Building a custom loop for Dry Ice... IMPROVED!

13 Th06, 2020
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We were SO close to success that I had to make another attempt at our Closed Loop Dry Ice Cooling setup and see if I could beat our old scores... Have we gone too far?
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  • Use everclear, the cleaning booze

    derek1212derek12124 ngày trước
  • this is what happens when a psycho has access to a credit card and a science license

    stevesteve5 ngày trước
  • build a pc inside a mini fridge/freezer. expensive but effective.... hehehehe

    Thomas HognoThomas Hogno9 ngày trước
  • Something that would be cool to see is if he could use a compressor from a refrigerator and integrate that into pc cooling

    joe stembergerjoe stemberger10 ngày trước
  • I just built my first pc and hand picked everything myself with little experience, and turns out NZXT agrees, the page made me essentially the same pc with a different case

    Devo UchihaDevo Uchiha13 ngày trước
  • Van hou kust make a video of iFixit? The one with all The explosions Will do great. My GF wont watch this full episode...

    HumanalienHumanalien16 ngày trước
  • Does jay have a streaming channel? Would love to see him and Phil play Kerbal

    ErikgasmErikgasm16 ngày trước
  • Have you tried using exotic car coolant. It shouldn't hurt the pump or hoses because its designed for use with steel, aluminum, and plastic.

    Pete The WelderPete The Welder19 ngày trước
  • Scientist "I don't have a 'science license', but I do have a PhD in Physics." Jay " *sighs* Fine, I guess that'll do."

    Kindle JenderKindle Jender24 ngày trước
  • Know this is months old...but why not try dry ice in alcohol in the loop. You wont have the freezing or flow problem and have much much lower coolant temps.

    Wesley RasnickWesley Rasnick26 ngày trước
  • Can try the car antifreeze water coolant

    7invi7invi29 ngày trước
  • Thermal transfer heavily relies on surface area, so yes a thicker block doesn't help but the more metal that comes in contact with the liquid will transfer more heat to the water.

    Matthew LudwigMatthew LudwigTháng trước
  • I just thought of this but if you ran coils through a mini freezer, you wouldn't need constant Ice to add to it

    danielninjamandanielninjamanTháng trước
  • ''Im just sooo happyyyyy'' What the actuall fudge was that voice Jayz?

    MacKnightMacKnightTháng trước

    MacKnightMacKnightTháng trước
  • VIworld and their 2 unskipable ads is getting annoying ngl

    Peter ParkourPeter ParkourTháng trước
  • hi jay circulate the water in the bucket dose increase thermal transfer and hot poket check out that kind of counterflow chiller for beer cooling and chillers nice project!

    Yoav FreundYoav FreundTháng trước
    • and add a in line thermostat so you know the cooling temp of probe next to cpu touching the heat sink

      Yoav FreundYoav FreundTháng trước
  • Haha Popcorn Sutton would be rolling in his grave watching u use this cooper coil for cooling instead of moonshining lol

    Bill FiskilisBill FiskilisTháng trước
  • When homebrewing and computer shenanigans collide

    Bob NolanBob NolanTháng trước
  • if i have a loop the size of the ocean, will it ever reach max temp?

    Henrique BertuolHenrique BertuolTháng trước
  • I know I'm late to the comment party and this may have been mentioned, but a counter flow wort chiller design (used for rapid cooling wort for beer) could help with water flow over the copper piping. Its essentially coper tubing w/in a high heat hose.

    Mike MartelliMike MartelliTháng trước
  • #unjanky

    j Nunleyj NunleyTháng trước
  • So....when is the build for a Nuclear device?

    NevrsaydieNevrsaydieTháng trước
  • "adding additional water only slows equilibrium"... Theres zero reason for more water without additional cooling.... Bleed and use a automotive honda radiator(seriously, like a 88-91') and put a 8-10in box fan as its quieter and easy 12v... YOU HAVE TO BLEED YOUR LINES.... AFTER LINES ARE BLED pump should work with more normal effort. Putting your cooling source like external radiators lower help by using thermodynamics to facilitate its own current. . Technically using a automotive radiator like a honda (88-91) or acura(90-93) will allow you to modify either the top channel OR a large hose to use a inline pump with ease. If cutting top channel it can be sealed with a modified cpvc pipe(cpvc is rated for highier temps) . Combine this with your ac.. dude.. it might actually then be up to half assed level of cooling. . Honestly alot of your planning and engineering is flawed from the start.. Its still a entertaining watch ect.. but really so much wasted effort vs creating a one way chamber utilizing all the flowing air by a massive radiator like said automotive type being pushed/pulled by a high cfm high static pressure fan. like a 8in 600+cfm inline or a 1200cfm variable dc.... Used in conjuction with a portable ac it would then actually be effective without creating condensation.... . . . If you honestly want the coolest temps.. you need only look at the planet. Use the fkn ground, in all seriousness. Its nothing new.

    ZomPaulZomPaulTháng trước
  • I think the guy from Tech Ingredients could come up with something epic!!!

    The Daily HalliganThe Daily HalliganTháng trước
  • One word, everclear.

    Vladimir Putin on a stickVladimir Putin on a stickTháng trước
  • Love the ksp refernece

    Epic BroEpic BroTháng trước
  • 5:00 Damn, that's a nice coil (forgot proper name) for alcohol production... 6:45 exactly!!x))

    Dmitry SviridovDmitry SviridovTháng trước
  • 9:09 jay when its gets wet maybe its time to see if we can start drying it up and kids this is how mommy and daddy made you haha

    ShaneeyShaneeyTháng trước
  • LMFAO what did we win?!

    Darian WydraDarian WydraTháng trước
  • Put a bypass valve that can go trough a normal air cooled rad to warm up the water in the loop and keep the water liquid

    Zander le grangeZander le grangeTháng trước
  • I really hope you guys do this again! Very interesting and informative

    vKILLZ0NEvvKILLZ0NEvTháng trước
  • This was only 3 months ago????

    theqrokztheqrokzTháng trước
  • it looks like sunkist

    TheAVJ2TheAVJ22 tháng trước
  • For cooling the coil with water, all you need is water drippng in to the bucket by the way.

    zer00rdiezer00rdie2 tháng trước
  • Pump antifreeze mixture instead of pure water

    Larry ByrdLarry Byrd2 tháng trước
  • Perhaps next spin you try something like a stainless counterflow wort chiller like something from Nor____n Br__er. it would be a bit more organized for two closed loops of fluid in a cooling bucket but, not nearly as much fun. Hot side top-down flow, chill fluid bottom-up flow.

    StevenEricFisherStevenEricFisher2 tháng trước
  • NZXT's BLD is the simplest way to get a...NZXT's BLD is the simplest way to get a...NZXT's BLD is the simplest way to get a... Quick someone tap Jay, he's skipping!

    AndyAndy2 tháng trước
  • Can you use alcohol

    Leonard CrossLeonard Cross2 tháng trước
  • Warning comment may contain redundancy... you could use a pi to manage a motor to release a certain amount of dry ice. I understand the irony a computer just to cool a computer

    Gregory SmithGregory Smith2 tháng trước
  • using alcohol would have alleviated ALL your problems here, just use expendable parts

    TheHarleyEvansTheHarleyEvans2 tháng trước
  • What if you added iso alcohol to the solution to keep the glycol from freezing?

    n rn r2 tháng trước
  • this rig probably makes great ice cream!

    Happy TrailsHappy Trails2 tháng trước
  • You should be able to use kerosene (yes I am serious) as a coolant. Pre-chill the kerosene with dry ice in a insulated container to solidify and separate out any residual waxes before filling you loop with it. Use a high flow aquarium pump, and don't bother with placing a can in the middle of the coil. don't bother with a secondary loop you don't need it.

    sean journotsean journot2 tháng trước
  • A lot of people think cooling is making something cold when it fact it is taking the energy in this case heat away from something. There is literally no such thing as cold there is only less warm. So the best coolant is the one that absorbs as much heat as possible and and looses it as quickly as possible through the radiator.

    Deadrock.TVDeadrock.TV2 tháng trước
  • Man look at poor skunk works back there! When we gunna get a video of you finishing him?

    SnappishMonkeySnappishMonkey2 tháng trước
  • Need a long term version of this

    JOKER • 40 years ago • UpdatedJOKER • 40 years ago • Updated2 tháng trước
  • The Dry Ices bubbles is moveing the water around it when it rises. :)

    Peter ÖrnegrenPeter Örnegren3 tháng trước
  • Sponsor NZXT link not working

    ExtremeMojoExtremeMojo3 tháng trước
  • At -58 you don’t have to specify C or F because it becomes the same at -40

    ErrorCodeErrorCode3 tháng trước
  • You can dry ice my face anytime you want for an Origin Millennium. Hell, you could do it for a plain ol’ 3900x as long as you throw a 2080 something’ in...

    MilSpec_MattMilSpec_Matt3 tháng trước
  • Do you find it difficult when someone you know, and works in the same space as you, makes a video grading your sponsors performance as a company with mostly F's. More specifically the end product and customer service. I understand there's no way to word this without it coming off as inflammatory but I'm just genuinely curious. As a consumer of the content it's an odd feeling seeing the sponsor of someone's video being the subject of another person's video (whom they seem to have a friendly relationship with) where they're exposed for some unprofessional behaviour towards concerned customers and F worthy scores on customer service product satisfaction. I was wondering how the feeling was on the content creator side

    AJ SweeneyAJ Sweeney3 tháng trước
  • You are at the limit of your pumps and flow rates, you need bigger lines or more lines I think. Hmm. Would you be willing to drill and tap that nice water block for 1 inch tubing? Use an electric water pump for a car.

    Casy ChapinCasy Chapin3 tháng trước
  • 16:19 Jay the water on the outside of the copper is going to be stagnant, you still need water flowwing in the bucket but I would just use something like the pond pump not a loop

    uonadtehrrocksuonadtehrrocks3 tháng trước
  • With the copper tube why is the can necessary??

    uonadtehrrocksuonadtehrrocks3 tháng trước
  • No one gonna bring up that awesome shirt!? F*ck yeah, Belle Meade Bourbon! Nashville, TN fellas. (Crash-/Smashville, TN! Wew!) Bourbon shirt and looks like he’s getting ready for a still... hell yeah! Lol

    Adrian M BeardsongAdrian M Beardsong4 tháng trước
  • I love how Jay casually says "NZXT BLD is the simplest way to get a gaming customized PC. NZXT BLD is the simplest way to get a gaming PC customized." It even scripted to

    Donald and DouglasDonald and Douglas4 tháng trước
  • 6:55 Show love to the baby daddy in your life 😁

    MrcutsTVMrcutsTV4 tháng trước
  • "we win! what did we win?" -Jayztwocents 2020

    Zane BabyakZane Babyak4 tháng trước
  • its about surface areas. and dont try to cool a cpu below room temperature. condensation is a bitch. and its unnecessary. insulating the block is a bandaid solution. ideal setup is a thermostatic mixing valve. maintain constant temp through the CPU, mixing with a chilled tank. water not only has better thermal mass than glycol, but it also absorbs the maximum heat at about body temp. was always the way we ran industrial chillers on electronic gear. i have no idea why basic engineering concepts never seem to carry over into IT...

    Muckin 4onMuckin 4on4 tháng trước
  • Why use the can, if you already have the coil? I'm sure that was a one or the other suggestion from the scientist. Edit: Never mind, I didn't know you use a pump for the circulation. I expected a electric drill and a industrial kitchen stirring thing in the bucket.

    Arno nümussArno nümuss4 tháng trước
  • It is an APU, shouldnt you understand this?

    Lars SöderströmLars Söderström4 tháng trước
  • have you looked at " redline water wetter " i use it in my GTR32 to help keep the temps cooler and it works.... drops temps by 10-15' degrees.... i wonder if it would help with PC cooling and heat transfer..... ur an car guy like myself so perhaps take a look into it

    Krash TVKrash TV4 tháng trước
  • Hi sir jay im from Philippines, can i ask for your old gaming pc cause i cant afford.. hehehehehe

    vin toyvin toy4 tháng trước
  • Really awesome Jay went back and improved his experiment like a true inventor! 5.2 ghz is insane for a bucket of antifreeze and water /dry ice! Copper is such a good conductor of heat/cold its why auto radiators were made out of copper for 75 yrs until they figured out how to make aluminum work for a lower cost but giving up some thermal efficiency. It saves automakers a good amount of money per vehicle and shaves a bit of weight which is their other holy grail. Cost and weight are the 2 things they build most of a car around to try to hit crazy regulation figures politicians establish.

    patriotpaulpatriotpaul4 tháng trước
  • Antifreeze?

    The Only Real GamerThe Only Real Gamer4 tháng trước
  • Jay, your Add need fixing, you almost repeat the first line

    Graeme MullerGraeme Muller4 tháng trước
  • For max heat xfer with anti-freeze, you should use 30% gly and 70% water. 50/50 is for max cold protection.

    David MiltonDavid Milton4 tháng trước
  • Imagine a computer with a custom loop where the water wasn't cooled by air it would be totally silent minus the power supply.

    DKTomahawkDKTomahawk4 tháng trước
  • Hey jay. Automotive A/C Refrigerant. If you could turn a CPU water block, into an A/C evaporator. it could get to sub zero temperatures. Not sure how you could rig it up. but i think it's possible. I would LOVE to see this happen. You could even use a regular automotive A/C system, mounted outside the vehicle, and drive the Compressor via an Electric motor, with some large electric fans used for the condenser. This will cause a lot of condensation, but that only verifies how cold it's getting.

    L0rdKull0ssL0rdKull0ss4 tháng trước
    • Or even taking the Refrigeration system out of an actual freezer and turning the water block into the evaporator. probably a lot easier than rigging an automotive system.

      L0rdKull0ssL0rdKull0ss4 tháng trước
  • It’s Fanta :D

    Jacob MartinezJacob Martinez4 tháng trước
  • Back to the Future is the best. Period.

    Tumultuous TenetsTumultuous Tenets4 tháng trước
  • has anyone else though ''hmm denatured alcohol'' or is it just me

    Chris SeddonChris Seddon4 tháng trước
  • *cough*: Isopropyl alcohol becomes increasingly viscous when decreasing temperature and freezes at −89 °C (which is about 10 degrees further than dry ice can go).

    dragade101dragade1015 tháng trước
    • 95% Ethanol is the way to go for this. We use that for chemistry that requires low temperatures. Acetone is even better but won't play nice with the plastic components in the loop. You do have to exercise caution though, can give you frostbite extremely quickly because there's no protective leidenfrost effect from an insulating layer of CO2 gas or nitrogen with LN2.

      XeiXei3 tháng trước
  • Hey JayzTwoCents! Long time commenter, first time viewer... I was watching @8:52 where you got the shop towels around the CPU block. Have you considered borrowing a technique for the space program where dealing with super chilled helium and oxygen tanks of using a foam compound sprayed onto the block to maximize the thermal internal capture and prevent the condensation? Just a thought... Love the channel and the work!

    BrokenBrainGuyBrokenBrainGuy5 tháng trước
  • Having my toes in the amateur car racing build scene I have to say I really enjoy this project and can’t stress how much this looks and sounds exactly like the science and knowledge we always try to evolve and engineer ourselves - Thank you Jay, for some enjoyable watching :)

    KF2NationalKartcrgKF2NationalKartcrg5 tháng trước
  • I noticed you guys still have the windows.exe running when you were only 40 points off cinabench. Why not kill windows GUI interface for some improved performance? Kinda like running it in Linux XD

    David SheltonDavid Shelton5 tháng trước
  • Having more water in the loop does help, and not just because of it taking longer to heat up. If you got enough water it will transfer that heat to the environment meaning you can cool your PC forever that way without water ever becoming too hot. The bad side is that it would take a lot of water, idk the physics but I'm guessing at least a couple of cubic meters of water.

    John SmithJohn Smith5 tháng trước
  • 21:43

    MiniartsMiniarts5 tháng trước
  • Hey there are pumps that can handle lower temps jay.

    GungHoGungHo5 tháng trước
  • Dear JayzTwoCents, I don't have a PHD but I did stay at a holiday in and when I woke up the next day I became a professional AMD overclocker named chew*. Ok not really how it happened but more entertaining just like this content. I enjoyed watching it however now that It interested me we/you can do better. Obviously the simplest way is to remove the cooling loop and use a ln2/DI evaporator however that defeats the purpose of this being fun/sciency. I saw the temps and they are kinda meh but seriously we can do way better. People still have my contact info in the industry even though I am mostly retired so feel free to contact me and we can take this DI water cooling loop to levels reserved for the gods of men no seriously lets just make it much colder.

    Brian MackBrian Mack5 tháng trước
  • Try rakija lol

    Daki gamesDaki games5 tháng trước
    • Rakia dosent froze

      Daki gamesDaki games5 tháng trước

    James ClausenJames Clausen5 tháng trước
  • make a beer brewer inside the pc since u got that nice copper coil

    Steve KaySteve Kay5 tháng trước
  • I love how Jay was channeling his inner Doug E. Fresh at the end of this video... LOL Keep up the work guys! You make me laugh and learn at the same time. Good Stuff!

    Brandon MayerBrandon Mayer5 tháng trước
  • back to the future is the greatest movie triology on the planet lol

    Wade EppersonWade Epperson5 tháng trước
  • if your going to use alcohol use something like Everclear its got such a high percentage of alcohol that its actually illegal in some states to purchase. I would bet that would not freeze.

    02091992able02091992able5 tháng trước
  • Your new cooler looks a lot like an immersion chiller we use in Homebrewing beer. You should take a look at a Plate Chiller (Blichmann is one of the best brands) these work a lot like a radiator with hot liquid flowing in one direction and cold liquid flowing in the other around it (not sure if that makes sense), but they are very fast heat transfer and really good

    Greg MGreg M5 tháng trước
  • Another absolutely silly idea to help eliminate moisture... a vacuum chamber.. create a large sealed vacuum chamber for the MB and components. Otherwise you could always try submerging it in mineral oil or something.. of course those are messy but it's just an idea to keep the moisture from condensing on the MB.

    Thomas CoolidgeThomas Coolidge5 tháng trước
  • Aren't there already some mineral-oil cooling solutions out there? oil has a much lower freeze point than -35°C. According to wikipedia the classic gasoline you recieve at each gasstations goes down to -45°C and there will be much lower temps available.

    Christopher DummerChristopher Dummer5 tháng trước
  • 1m radiator = 0 degree ?

    GiaGia5 tháng trước
  • Diggin that shirt. That’s some good bourbon

    Colin GilmanColin Gilman5 tháng trước
  • How about using acetone for your cooling loop fluid? We used acetone in LN2 for cooling organic chemistry reactions, so acetone in dry ice will be fine as well. The acetone should flow more easily than a glycol and water mixture.

    Ben PhillippsBen Phillipps5 tháng trước
  • Hey Jay, look up plate exchangers. I believe Koolance even manufactures some with g1/4 ports. In HVAC we deal with tons of thermodynamic scenarios and plate exchangers are great for isolating glycol based loops from the water ones.

    OddMarkOddMark5 tháng trước
  • Bro you guys are always doing the most insane experiments this looks like the old moonshine show on discovery Channel lol 😆 😂

    JlawgamingJlawgaming5 tháng trước
  • Sometimes i wonder how working with Jay would be and i think the outro is the perfect answer

    Robin MeermeyerRobin Meermeyer5 tháng trước
  • I'm late but I just wanted to say that I, too, finished watching all 3 Back To The Future movies with my kid. He loved them.

    MaddDogg316MaddDogg3165 tháng trước
  • You could try using a Glycol Beer Cooler for the third attempt. The unit moves glycol through 25 foot lines to chill beer lines.

    Bru2al1ty USABru2al1ty USA5 tháng trước
  • Jay watch this video and see if you can apply this to PC cooling...

    Matt FMatt F5 tháng trước
  • Jay: (Mentions KSP with a reference) *Mission Passed +Respect*

    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer5 tháng trước