryzen 5 5600X. 3600XT should be plenty, right? But I want the 3700X. I'm thinking B550 with 2.5 GBe.

    ThePhilGrimmThePhilGrimm15 giờ trước
  • I'm the guy with Fx 8350 ddr3 =)) Just bought a Ryzen 5 1600af and 16gb ddr4

    AdybestAdybest16 giờ trước
  • I'm rockin a fx 9590/gtx1080, have no interest in upgrading rn. Ac Valhalla 2k very high settings 50-55 fps

    4c2p04c2p017 giờ trước
  • Still runing an i7 2600s / 8 Gb DDR3 / Win7 , dont care, still runs like a charm (forgot the gfx ; Nvidia 740 GT)

    Ra's AlRa's Al17 giờ trước
  • Get it if you can afford it. Plan if you will afford it. gtx 1060 will be silly with AAA games once 2021 comes. I have a gtx 1060 too but I don't like medium graphics and 40-50 fps

    XrayXray18 giờ trước
  • After you add ANYTHING to your computer, search for and rip out bloatware. Remove AutoUpdaters and unwanted services from background tasks. Remove added items to Startup menu and both HKLM/HKCU Run sections in Windows registry. It's not your computer that has become obsolete. It's crapware using more of your computer than you.

    Александр МельниковАлександр Мельников19 giờ trước
  • Best first 5 minutes of any video. Period.

    Nan ManNan Man20 giờ trước
  • Oh, please I'm still using my Phenom II 1075T. Approaching "retro" status.

    Ciprian LoghinCiprian Loghin20 giờ trước
  • I really enjoyed this video. as someone who is, well as most i could be better off, I stuck with my old righ for a LONG time. FX 8320 and an R9 270 OC gaming edition. I JUST upgraded from that to a Ryzen 7 and a 2060. I'm very much a budget kind of person. if my rig runs the games I play with decent graphic fidelity and FPS i'm happy. I couldnt care less about having a turbo nitrus fast PC cause everything past what I use on maxed out graphics is wasted performance

    Merriner VonKraussMerriner VonKrauss20 giờ trước
  • I dont care if its frivolous the second the 3080TI drops im buying it and giving away my 2060 Super. The cards are finally ready for ultra high fidelity gaming and the games coming out are exciting to me. Cyberpunk, Kena, God of war etc

    gblessbacongblessbacon21 giờ trước
  • its like every corvette owner (trying to stay american here) had to scrap his beautiful c7 just bcause a new, slightly faster one came out.

    Chris KChris K21 giờ trước
  • I’m gonna be honest I built my pc last year and threw in a 2070 when it came out and even recently I’ve been clamoring for a 3070, but this video made me stop. Do I really need 3070? No I don’t. I just want the latest tech, and that’s not a justifiable reason to get one in my opinion. That’s just being unreasonable with my money. When games surpass my card, that’s when it’s time to upgrade.

    ICEMANdrake214ICEMANdrake21422 giờ trước
  • I still use i7 2600 and gtx 1060 with 16gb of ram at 1333hz 16gb :D

    UltimatemanUltimateman22 giờ trước
  • "Is your PC now Obsolete?" *look at my i5 650* nah...

    Marcelo Hagemann dos SantosMarcelo Hagemann dos Santos23 giờ trước
  • After my 280x broke, I had to go back to my trusty GTS 450. Still getting 60FPS in Overwatch (low settings ofc).

    123Finland123123Finland12323 giờ trước
  • Everyone going crazy about upgradíng and here I am sitting with an old Asus laptop with an Intel (R) Core(TM) i73610QM CPU 2.30GHz and 8GB Ram trying to beat the line in hopes of getting enough parts to actually build a PC.

    TraningJHTraningJH23 giờ trước
  • The amd and intel rival is how capitalism is supposed to work. Manufacturer competition benefits the consumers and the maker. Unlike apple and samsung or Playstation and xbox which i swear they get together and talk about how far they both will go for each new release so they can slowly release small bumps in tech with each flagship to emphasize their profits with multiple releases which is not how it was supposed to go and is dishonest.

    Zac CudaZac Cuda23 giờ trước
  • I may not have the best pc but I love it none the less i5-9600k, Z390-A, 32GB DDR4 3800MHZ RX 5500 XT 8G, samsung 860 1TB SSD

    Zach PrattsZach PrattsNgày trước
  • Ryzen 5 1600 + GTX 1070 won't upgrade until it's so old that it won't let me play anything at 1080@60fps on low settings.

    RevyanRevyanNgày trước
  • I would say having a asus striker 2 extreme motherboard makes my desktop not worth upgrading, cpu can't be upgraded memory can't go above 8gigs gpu is pci-e x2 while this system was great when I built it 2008 today it barely runs some of the games I play while it can't run others at all.

    Tod AllardTod AllardNgày trước
  • What would be quite funny would be to see an Intel/Nvidia fanboy waxing lyrical about a PS5. They do know what that has under the hood, right!?

    Roger BowenRoger BowenNgày trước
  • Ive been commenting all over the place for some help buying a pc an nobody wanna help mam

    Quezzy BQuezzy BNgày trước
  • I’m on a I7 4790k 32 gigs of ram and a gtx 960. I’m just gonna upgrade my graphics card like a 1080ti and hopefully that’ll hold me over until ddr5 comes out

    TwinTurboJunkieTwinTurboJunkieNgày trước
  • im just trying to switch out my rx 5700 without paying 2000$ for a card thats worth 799$

    Kayeen JamousKayeen JamousNgày trước
    • @eye776 well thing is, my friend owns already a card, however, by a turn of luck, he won an RTX 3090 with a contest, and he’s willing to sell me the RTX 3080 for the same price as it was supposed to be soooo....

      Kayeen JamousKayeen Jamous23 giờ trước
    • ​@Kayeen Jamous RTX 3080 is just insanely priced right now even at retail. Honestly, unless you do video editing or Neural Networks for a living on your home PC, I would not get that card. The RTX 3060 Ti sounds much like a much better value card even if you end up paying $499 instead of $399. But I doubt there will be any in stock for long.

      eye776eye776Ngày trước
    • @eye776 I was planning on buying specifically the RTX 3080 and then sell the RX 5700, jus t waiting for restocks so that I can get my hands on it without paying scalpers

      Kayeen JamousKayeen JamousNgày trước
    • Stick with it. Even rx 5700 is overpriced right now because of the GPU drought and you might end up with a worse GPU in the long run if you sell it. As of today the 2060 (NOT SUPER) costs $400+ for the "budget" models (TUF GAMING, KFA, Ventus, Pegasus).

      eye776eye776Ngày trước
  • My PC is obsolete when the game I really want to play is not playing how I want it to play.

    Flipje van TielFlipje van TielNgày trước
  • Yeah it crazy a 6700k and GTX 980 ti im feeling the need to upgrade. But like you mentioned in the video upgrading the cpu to any thing useful requires a motherboard upgrade one more reason on my next build will be AMD. I should not have to upgrade a 250 mb just to upgrade a cpu. Question: If I upgrade my gpu to 3070 would that bottle neck my cpu?

    jlcain100jlcain100Ngày trước
  • I had a chance to get an i9-9900kf for super cheap straight from Intel this year. My last build was 12 years old cause I never had the money till now to do a new one. It struggled with the things I was doing. You bet I jumped on that opportunity. This video makes me feel good about my build.

    spyraltrispyraltriNgày trước
  • I am in the need lol🤦‍♂️ an am3+ fx 6100 6 core on 12gb on an msi 970 pro gaming aura board with a 2gb R9 270 vid card. It has worked great for years but new games I get left in the dust

    The Expert Noob Hobbyist DoucetThe Expert Noob Hobbyist DoucetNgày trước
  • Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs can play many games just fine, even today. So calling 1st/2nd gen Ryzen or 8th/9th gen Intel "obsolete" is pretty hilarious.

    Dick KickemDick KickemNgày trước
  • Still rocking a 4th generation Intel core i7 with gtx 1050ti. Back between '94 and 2001, I remember upgrading 3 times and still scratching heads and pulling out hair! Oh times have changed.

    Ganesan GGanesan GNgày trước
  • If you don't have a high end PC currently, and all you really do is game on it, get a console - the PS5/Series X really are high end (high end, not THE best) PC's in a box so to speak.

    David OswaldDavid OswaldNgày trước
    • You can't really do a lot other than gaming on a console though. The GPU market is just completely messed up, there is literally NOTHING between RX 550 and GTX 1650. A 1050Ti in 2020 is a literal waste of money, same price as 1650 with worse performance & TDP. Go up another tier, there's also nothing worth the money between 1660 Super and 2060 Super.

      eye776eye776Ngày trước
  • Your PC is really only obsolete if it physically can’t run the software or games you want it to.

    NikolaiSlapabitchNikolaiSlapabitchNgày trước
  • im looking to finally upgrade from my Intel 4790k and a 1080TI if i can ever find any new parts without paying scalper prices because F that

    Jon CalderJon CalderNgày trước
  • As a slight AMD fanboy for many years, all I can say is, it is nice to see team red leading the way however, I want intel to continue pushing back (as I am sure they will) because it keeps prices reasonable and the completion only benefits us all as consumers. Im still rocking my 3950 non X model, with my 5700 non XT card and I still love it, now, go and tell me I need to upgrade and I will just lol at you.

    Adam EAdam ENgày trước
  • I never upgrade the same generation or the next generation.I’ll wait for the 4000 series to upgrade

    The bad habitThe bad habitNgày trước
  • Only thing I want right now is a new GPU but the only thing you can get is scalpers CPUs

    Angel537Angel537Ngày trước
  • Just for anybody wanting to buy the (promoted) 4000D (airflow). Just get new fans instantly, the 3 Pin 120mm fans in there are complete garbage and really fucking loud.

    deadmanueldeadmanuelNgày trước
  • Still running my i7 4770K system with a recent upgrade from a gtx760 to a 1060 a couple years ago and there is nothing I can't run smoothly in 1080p.

    Zach CZach CNgày trước
  • Z97 chipset, i7-4790K 4.2 Ghz, 16 Gb DDR3 2400 Mhz, GTX 1080Ti SC, M.2 and 2.5" SSD's... Still rocks, and will keep doing so for years to come!

    Adrian A. JohannessenAdrian A. JohannessenNgày trước
  • I made a Ryzen 7 3700x, B450 Aorus, 32Gb RAM, 1TB SSD, 850w PSU, NZXT case and I get call out because I went with the MSI Radeon 5500 XT MECH 8GB OC and not with the 6800 XT

    OfficerMuteOfficerMuteNgày trước
  • People in the comments saying they're "still" on 2-3 year old hardware : yep Me on an i5 2500k and a gtx 970 : you mother fuckers

    RennaaaRennaaaNgày trước
  • still on an i5 2500k with a gtx 970, mainly because the new stuff is just too damn expensive.

    RennaaaRennaaaNgày trước
  • too real when he uses the exact cpu I have been using leave my 8350 alone *glare*

    Karlie TKarlie TNgày trước
  • In my case am upgrading because I would like to play with ray-tracing and i can't because i have a GTX 1070

    PlayCryptxPlayCryptxNgày trước
  • I'm still running my 4770k and 780ti sli lol. Hey might sound old buy I can still run most games at 1440p in High settings. If I get lucky tomorrow I'll get a 3060ti and I'm set for a few more years

    Jonathan ChavezJonathan ChavezNgày trước
  • Yep, as you say, performance ain't everything. Reliability, stability and compatibility are at least as important, and much more difficult to benchmark. My second-to-latest gaming PC build was AMD, and I kept running into mysterious issues like random framerate drops & screen blackouts in certain games. I spend hours juggling graphics cards, reinstalling drivers, digging through forum posts, etc, but I never found the solution. I also ran into the more common & well-documented compatibility problems, like older games that won't run unpatched on a Ryzen chip. Eventually, I bit the bullet & built an Intel-based gaming PC. I moved the better graphics card from the AMD system to the Intel one, installed all the same games, and encountered no problems playing any of them. The AMD machine became my workstation, a job turned out to be extremely well-suited for. It's rock-solid & fast as hell in workstation tasks. And the Intel machine is rock-solid and fast as hell in games.

    Shmeh FlehShmeh FlehNgày trước
  • Thanks to this video now I don't feel bad about upgrading the main components of my computer every 8 years and I'm still using the Cooler Master STC-T01 case that I bought back in 2005. It's so true that the market puts a lot of pressure on consumers with it comes to upgrade technology.

    unicorn2005unicorn2005Ngày trước
  • but I like making fun of my friends especially when they pay double for a GPU from a scalper because they were desperate to mindlessly consume

    digitalsilerdigitalsilerNgày trước
  • People upgrade when they have the money. Simple as that. I bought mis 470mb ryzen 7 1700x and a xfx fatboy 590 a little over a year ago and wated to get the 2700x but could not aford it. That system cost me around 1600 dollars after the addition of a 144hez monitor gaming hedset and keyboard and mouse. If i had the money i would of bought a vega64 and the ryzen 2700 as whell a a second 144hrz monitor. As far as putting down someones build thats what console players are for :)

    S0ULT241NS0ULT241NNgày trước
  • The only stupid thing is most of your builds are done because of sponsors, not because you wanted to do something.

    SadisticStangSadisticStangNgày trước
  • Thanks J

    Martin GroenewaldMartin GroenewaldNgày trước
  • I'm excited on the possibility of upgrading my 1070 ti, it might be awhile though

    pirate135246pirate1352462 ngày trước
  • Much respect for this Video.

    Lues A RamosLues A Ramos2 ngày trước
  • Rip my phenom x6 1090t

    Alexandre IsabelAlexandre Isabel2 ngày trước
  • *cough Tech Deals *cough *cough

  • Dam he's spitting facts

    ShiruyaShiruya2 ngày trước
  • first rule of buying new PC part's.....wait for the other guy's to find the problem

    Joe PineapplesJoe Pineapples2 ngày trước
  • This is a video more people should watch to be honest.

    Jonathan WangJonathan Wang2 ngày trước
  • I will never understand when people put others down because of their PC. If it does what you want it to do, that's all that matters. With that being said, we still make fun of my friend for playing on PS4 because it's always a big deal to get him in the lobby on cod 🤣 He's getting a PC soon though, because of next gen and our whole group is on PC

    QuickahhQuickahh2 ngày trước
  • If nebula and 4th gen ryzen is obsolete, then my i3rd gen is a dark void.

    Jacob BaroiJacob Baroi2 ngày trước
  • Jayz do you have obsolete pc parts or not been use, can you donate to me I need a potato pc for programming :(

    Stilghar CruzStilghar Cruz2 ngày trước
  • For me its time to upgrade when im not able to enjoy the games anymore for whatever reason (related to hardware ofc). And i usually have no problem with playing games on medium settings...tho i would love to play them like they are meant to be played

    RadosRados2 ngày trước
  • I have a 980ti and 4690k it time for a upgrade?

    HotGritz910HotGritz9102 ngày trước
  • I'm still rocking a 4690k and a rx480. It dose what I want it to. It still games well

    deane andersondeane anderson2 ngày trước
    • i have same cpu. it does well i hope it plays cyberpunk 2077 or it's time to upgrade for me personally.

      Tony VTony VNgày trước
  • I just went from a Intel i7 4790 to Ryzen 5800x, along with the change in storage/ram after 5 years.

    Chiang Shang JuChiang Shang Ju2 ngày trước
    • @뿡빵련 yeah i would wait if I was you, but the choice is up to you though

      Chiang Shang JuChiang Shang Ju14 giờ trước
    • @Chiang Shang Ju if I'm waiting on backorder for rtx 3080, is it fair to assume I can wait out another backorder for 5900x and have it arrive before the 3080?

      뿡빵련뿡빵련15 giờ trước
    • @뿡빵련 lack of stock

      Chiang Shang JuChiang Shang Ju17 giờ trước
    • I'm torn between 5800x and 5900x, what made you decide on 5800x? Any specific use cases?

      뿡빵련뿡빵련21 giờ trước
  • This video stopped me from upgrading to 5950X from my 3900X. Thanks Jay I saved some bucks

    Ken LouisKen Louis2 ngày trước
  • Aside from computers, Jay's advice on just having different opinions could apply to any US citizen in 2020.

    Matthew WillettMatthew Willett2 ngày trước
  • If we both throw our PCs off a cliff, mine is just as fast as yours.

    Karam MarjiKaram Marji2 ngày trước
  • Yeah! You tell em Jay. Just kidding, wish other channels were like yours.

    thefixxer72thefixxer722 ngày trước
  • If I can still play my favorite game with my i7-4790K/1070Ti @ 1440p @ 100 fps @ max settings ... I'm all good.

    Kiwi TeeTeeKiwi TeeTee2 ngày trước
  • Hmm should I make a PC because right now I owned a Laptop that has Ryzen 3 2200u and Radeon 535

    RRG 25RRG 252 ngày trước
  • Love my r5 3600x and rx5600xt. Btw I use Arch.. 😆 and I'm happy.

    J.P. VaileJ.P. Vaile2 ngày trước
  • Upgrade when it starts to become painful, otherwise wait. Had the same CPU for 8 years without much issues. Edit: haha edit wow im that guy wuth the old amd black edition cpu. Its done me well but now really need something new.

    SyphearaSypheara2 ngày trước
  • I got a prebuilt IbuyPower pc from a friend as a gift that is using a amd phenom quad core cpu and nvidia geforce 650 it works but it trails behind newer tech I'm using a sceptre 20" monitor in 1600x900

    XlFrostxBytelX .youtubeXlFrostxBytelX .youtube2 ngày trước
    • its using a msi am3+ motherboard

      XlFrostxBytelX .youtubeXlFrostxBytelX .youtube2 ngày trước
    • I'm still debating were to even begin with ever upgrading my build

      XlFrostxBytelX .youtubeXlFrostxBytelX .youtube2 ngày trước
  • Nobody else talking about what you said towards the end of the video: this is a HORRIBLE time to build a PC. New generation Midrange and budget cards are 6 to 12 months away and as such the consoles are crushing PC performance for the price. Stock for the new high end cards is nonexistent. New gem ryzen stock is nowhere to be found. It literally makes no sense to build or upgrade right now if you’re into AAA titles. I’ve been waiting for a 1660 super or equivalent to drop under $200 but even budget cards from last year are above msrp LOL

    FaustPoonFaustPoon2 ngày trước
  • I'd be curious in his take of a 5820k and if it's good to upgrade from that CPU. It still chuggs along for my needs, but I'd be curious to see the difference between that chip and a 5xxx amd or a 10 series intel

    Andy HayesAndy Hayes2 ngày trước
  • Most of the people if not all that bash on any system are not professionals. They don't make anything. For creatives it's always about the right tool for the right job. That's always a personal choice. Another thing to add is, just because you have the means doesn't mean that you should and just because you want doesn't mean that you should. Only if you need should you have. This is the way. I have spoken.

    MEMATRONMEMATRON2 ngày trước
  • Still on Phenom II X4 965 BE and DDR3. Yeah, its definitely obsolete.

    InfamousSabreInfamousSabre2 ngày trước
  • Just buy PS5 you pc nerd shit

    skinnyfagsskinnyfags2 ngày trước
  • me looking at my gtx 970: "its ok buddy" also me: buys a 2070 super gtx 970: sad crying noises

    Glenn Kenneth GamiaoGlenn Kenneth Gamiao2 ngày trước
    • I think the crying is actually just a really dusty fan.

      Veiss sevenVeiss seven7 giờ trước
    • My 970 was scared since 6 months, but cries too since my 3080 appeared...

      FafacochereFafacochere15 giờ trước
    • @Tigrex Get a 3060Ti if you can find one, priced the same as 2060 and the performance of a 2080 super.

      RennaaaRennaaaNgày trước
    • I have also still a gtx 970 and was thinking upgrading to a 2070 super... Is it a good upgrade or would be the 3070ti a better option?

      TigrexTigrex2 ngày trước
  • new = gud, old is shet. got it?

    Kyle FanKyle Fan2 ngày trước
  • In the flip side per se, I found a 1080Ti for $400.00. That's a deal!! I seen 2080Ti that low when the 3080 came out. That's crazy how easy it is to influence and persuade people into thinking their hardware sucks because something new came out.

    CrixCrix2 ngày trước