Homemade Waterblocks for RTX 3090 SLI... these results are incredible!

06 Th10, 2020
609 822 lượt xem

RIPGN and RIPPaul are fully underway... so let's see who will prevail!
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  • That thumbnail makes him look like a petofile

    Deeznuts776Deeznuts7767 ngày trước
  • You should make and sell these as a kit... 💀

    analogaudio rulesanalogaudio rules20 ngày trước
  • What about pushing the ambient temperature? Do it in a walk-in freezer.

    piggy201piggy20121 ngày trước
  • So what was the wattage on those cards?

    infopackratinfopackrat26 ngày trước
  • bruh we don’t have the gpu yet ya think we gonna do something for this?

    Default HoboDefault HoboTháng trước
  • You know i used to do all this crazy stuff and i used to place 200grit sandpaper on a 10mm piece of glass and sand the heatsink and the cpu flat.

    Simon TateSimon TateTháng trước
  • he hasn't lost his mind like Linus and tried to over clock a calculator by water cooling it to play doom

    Andrew CircoAndrew CircoTháng trước
  • Would it be considered cheating to add salt to your ice water?

    ShalmaneserShalmaneserTháng trước
  • Jay, you are an absolute mad man! This build is gnarly and I love it!

    Void SauceVoid SauceTháng trước
  • What even is the point of sli anymore? It's 2020.

    leavethe Aaronleavethe AaronTháng trước
  • Sorry a bit off topic. I have Lian Li 011 Dynamic case and need to mount an addition rad. Currently one at the top exhausting out. Where should i fit the rad ie bottom or side and should i exhaust out of blow in. Thanks

    PetrolheadPetrolheadTháng trước
  • Maybe one of the EVGA cards is the RTX 3090 FTW3, and the other is the RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra.

    Louie FriesenLouie FriesenTháng trước
  • Who’s kingpin and why did he get 31k

    AAMB215 —-AAMB215 —-Tháng trước
  • sli and crossfire are useless. its only a marketing gimmick.

    the watcherthe watcherTháng trước
  • i think they sell 2 different versions of the ftw 3 card. one has a slightly higher boost clock. could be wrong and im kinda late so my input is either stupid and or pointless. but fuck it

    Conyers IVConyers IVTháng trước
  • I love these series

    WallWallabyWallWallabyTháng trước
  • Phils laugh is amazing

    WallWallabyWallWallabyTháng trước
  • Do you have RTX Voice installed? I saw the same behavior on default base / boost on 2080ti series w/ it installed. Same BIOS, same cards models, different clocks w/ RTX Voice on.

    Joel AndersonJoel AndersonTháng trước
  • Just curious do you add salt to the ice water to get it colder like you do with a ice cream maker

    Triton MoviesTriton MoviesTháng trước
  • RTX 6180

    KineXXXKineXXXTháng trước
  • what if you dumped salt into the ice water to make it even colder? or even those urea ice packs?

    FootballFootballTháng trước
  • I just imagined Jay ordering a bucket of thermal paste for a week worth of videos :)

    Basti Schuller-SchenkerBasti Schuller-SchenkerTháng trước
  • I swear this camera man laughed at everything Jay said like if jay has a gun pointed at the camera mans family

    z32_Davidz32_DavidTháng trước
  • Ok you are all friends Now throw the trash!!!

    Jet FusionJet FusionTháng trước
  • Add salt to the ice water. Salt will cause the ice to melt faster and drop below 0. Don’t ask me how it works, I just know you’ll get much colder water if you add salt.

    Dylan AdrianDylan AdrianTháng trước
  • looks amazing, they need to have a case built for this type of setup. for dual riser seperated like this. Sweet.

  • I'm not even going to watch this video but I just had to say that it's annoying trying to watch any kind of content on components that no one can get a hold of except for you guys

    The Great SatanThe Great SatanTháng trước
  • Those Turkeys XD XD XD

    Tim SeidelTim SeidelTháng trước
  • just fyi you probably care less but want you to know Jz$.02 I will give you my $.02 quit trying to find your stupidest look on your face for the intro shot on VIworld. Your last several videos I don't even want to click just because you well lets say don't look "professional" when I click through the vids

    Someone NearyouSomeone NearyouTháng trước
  • Oh how i love videos of things i cant even freaking purchase

    David EllisonDavid EllisonTháng trước
  • Between this and all your other 30 series videos I am getting seriously jelly sir... Share the GPU wealth with the rest of us plebes who still can't get their hands on these puppies...

    MathewMathewTháng trước
  • Maybe I have missed this in a previous video but I wonder why he clearly and understandably prefers AMD processors but posts his highest scores on an Intel? The highest 10 scores atm are 80% intel. What am I missing? Do you expect higher scores on the Zen 3?

    Gilles van ZeebroeckGilles van ZeebroeckTháng trước
  • Your my second favourite youtuber ♥♥♥♥♥

    meghvarna Inamdarmeghvarna InamdarTháng trước
  • You should try using a CoolBot with your AC to get colder temps out of it, their made for turning any room into a walk in fridge with any basic AC unit.

    rocket racoonrocket racoonTháng trước
  • I would also appreciate a 3DMark etc. without OC, just by the way, for fun. I mean a 3DMark that only scores points for basic measures without OC. 1.) Because suppose someone wants to compare his hardware performance points with others and it is not immediately clear to those who do OC. 2.) That others can also see how many points someone can achieve with their hardware and cooling method without OC. For example, I googled the Score # 1 KINGPIN and then found that he runs extreme cooling next to OC. For me, OC and Extreme-Cooling reduce the points achieved, it even falsifies the overall picture of the points achieved, the hardware performance and the cooling method for the average borrower. At last but not least: OC extreme cooling is not suitable for everyday use.

    damysticalone87damysticalone87Tháng trước
    • Also they (3DMark etc.) could and schould hint a mark on those scores "This score was achieved with Over-Clocking (OC) and Extreme-Cooling (EC)".

      damysticalone87damysticalone87Tháng trước
    • More importantly and the most important 4sure right here: Check that out, sort by "Newest first": viworld.infodiscussion Attention! It looks like the VIworld-App doesn't show the right tab, open the link with a browser like Chrome!

      damysticalone87damysticalone87Tháng trước
  • Did he say what AIB was giving him trouble? Or did he purposefully remit mentioning that?

    Will CorlettWill CorlettTháng trước
  • hey Jay, late but....what if you just put the system in a freezer? the condensation would therefore be significantly less and the VRAMs should also be better cooled

    CarboxyCarboxyTháng trước
  • Time for part 3.

    Midyatli SuryaniMidyatli SuryaniTháng trước
  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vortex_tube

    Magnus GranlundMagnus GranlundTháng trước
  • That setup looks like a Camaro Z28. Is there something we should know about where this is all going?

    Stewart MacyStewart MacyTháng trước
  • Jay, Have you thought about doing a 2080TI SLI vs the single 3080 or 3090?

    Jacob BrownJacob BrownTháng trước
  • Double standards are crap. Trust me, I know.

    MichelleMichelleTháng trước
  • Nvidia 3000 cards don't exist. Its a myth. Don't u lie to us.

    KnavishKnackKnavishKnackTháng trước
  • Wtf is KINGPIN running to get 31000

    Slick CheetoSlick CheetoTháng trước
  • Out of curiosity, are you sure that the gpu memory gets better cooling without a heat sink on it? I am not sure that is correct-the thermal conductivity of metal is much higher than air, so if you put heat sinks on the memory, the heat immediately dissipates to the heat sink, and then the higher surface area of the heat sink allows for improved heat dissipation...

    James GravesJames GravesTháng trước
  • 14:45 That moment! Hahahahahahaha

    GG GamingGG GamingTháng trước
  • Come on, Jay. Show us what you did for your 29737 run on Oct 7th! :D

    Jannes PoelmansJannes PoelmansTháng trước
  • The real question is who the hell is King Pin

    Richard WeeksRichard WeeksTháng trước
  • PLEASE SOMEONE can someone keep track of top scores at different criterias? Like: top OC Stock Air. Then OC water, Then OC custom bios, etc?

    superspedboy007superspedboy007Tháng trước
  • Opened this benchmark up today to see what my 2060 will get... saw tha Jay's already up to 29737 as of 11th October

    Dr. JayDr. JayTháng trước
  • That consideration of Paul man... LoL

    Mirko GrecoMirko GrecoTháng trước
  • like they say whatever u think u r good at smth there is aisan guy who is better than u 31k score...

    ABN -DARAAABN -DARAATháng trước
  • I am enjoying all the going back and forth - it's great content. In my opinion, this is better than just reviews and what-nots. I am getting an actual working prototype of how to push the cards to their maximum limits without LN2.

    Vince AdameVince AdameTháng trước
  • What mouse is he using? h a t m o u s e i s h e U s i n g ?

    Bradley RobbinsBradley RobbinsTháng trước
  • What mouse is he using?

    Bradley RobbinsBradley RobbinsTháng trước
  • Two ideas from an outside perspective. Use a wort chiller instead of a radiator. Split the line before the GPU's to feed them both fresh cold water.

    David GuenthnerDavid GuenthnerTháng trước
  • if Linus was to participate in this he would have a score of 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 on bench

    EzohSZNEzohSZNTháng trước
  • Or connect the AC cooler - the evaporator directly to the cooling water - or the evaporator to the CPU.

    Stefan KolbeStefan KolbeTháng trước
  • Take a look at der 8auer - he uses fresh water, so the hot water never goes back to the bucket. The idea: use fresh water cool it in the bucket with ice - use the ice water as the reservoir for the pump. Fill up the bucket with cold fresh water. So hot water gets down the drain.

    Stefan KolbeStefan KolbeTháng trước
  • Are you going to start recording your videos in 60FPS soon? :-o

    ShamblerDKShamblerDKTháng trước
  • you know you use the bath of ice water why not use an aquarium chiller and use automotive waterless coolant as can go colder than water

    SteveSteveTháng trước
  • is it just me or is that minecraft music in the background?

    Puspendu MishraPuspendu MishraTháng trước
  • Nvdia is auto OC one of the cards. Alt Z turn off auto or rescan it to calibrating got both at OC @JayzTwoCents

    Emilio ObergEmilio ObergTháng trước
  • What a mess.

    Jonathan DayJonathan DayTháng trước
  • Jay if you want higher scores you need to use the Tuff Cards!!! they have consistently been the higher performer in many if not all reviews,adding ice water to them or even ln2 will just make them even better!!

    james timmonsjames timmonsTháng trước
  • KINGPIN ever defeated? Ever?

    Anthony NAnthony NTháng trước
  • Run tubing on the intake and outlet of that pump so that the pump isn't dissipating heat into the water. Gotta max out every bit of cooling, right??

    Frank FerdinandFrank FerdinandTháng trước
  • Water cooling a water cooler

    TraventineTraventineTháng trước
  • I think the best bit of new card launch is watching jay getting his arse kicked by Steve

    tomy ttomy tTháng trước
  • Here is the best gpu on the market, so now, how can we make it faster...

    Neo NatalNeo NatalTháng trước
  • 0:37 “customizable subtle lighting” bruh I better hope the display isn’t subtle

    Josh JonesJosh JonesTháng trước
  • 12:50 Condensation doesn't happen unless your blocks go below dewpoint, which is already lowered by the AC blowing cool and dry air. There's no magic to condensation.

    jaketusjaketusTháng trước
  • Just imagine if these cards was available for the general public

    sheldon ricesheldon riceTháng trước
  • Lol that steve head

    Justin'caseJustin'caseTháng trước
  • build a room, air-tight, air-cooler to -20 degree. setup it with dry environment. At least the motherboard, memory, HDD and psu are cool/coooooler.. that will give few percentage higher performance.. then connect the CPU, GPU to ice-water cooler (that will drop to another -10 degree). So much works just to win , so that i can watch youtube with a smile...

    ryan ooiryan ooiTháng trước
  • i also plan to SLI the future 3090 (when i can have two), and use thx sound system to watch .... youtube

    ryan ooiryan ooiTháng trước
  • this viveo is useless if you have the money to through away for an RTX 3090 SLI because you can buy the best cooling system there is. this viveo is ALSO useless for the people who can't afford to buy RTX 3090 SLI. sorry for telling the truth. and please you dont need to tell me about the procedure. it is still useless

    badspy100badspy100Tháng trước
  • Two rtx 3090 is crazy

    # Baja95# Baja95Tháng trước
  • I love watching all this stuff about the new 30 series....it just pisses me off that I cannot for the life of me get one! I'm in South Africa and I've heard that we will probably only get access by early next year. So, Jay, all these videos leave a sort of bitter taste in my mouth and make me feel like a man n a dingy dying of thirst while surrounded by water.

    Klaus GrablerKlaus GrablerTháng trước
  • You have to overclock the AC obviously

    VincentVincentTháng trước
  • make an alcohol and dry ice cooler build

    William MillerWilliam MillerTháng trước
  • What a load of rubbish, complete waste of time.

    265petsar265petsarTháng trước
  • 14:45 epic

    4D4N4D4NTháng trước
  • Two words. PAPER .LAUNCH.

    pR1malpR1malTháng trước
  • *why no water with.......... SALT ?*

    BartBartTháng trước
  • put a little cooler as a back rigidity suport , if it fits

    florin adrianflorin adrianTháng trước
  • Jay needs the Steve wig again!

    Eric CopelandEric CopelandTháng trước
  • Have you ever thought about getting a saltwater fish tank chiller to cool the water instead of ice? We use them to chill the water in reef systems to cool the water furring the summer months. You might be able to skip the rad and just let the chiller cool the water straight.

    Daniel SzyprowskiDaniel SzyprowskiTháng trước
  • Have you ever considered using a sheet metal for the shroud?

    Andrew LandsverkAndrew LandsverkTháng trước
  • You got it! :0

    Jo JosephJo JosephTháng trước
  • So I was comparing your results to K|ngp|n's (I know he's on LN2), and here are the 3 things I noticed. 1. He had 2445MHz compared to your 2,205MHz. Cooler temperatures are the difference. 2. His CPU was at a 6GHz clock speed, I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but that's what I noticed. 3. If it's correct in it's readings, you had a 3 degree (Celsius) difference in average temperatures, yours being lower.

    CandyBarCandyBarTháng trước
    • Not sure if this helps with anything, but I'm rooting for you!

      CandyBarCandyBarTháng trước
  • Is this the idiot that was blaming the pos caps for the 3080s crashing? Spreading misinformation and causing people to cancel there orders bc hes a dumbass? I bet he even deleted the video. Rip Jay

    bajafishtacobajafishtacoTháng trước
  • Is Paul your friend? It look like you don't care. Your being evil to Paul because there was no need to say that we let Paul joining in. Being evel in front of 2.83 million people. Very bad But outher then that a very good competition. Just be more nice to each outher. I watch all of your videos. All ways looking for exciting videos and not evil video's against each other. videos. Thank you keep up the good work

    FlamezZ RocksFlamezZ RocksTháng trước
  • All those parts on the shelf got my 1060 and 4690k jealous

    Gavin HelmsGavin HelmsTháng trước
  • I remember when people put thermal paste on CPU's to cool them off. If you people cannot get any, with some fresh mint toothpaste I personally think you should be done inside the scoreboard... forever.

    Mauricio MartinezMauricio MartinezTháng trước
  • You all need to grow up, and forget the (small) size of your penis. It's computer equipment - it's not life.

    Cockney JohnCockney JohnTháng trước
  • so your saying you have a flat blown out o ring ;O lol

    Micheal KroeckelMicheal KroeckelTháng trước
  • So is the cooler master air maker 8 a bad cooler Jay? I bought one based on your previous review.

    MSFerrari248F1MSFerrari248F1Tháng trước
  • You most to overclock here viworld.info/rock/video/0o570piypWGrp6s.html

    علي الشاميعلي الشاميTháng trước
  • Jay should also try salting the ice...it melts faster, but more colder.

    TodesgeberTodesgeberTháng trước