Don't panic sell your GPUs just yet... Or you might be sorry

14 Th09, 2020
795 753 lượt xem

There has been a LOT of discussion lately about 2080ti and whether or not to sell it or not... so lets talk about it.
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  • Indeed, no need to panic-sell your cards. :) - a GTX 1080 Ti owner PS: See you in a few years when newer RTX chipsets are unleashed...

    ZeHoSmusicianZeHoSmusician3 ngày trước
  • So glad I kept my Asus ROG Strix White edition 2080 Super. I was honestly thinking about selling it before launch then getting a 3080. Fast forward 3 months later after launch and you STILL cant get a 3080 without scalpers anyway. I'll keep my 2080S for a while. I still get great performance.

    S1D3winder017S1D3winder0179 ngày trước
  • As a moron who bought the Oculus Quest 1 a couple of months before the 2 was released and for MORE than the 2 released at...I wish I could have no regrets about not waiting as per your advice. But it hurts!

    HeelTaker7HeelTaker714 ngày trước
  • if anyone wants to sell their 1080, Ill give them $200 CAD right now.

    LittleRainGamesLittleRainGames23 ngày trước
  • Can you please give your input for the people who bought the 2080 super? It was $650 vs the $1400 2080 TI when I bought it, the 3070 use case is much more relevant to 2080 super owners in terms of price to performance

    Andrew TuckerAndrew Tucker24 ngày trước
  • As a gt 780 owner i would recommend you to panic sell

    99 kr99 kr25 ngày trước
  • Nice asus rog makes best components

    KingvoakahustlaKingvoakahustla26 ngày trước
  • *In Deutschland we have a extreme nicely doing testcompany for computerstuff, actually had, till 2013. I dont know how it is in the US, but when "grafikkarten test" is setting a refenence point at the 3080 with the best mark 1,0 and right after that the 2080ti with a rating of 'only' 1,7 , what means its just good, not very good, just good, and everything below that is far away from 2,0, what means for me, like somewhen in school, a 3,0 is just ok for getting no punishment from my partens, what also means the 2080turbo is just "ok" for not getting punished.... shitty school system, we need another rating scale.

    BAD LSBAD LS28 ngày trước
  • After saying beauty, look right after the camera switch at your chin. You let it vibrate, im a man, but that turns me on... lol 1:45

    BAD LSBAD LS28 ngày trước
  • Hmm, I don't even play games... So I'm fine with my Founder's Edition 2070 Super...

    EkarosEkarosTháng trước
  • Please dump your 20 series cards. Just em off at my place! Sincerely, A 960 owner.

    Austin EAustin ETháng trước
  • What I find Amazing is how many dumb people that bought a new 2000 series Video card and then cry about the price difference on the 3000 series.. 1.The 2000 series was 50-70% higher in price.... Idiots still bought! 2. The 2000 series was barely higher on performance from 1080.. Yet dumb people still bought!!! 3. RTX.. (Ray tracing) was a selling point for the 2000 cards, yet it was new to NVIDIA and was its first attempt at a new design and architecture (Smart people Know to wait when this happens to see how it all goes.. usually about 6months to get good Public feed back...( Ray Tracing isn't new by any means, but hardware for the everyday person on a PC.. Well this wasn't possible years ago. Only on Graphics design computers ect. Truth is most people that bought the 2000 series cards should have no right to complain! You bought on Hype and impulse no matter what the price was.. STOP crying!! You're not the first and wont be the last... ** DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Then buy !!! I mean from day 1 this 2000 series when first exposed had a (We screwed you clause) written all over it! and sure I'll get Thumbs down but those are the pissed of Foil hat wearing Sheeple..

    tomtomTháng trước
  • me happy with my 2070 super and great performance. Seriously I don't know what I would do with more performance if I had a 3080, maybe run all titles at 120fps consistently? wait that actually sounds really nice, uh oh.

    Crazy NoobCrazy NoobTháng trước
  • I need a FE edition for my small form factor but that looks impossible in Australia they're not available here at all. Not even listed as sold out, store were never able to order and you can't buy them direct from Nvidia. I'll be looking at what AMD has to offer.

    Commander ZiNCommander ZiNTháng trước
  • should i buy the 3080 or get the 2080 and wait some time until the second gen comes out?

    Mathys BonvinMathys BonvinTháng trước
  • Well you did warn us, but i sold by 1080 SLI and placed an 1050 hoping to buy an 3080 at launch day. Worst decision ever.

    unST0PableEunST0PableETháng trước
  • sticking with my 2060 for another year or 2 then going with a 300 series card.

    ZT Aquatics and ExoticsZT Aquatics and ExoticsTháng trước
  • I'll still keep my 2080ti for a while. And at the time I'll upgrade, I either give that card to my nephew or upgrade my second rig I use for editing.

    Orange BlackOrange BlackTháng trước
  • If I can get my hands on a 3070 or the best "Big Navi" card, only then will I sell my RTX 2070 Super. Selling before a new release isn't worth it when you don't even own the new card yet.

    NoLifeReviewsNoLifeReviewsTháng trước
  • What's going to happen to the price of the lesser gpu's such as the RX5700XT, or the GTX1660 Ti or Super?

    Leslie BulyakiLeslie BulyakiTháng trước
  • Finding those TIs for $550 is almost as hard as finding 3000 series right now unfortunately.

    Forest PatiernoForest PatiernoTháng trước
  • Jay, do you think an i7 5960x @ 4.5 running a 3440x1440 screen would bottle neck a 3080

    AirWolfAirWolfTháng trước
  • Gonna buy the 2080 ti next month. The 1080's are dropping like hot cakes

    Ramon MartinezRamon MartinezTháng trước
  • Buying a 2060 and then a few months later a 3070

    FayaFayaTháng trước
  • I want a 3070 or 3080 but then I'm still using a 1050ti and its been an amazing card But I have the means to Do a big upgrade by building a whole new system and I want to future proof it as much as possible while I can so i'll skip the 20 series if i can help it.

    starhaven321starhaven321Tháng trước
  • An overclocked 2080ti is only 25% slower than a 3080...what we are speaking about?

    Michal TurlikMichal TurlikTháng trước
  • 750 is what 2080ti are going for in my area

    fearlessreviewfearlessreviewTháng trước
  • Upgraded from a GTX 780 to a 2080ti for 550 from some guy. He said he was getting a 3080 soon...

    Wasteland ManWasteland ManTháng trước
  • Well if the new car you're talking about is priced less that what you bought a month ago...that shit just doesn't make sense ....let's say I bought a 2020 car for 29,000 last month and a 2021 model came out the following month that is price for 20,000 well shit Yeh I think I got ripped off( mind you that shit never happens in the automotive world)

    Daryl MellizaDaryl MellizaTháng trước
  • I finally decided to upgrade my pretty meh 2-3 year old PC. too bad they're sold out and not I'll have to wait months before a 3080 is available again.

    Jakharr Vinta/VoryoMTGJakharr Vinta/VoryoMTGTháng trước
  • Still people asking 800-1000 for 2080tis is ridiculous

    Concept WizConcept WizTháng trước
  • Don't look at your 2080ti's as a rip off, they're still good. BUT! I WILL point and laugh from 3080 town until someone passes by with a double 3080 set up and points and laughs at me... ;_; I'm pretty sure I read a web comic along these lines XD

    Besaid KnightBesaid KnightTháng trước
  • All paperweights gratefully accepted!

    Lee LitchfieldLee LitchfieldTháng trước
  • Why are people saying the 2080ti is a obsolete paperweight? There are still some people like me using a gtx 645....I know, I build is a dinosaur.

    Matthew GarnoMatthew GarnoTháng trước
  • All I play is rust with my 2080ti I'd like to see how rust eats the 30 series cards being the full optimized game it is

    Tony GodseyTony GodseyTháng trước
  • Me, who runs a 1060 borrowed from a friend: You have no power here.

    SoreonSoreonTháng trước
  • People with 2080s should skip a generation and go 4 the 4080 then it comes in future.

    Robert GullbergRobert GullbergTháng trước
  • I'm really looking forward to... some point in the future when I can buy the 3080 to replace my 1080.

    Matthew PokoraMatthew PokoraTháng trước
  • i want to buy a 3070 founders edition on launch but i dont know if i should

    Mark MaurerMark MaurerTháng trước
  • Since Im still moving in to a new place and my computer is in storage... im not sure what I have in it. BUT im pretty sure a 20TI would be an upgrade for me.

    toorimakuntoorimakunTháng trước
  • Hi Jay, please sell me one of your 3080's man. I went against your advise and went ahead sold my 1080 ti. Stuck with IGPU until January, I can't wait that long

    Kevin De SmetKevin De SmetTháng trước
  • I am still running my my GTX 1060 3Gb on low settings and doing well, I am gonna hold off.

    Cross Fire Guy 77Cross Fire Guy 77Tháng trước
  • Ok

    HackedHackedTháng trước
  • This was great. I built my one and only gaming rig back in 2016-2017 and sold it before I moved. I had the gtx 970 ssc and intel i5 4690k. I spent around 1300 total, just had 8 gigs of ddr3 and a 1 tb storage. really nothing crazy, but I loved it. It would be great to see what I could build for around that, maybe a little more today and I don't know if I should wait or what to do really!

    Benji MeeksBenji MeeksTháng trước
  • It's a catch here!!! Im talking from a blender artist point of view. Blender now support nvlink for gpu rendering. Only 3090 has nvlink support. If u need more than 10gb off vram you don't have any choice than rendering on cpu and this suck. For rendering in blender cycles i think the best buget is two 2070 super now that the prices are going down. You will be able to render at decent times with 16 gb of ram via nvlink

    stroe alexandrustroe alexandruTháng trước
  • I sold my GTX 1080ti for $500 CAD (which i suppose was reasonable price to get for it, I paid $800 for it) i wanted to switch to 1440p or maybe even 4k gaming with the new RTX 3080 and I fully regret it now. I was worried that my beloved 1080ti would suddenly drop drastically down in value with the launch of the 3080. Now I have to suffer with my old GTX 1050 while i wait months to get any card thanks to all the bots. Guess ill be enjoying the great outdoors this holiday. sigh

    curtis findlaycurtis findlayTháng trước
  • I. HAVE. NO. PATIENCEEEEEE. Lolol I need a 3080

    SkivysSkivysTháng trước
  • I am going to run my 1650 and be happy. P. S. I am not a gamer.

    ardith conleyardith conleyTháng trước
  • I Still have a 980Ti and can play closely anything at max settings at 1440p :-D I Would like to buy a 3080, but how if there isn´t one at stock. Here in Germany most Shops increased the price around 200€. Let´s see what AMD have to show is this year, if the leaks are right, those Card will be very Good.

    SuperCrysiscoreSuperCrysiscoreTháng trước
    • If your happy with less than 60fps sure.

      Salt MakerSalt MakerTháng trước
  • the 2080ti is an unsual ripoff. Selling it for over 500 is a good decision without exception.

    DuoXDuoXTháng trước
  • Im not buying the 30 series. Ima trt and get a 2080 ti for 350-450$

    KillThatBeast GamingKillThatBeast GamingTháng trước
    • That ship has sailed pumpkin, you had that chance weeks ago.

      Salt MakerSalt MakerTháng trước
  • You'd want to be insane to sell a 2080 ti, it's good for the next 3-5 years

    PeterSellers22PeterSellers22Tháng trước
  • Should i give my gtx 1070 to my daughter?

    J FRAMEJ FRAME2 tháng trước
  • I have a 1060 so I’m just waiting and saving for the 3070 to be out. Might go for a camping trip to Micro Center....

    GetOutTheGoopGetOutTheGoop2 tháng trước
  • I saw miners trying to humiliate people in order to buy cards cheap.

    Denver MorganDenver Morgan2 tháng trước
  • Me watching this video still with a GTX 1050 😂

    Genaral ShactacgooseGenaral Shactacgoose2 tháng trước
  • Such the heart of a teacher.

    Ruger BRuger B2 tháng trước
  • can you give me one of these paper weights please :D

    DoubleH4EDoubleH4E2 tháng trước
  • Or wait for big Navi

    PeterPeter2 tháng trước
  • big like for your beauty

    HulkHollow /No00Bs_GoDHulkHollow /No00Bs_GoD2 tháng trước
  • i got the 2080ti a month ago on sale, despite knowing the new cards were gonna come out, i just didnt think they would be as cheap as the 2080ti i picked up, but if i were to upgrade once more i would buy the 3090 and what with some of them being terribly built the only ones i would realistically buy are the Asus ROG or the TUF ones and they cost about $2900 to $3200 here in AUS so no i think i’m good.

    REVI7970REVI79702 tháng trước
  • GTX 650 Ti here, sell away, but I need to build a whole new computer as well, but still running the games I play!

    Historical MomentsHistorical Moments2 tháng trước
  • I bought a used 2080 ti rog strix for a stupid (good) deal, to buy myself some time to see how systems and pc parts look over the next year, and to wait out the inevitable demand. (Shit, for months people couldn't even get a switch, the 30 series is either never going to be in stock, or never going to be at the price they announced it for.) People are complaining about price per dollar, and how it was a marginal improvement, but I'm still completely blown away by the performance this card is offering. Seeing all of the new benchmarks, I think i made a smart decision (for now, at least)

    Kyle SeeleyKyle Seeley2 tháng trước
  • you only say that so you can keep more 3080 and 3070's for you

    sergio hgsergio hg2 tháng trước
  • Man all I see are $700 to $1000 dollar used 2080TI's on eBay. New ones are $2000!! Am I missing something?!?!?

    Mr. IncredabullMr. Incredabull2 tháng trước
  • I always leap frog the cards. Im running a 1080ti.

    Philip SheppardPhilip Sheppard2 tháng trước
  • Used RTX2080TI are not cheap on Egay anyway, the cheapest one runs for 700 euros, I decided not to buy a used one that I have no idea how long it has been running or is still working, I threw instead 390 euros more to get a brand new KFA2.

    moi toimoi toi2 tháng trước
  • I will get a 580 RTX video card.

    Paul RobinsonPaul Robinson2 tháng trước
  • Nvidia wants to flood the market with RTX cards.

    Poofy PoofPoofy Poof2 tháng trước
  • Sold my 2080, finger crossed as I am waiting for a 3080 allocation. Should receive my Odyssey G9 this week. I feel stupid...

    Francois DionneFrancois Dionne2 tháng trước
  • You're literally swimming in graphics cards Jay, can I buy one?

    DreynessDreyness2 tháng trước
  • I will just get the 2080 and save me some money as i am using a 1050TI now I do not need the latest and greats i just want it to play the games that i do play and play them very well

    Scott BrandtScott Brandt2 tháng trước
  • Whatever the decison is, you can't bet on getting more money back. I am thinking upgrading my second, older box and i wonder what to put in. Getting a 3080? Needs more saving. An 2080TI for Less then 500? Since the 3070 will come, i will wait more.

    Quattro BajeenaQuattro Bajeena2 tháng trước
  • I sold my 1070 for a 2070. Only paid 320 for it. I think it's worth it. I'll upgrade to a 30 series card after next summer. Not really in a rush to get it. I did try and get a 3080 and 3090 but of course I couldn't. So I'm waiting patiently until next summer

    jd91dixonjd91dixon2 tháng trước
  • I got a rog strix 1080ti back in march used for £475 posted wish i waited but iam still happy and iam still on a 1080p 75hz moniter so its good enough for me

    daz pattzdaz pattz2 tháng trước
  • That car analogy is terrible if anything, they’re more comparable to new phones lol

    Bruno VazquezBruno Vazquez2 tháng trước
  • Me with a 5th gen non UHD i5: *ill take your obsolete paperweight*

    PaskiesPaskies2 tháng trước
  • Yea if u have a 2080ti maby not upgrade. But if you are building a pc i think might be worth it to try get 3070

    JohnJohn2 tháng trước
  • Got mine as corsair one, hopefully they'll have an upgrade kit..

    ktm imktm im2 tháng trước
  • If you really want to know what I am going to do, I am going to upgrade my FX-CPU, mobo, and DDR3 memory first to Zen! Then replace my 8600GT. Nice Tom Baker quotes by the way even if you are not a Whovian.

    Pete NielsenPete Nielsen2 tháng trước
  • marority of people are braindead

    Hermes TrismegistusHermes Trismegistus2 tháng trước
  • I still use 13 years old GPU

    Rajib KCRajib KC2 tháng trước
  • Still rocking my 1080ti. love it!

    Gianluca MostoGianluca Mosto2 tháng trước
  • Holy shit though, I still just use my regular ass 2080 and I'm happy with it. People are nuts.

    Ch33seWeaselCh33seWeasel2 tháng trước
  • you are absolutely right. People just think they can rip people off and offer $500 for their TI's and go out and pick up a 3080. I panic sold mine of ebay for $850 last Wednesday and I currently am without a GPU due to the high demand of the 3080's. luckily I had my GTX 1660TI in storage to get me by but it is quite upsetting.

    TJ JamisonTJ Jamison2 tháng trước
  • I've been waiting since March (when the lockdown started) to get my new parts built including a 2080ti oc i got from Ebay £500 cheaper as an ex showroom card from Palit. I'll do the same for a 3090. I'd rather be on the safe side and wait until Nvidia throws out some updates and get more bang for my buck.

    Solar Powered ManSolar Powered Man2 tháng trước
  • What I'm doing is sticking with my FX4300and GTX 970. Can't remember if it's a TI.

    Grant HarperGrant Harper2 tháng trước
  • Phil's laugh always made my day lmao

    Rizky Hadi FelaniRizky Hadi Felani2 tháng trước
  • i was able to sell my 2080 Super @600 , i have a 1060 laptop to last me until 3080 20 gb

    HuevitoHuevito2 tháng trước
  • 2080Ti is junk.... RIP, the new king has come ... if anyone just wants to throw away their 2080ti, please put it in my bag, i take them for free. anyways, i repeat...ITS JUNK. Just give it to me for free , please.

    Works In GameWorks In Game2 tháng trước
  • Sell your nvidia card and buy amd.. why? Nvidia = scaming.

    MakeSh00tMakeSh00t2 tháng trước
  • I will just keep the 2080-TI I seen no reason to upgrade unless i suddenly become addicted to some game that it just wont support... and that seems very unlikely given the marginal performance boost of the new cards.

    Allen FoglesonAllen Fogleson2 tháng trước
  • Hi i would like to buy some cheap motherboard + CPU + GPU + RAM + PSU just to play cyberpunk 2077 on Minimum and after 1 year or max 2 upgrade my rig to play it in MAx. What would be the best way? I would like to buy used parts to save money for later upgrades. I think i need good motherboard and PSU for now and 8GB of good ram then i will add morre 8gb later. I dont care about CPU and GPU i just need lowest settings in cyberpunk and best price to achieve this. What used parts should i look at? What motherboard should i buy? Should it be AMD 5x/Intel 4x series with PCIe4.0 or will it be ok to have AMD 4x/Intel 3x series motherboards ? I heard that new cards are working ok on PCIe 3.0 so it means i dont need super new Motherboard to later upgrade the system. Or maybe the best way is buy everything worse now and replace all components later? Is it better to take procesor/motherboard with overclocking possibilities or stay with stock? Thanks for help

    FreeKanalFreeKanal2 tháng trước
  • Lokal ebay is exploding with 2080ti s ... for an apple and n egg ^^ Omg ppl are manipulated cows these really hurts.

    Die_MaulquappeDie_Maulquappe2 tháng trước
  • Ive only heard people talk about upgrading from 9 series or 20 series. Well i have a 10 series card. My 1070 is alright but maybe I just want to play rtx minecraft okay. My question is whether rtx is worth the price per performance this generation. I also have a 180hz panel and very few of my 3d games surpass 120fps on my current setup. eg outer worlds avg at 100fps. So i am considering upgrading because of that too.

    beebaitbeebait2 tháng trước
  • chillin with my RX5700 XT

    KevinKevin2 tháng trước
  • Me:Watches Jay and then looks at pc My pc: bruh you got a 2060 super this video ain't for you Me: nods in 1080p

    Nichael HernandezNichael Hernandez2 tháng trước
  • Trying to get my hands in a 3080 and building a 2nd PC with my current 1080ti and old 9700K

    Efrain AgostoEfrain Agosto2 tháng trước
  • I don’t know why anyone would sell their only card before getting a new one... I get it but if you can’t outright by one then wait til you can. I’m just waiting on them to be available and prolly keep my old card if I build another Pc or just have it in case some BS

    BarewellBarewell2 tháng trước
  • They only found it worth that money because they did not understand the effect the new consoles were going to make on the market. They are now trying to pawn off that mistake for more than what you can (at some point) get 3080 for.

    Bodyshot JakeBodyshot Jake2 tháng trước