AMD 5600X vs Intel 10700k - Mid Range CPU Battle!

10 Th11, 2020
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Our 5600X sample arrived a bit late... but better late than never! Can it beat the Intel i7-10700k?
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  • I think in the end I got the best deal, I got a 9700k for $200 on black Friday.

    AlexAlex9 giờ trước
  • I was going to get a 5600 or 5800 and switch to amd since it zen 3 seems to be better than the amd 3700 but everywhere i looked they were unavailable and then i got on amazon and saw a 10700k for $270 (black Friday sale) and since i already had a z490 (long story) i bought it instead! Very excited. In a few years maybe i will switch to amd if they are still this impressive.

    Corvus 2Corvus 29 giờ trước
  • midrange? compared to what a threadripper?

    Dry FnDry Fn9 giờ trước
  • An i7 10700K and a 5800X are midrange? Lmao wut

    svfutbol20svfutbol2012 giờ trước
  • Can the Dev's for a game code the game towards a certain brand specifically? Code per Intel vs AMD's architectures....?

    Ron TRon T13 giờ trước
  • AMD 5600X all the way.

    HardTarget JimmyHardTarget Jimmy17 giờ trước
  • the reason he didn't compared it with the 10600k os because he does not want Intel to suffer so much I think, because thats what this is targeted to be compared, but its ok , i understand enough of AMD winning right... not at all lol, let AMD smack intel to dust! let AMD crush a superior cpu in the line up because even here i know amd won't disappoint.

    Erwin Amâncio SilvaErwin Amâncio Silva18 giờ trước
  • The difference that count can actually buy a 10700 and the 5600x, if you can find it, is currenly more expensive than the 10700 :) just saying

    Christiaan ThimisterChristiaan Thimister20 giờ trước
  • yea mid range cpu will always be about 200 bucks in my book. wake me up when the 5300x comes out, im not a streamer and i dont render 4k videos everyday, i just wanna game.

    Keegan JohnsonKeegan Johnson21 giờ trước
  • Then there's me who's just about to be given an i5 2500k for my first PC build..

    Alex PryceAlex PryceNgày trước
  • The whole "new cpu, new motherboard with intel, amd stays on AM4" mantra should not be told all the time. Based on that i ordered a new B550 board and cpu to upgrade my aging intel i7 2600K platform. It's black friday, new AMD cpu's are currently made of unobtainium so i order a cheap 2600x CPU to bridge a couple of months until the 5600x is in stock. Guess what, a brand new AM4 B550M board does not work with a freaking older AM4 cpu.... WTF? I mean, with another freaking socket at least i KNOW it does not work..... Screw that for a business practice.

    Jelle SmidJelle SmidNgày trước
  • Don't buy a 6-core cpu in 2020 if you want longevity beyond 3 years.

    CHRoOMAXCHRoOMAXNgày trước
  • rocket lake has the same socket LGA1200 .

    TaZTaZNgày trước
  • intel fanboy

    ruben florentinruben florentinNgày trước
  • Yeah, but I can go to Micro Center and pick up an i7-10700k right now. I did just as much this past weekend for 320 USD. This happened to be my 5-year window for an upgrade. I was willing to switch back to AMD after a decade, but availability is ultimately quite important.

    CarlCarlNgày trước
  • bought the 10700k because it was 300 bucks and 8 core =) since AMD was dreaming when pricing theire 8 core...its Intel again @.@

    Satans AshtraySatans AshtrayNgày trước
  • It's like, If you go for Ryzen what you gain for single core you lose that on multicore.

    Chirag SahuChirag SahuNgày trước
  • I legit don’t think amd did that much better but tdp difference . Intel wrecks this shit chip. Foh with your paid bias.

    S PapaS PapaNgày trước
  • The only reason the i7 won some times is because it has 2 more cores

    Aneesh ChapaAneesh Chapa2 ngày trước
  • Any chance we could get a overclocking guide/walkthrough for those of us that has been on the intel platform for 10-15 years, and are now somewhat confused by AMDs overclocking options on the Zen3? Manual PBO POB Overdrive and so on?

    XermalkXermalk2 ngày trước
  • I'm rocking the 10700k 8 cores 16 threads it's a sweet spot chip the 5600X that's pretty impressive What it can do like really impressive

    Patrick CarrilloPatrick Carrillo2 ngày trước
  • Cyber Monday made the 10700K 200$ cheaper than the 5700X so... I went with Intel.

    Nick DickersonNick Dickerson2 ngày trước
  • So now 400$ is mid...

    KikoblazkoKikoblazko2 ngày trước

    Trent SawgleTrent Sawgle2 ngày trước
  • Literally 30 dollars difference between the 3800X and the 5600X in Europe. I guess for multi-threaded performance you would just go with the Ryzen 7 3800X and not the i7 anyway?

    Tobias Liebst von ObelitzTobias Liebst von Obelitz2 ngày trước
  • You never mention the problems with AMD anything is never-ending.

    ThinkinLincThinkinLinc2 ngày trước
  • AMD, ewwww!

    Ronnie KregarRonnie Kregar2 ngày trước
  • think imma rock my i5-8600k another 2 years then switching to ryzen 5 with a new mobo.. that rtx 3080 maybe coming mid to end 2021

    Flowkom KFlowkom K3 ngày trước
  • here where I live i7 10700k has same price than the ryzen 5600x, for one time intel seems to be the value/performance these time

    rafael sanchezrafael sanchez3 ngày trước
    • in my country Intel is cheaper than amd that is why in my next pc build i'm going for intel even though most of my builds are amd

      max unisomax uniso3 giờ trước
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600x vs Intel i5 10600K. Can you do avideo on that?

    JJ3 ngày trước
  • I think 1080p would be better on 4k monitor..

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigy3 ngày trước
  • dont know why 9700k is cheaper than take 8c/8t over HT...

    CrazycraigyCrazycraigy3 ngày trước
  • Meanwhile I'm still sitting on a brand new 3600 I bought Dec. 2019, cause I intended to build a new system around it, but still haven't. Got it for $168 though ($180 after tax), when it was kinda discounted everywhere for $190, and wasn't it retailing for about $230 or so? Now it's $250 out of stock, or $285 on Amazon? Yikes. The PC parts market makes me sad right now. I really hope things improve after the "worldwide health phenomenon" is over.

    Crush VanderspleenCrush Vanderspleen3 ngày trước
  • The think is, here in Europe the 10700k is 320€ and 5600x is not available at msrp price, they go for over 400€, also the 10700k benefits much more from overclocking, if you compare the CPU's while overclocked, the 10700k is a little better in gaming.

    AdviceBroAdviceBro3 ngày trước
  • This video like all video's here at PAIDCENTS are brought to you by Nvidia with special thanks to Jays BF Jensen Huang

    Scott WhiteScott White3 ngày trước
  • Why did you not compare a $300 10th Gen Intel chip?

    skeets saerskeets saer4 ngày trước
  • 10700k costs more. Better to compare it to a 10600k like many benchmark channels have done.

    wolfmanjacksaidwolfmanjacksaid4 ngày trước
  • amd please stop kicking the dead body I mean cmon now

    Plake PlaysPlake Plays4 ngày trước
  • Trying to put something together for Christmas for my daughter. I think I'm just getting her rocks...

    M KnightM Knight4 ngày trước
    • @M Knight get her a 250$ one. Can still play fortnite and gta. Just not at high fps.

      Antreas KonstantinouAntreas Konstantinou20 giờ trước
    • @down bad voucher?

      M KnightM KnightNgày trước
    • get her a voucher

      down baddown bad2 ngày trước
    • Rockabye

      Watch my Videos, You'll like itWatch my Videos, You'll like it3 ngày trước
  • Specs please?

    saeed alzaabisaeed alzaabi4 ngày trước
  • Stuck in that, microcenter is nearby, and want 5600x but it's out of stock, but 10700k is in stock and only 20 bucks more.

    eastpeterseneastpetersen4 ngày trước
  • 5600X for me, if only it would ever come off pre-order here >..> still can't believe i got a 2070 super shipped half way round the world faster, then i took AMD to fill in the pre-orders. Also where does the echo come from in this video all of a sudden?, never noticed it before.

    Ibahalii *Ibahalii *4 ngày trước
  • the thing is that you can find the i7 but not the ryzen :(

    SGSG4 ngày trước
  • "Mid range" CPU battle! Me looking at me my 6600k "It's okay. Good boy."

    charlene aguirrecharlene aguirre5 ngày trước
    • lol copied comment

      Michael ChoMichael Cho5 ngày trước
  • Intel will revenge in 2021. Sure

    Snack SeeSnack See6 ngày trước
  • By the way 10700kf here is like same price as 5600X, this 5600X is not good choice in moment, If i need choice right now i getting 10700kf because is more cores

    Ukyo82Ukyo826 ngày trước
  • What’s this song though?

    Giovanni RicciardiGiovanni Ricciardi6 ngày trước
  • i would buy a 5600x IF IT WASNT SOLD OUT IN SECONDS :(:(

    Attila PatakiAttila Pataki7 ngày trước
  • why Intel lost can anyone explain? cause in my country the 5600x is expensive than 10700k

    Ryknex's ChannelRyknex's Channel7 ngày trước
  • the space echo doesn't sound so well on our end

    Aj GreenAj Green7 ngày trước
  • Witch is better for music production? fatser cores or more cores? I'm trying to build a pc for both gaming and music production so if a kind soul could help me out with this question it would be really nice!

    William SabourinWilliam Sabourin7 ngày trước
    • 10700k would be great its 8 cores at around $300

      F-22raptorF-22raptor7 ngày trước
  • Today in Norway the two cpus cost the same, nuts!

    impuls60impuls607 ngày trước
  • whats the music he uses in the benchmark

    Lord AdzLord Adz7 ngày trước
  • Still would buy i7. Why? Because AMD has optimized the Ryzen to the max. i7 has real power where ever Ryzen has optimization. When you get left out of optimization (3-4 years) Ryzen will be a terrible CPU. You can see it when you OC 5600x. It doesnt give you any power performance wise. When they quit supporting and optimizing 5600x you are left with some medium core 6-core that will just lack the power in couple years.

    L1venL1ven7 ngày trước
    • @L1ven nice

      F-22raptorF-22raptor7 ngày trước
    • @F-22raptor i have had 6700k for 5.5 years now. It is more than fine with 0.2ghz oc. Still ordered 9900k because the mobo I have is dying. i7 are fine for 6-7 years.

      L1venL1ven7 ngày trước
    • @L1ven I appreciate you taking time to explain. thank you Yeah I also noticed that games today are using about 60-80% of the 5600x while 10700k is using 40-50 at 1080p which is cpu heavy. For a new cpu 80% is hitting borderline max performance because its 6 cores. But yeah because of the 8 cores 10700k has more proc. power. Also 10700k is 299 rn and 9700k is 199 how would the 9700k be like in 5-6 years. Im thinking no hyperthreading will make it alot slower down the line. This is something I learned when I got the 4690k which I now realize the 4790k would have been a better investment.

      F-22raptorF-22raptor7 ngày trước
    • @F-22raptor ​ @F-22raptor PS4 Pro came out about 3-years later than PS4. It had updated AMD chipset which lead to a point where older gen wasnt really being optimized anymore. Same with Xbox. Since they are bind to the PS and Xbox they have to use the time to optimize the new gen. PS 4 went from 28nm to 14nm and the games after that were more optimized to the 14nm. On PC side, the older 28nm chips from AMD started to lack power. Even tho on paper they should be able to run the games. That wasnt the case. Same APU CPU's they used in PS4 and Xbox were optimized to the max. Try to play something with high end APU from 2013 on PC today. Oh wait they already forgot them and you cant even play modern games with them. Even tho the same 28nm architecture still runs even Warzone on PS4 smoothly. So in 3-4 years you will have medium core 6-core CPU that cant run anything properly anymore. Time Spy physics scores indicate that as well. i7-10700k gets almost 12 000 when 5600x falls to 8400. Physics are one of the main thins your CPU will do in games. Other than that it is pure optimization. In 3-4 years 8400 score from Time Spy is rather low end compared to the 12 000 on i7. i7 will last about 5-6 years where 5600x will last 3-4 years.

      L1venL1ven7 ngày trước
    • wait what happens after 4 years? what about the support is it

      F-22raptorF-22raptor7 ngày trước
  • Gaming = Intel 🎩

    Cosworth97Cosworth977 ngày trước
  • what ram speed is best for ryzen7 5800x?

    Tejosh pTejosh p7 ngày trước
    • 3800cl14

      Alex LeoAlex Leo7 ngày trước
  • 5600x FTW

    NuffxSaidNuffxSaid9 ngày trước
  • intel all day. Ryzen not one day.

    Ray Tracing GamingRay Tracing Gaming9 ngày trước
  • Hi Jay which is better for streaming?

    Macky NavarroMacky Navarro9 ngày trước
  • Bought the 10700k for 320 at micro center

    ExcelzExcelz9 ngày trước
    • what mobo

      F-22raptorF-22raptor7 ngày trước
  • so i9900k high range ? i see he beat the 10700k in most of terms ...

  • Actually you can compared 10700k with 5800 x not only 5600 x

  • Its a worthless chip if you can't buy it

    M BM B9 ngày trước
  • Intel has been greedy af for at least 8 years now so fuckum. Ryzen king feels good. i7 should not be mid range.

    maartenboy37maartenboy379 ngày trước
  • Pretty excited for 2021. Maybe I’ll be able to cram a 5900x or 5950x in my x470 board. It’s the vr upgrade I need.

    Ben FilleyBen Filley9 ngày trước
  • Give me your twocents please! Ryzen 5 3700x or AMD 5600X for gaming, with MPG B550 MB? HELP, Black Friday is here! ahah

    Miguel CanelhasMiguel Canelhas10 ngày trước
  • Nice intro ahahahhah

    Miguel CanelhasMiguel Canelhas10 ngày trước
  • I need 240 fps for apex legends, what do you guys recomand?

    aloe veraaloe vera10 ngày trước
    • @n0obhAcker00 thank you

      aloe veraaloe vera8 ngày trước
    • Core i69 100000gb ram 5000000000000000gb nvme ssd pcie10 Rtx 918373728199192827272882 black edition ti 1000000000tb 10000000000000w psu 80+ diamond

      n0obhAcker00n0obhAcker008 ngày trước
  • until the 5000 series get down in price, intel will roll out the 11th gen. Now i get a 10700 for 320€, and a 5600x for 550€. Think the case is clear on this one

    Sanjin BiskupSanjin Biskup11 ngày trước
  • Looking to upgrade eventually a poor ass uni student in australia currently on 2700x and a gigbyte 1660 super lol

    BigD2017BigD201711 ngày trước
  • Hi Jay, I’m still using a 3570k + 1070 ftw2 running Cold War MP at 60-90 fps on medium 1080p/144hz. Gaming only. I’m inclined to stay with Intel as the 3570k lasted this long...Is AMD known to have such a long shelf life? Was thinking of just going with 9700k, but would like to look ahead a little bit. Battlefield 6(?) is the title I’m mainly looking forward to.

    Far SeaFar Sea11 ngày trước
  • People advocating and telling people to buy a 6 core CPU today are the people who dont seem to read or think about the future at all. If Death Stranding is an indication, 8 core 16 thread is the way to go, even the 12 core 5900x/3900x really benefit from the additional 4 over the 3800/5800x and intel equivalents. And remember: The new consoles are both 8 core 16 thread. Would buying a 5600x be bad? Nah, but I find it better to just save an extra and get the 5800x or the 5900x. If your plan is to keep the CPU for 5-6 years atleast. we often replace GPU before CPU (sometimes multiple times) so remember that.

    Seulgis Glass of CokeSeulgis Glass of Coke11 ngày trước
  • Is it 26.6% faster? Clearly no. But I'm chocked how everybody love 8 cores when most of programs are not using them. Single core performance is always better. In this case, even the multi-core performance is very close. All that with less money and a cooler :-).

    Javier PereaJavier Perea11 ngày trước
  • Nice video piece!. You may have to make it again if a Ryzen 7 5700 or 5700X ever show up lol. We also wana see the new Threadripper runing Cinebench!!!

    Rodrigor MunizRodrigor Muniz12 ngày trước
  • Can anyone tell me what background music he's using during the intro as well as the benchmark graphs?

    Avishek MitraAvishek Mitra12 ngày trước
    • Thanks man.

      Avishek MitraAvishek Mitra10 ngày trước
    • found it, twist in by ballpoint

      Peuga Kun IIPeuga Kun II10 ngày trước
    • i need it as well

      Peuga Kun IIPeuga Kun II10 ngày trước
  • I'm going with a 3600 because i've never seen a 5600 in stock.

    Lang GamingLang Gaming12 ngày trước
  • As a Canadian, 10700k is 500$ lol

    Perigee DynamicsPerigee Dynamics12 ngày trước
  • Pretty ironic that the roles have swapped - Intel for multi-thread, AMD for games.

    EverSnaxolotlEverSnaxolotl13 ngày trước
    • In mid range cpus, yes. But in high end (5900x and higher) amd just took both threading and gaming trophies and left Intel with a participation medal.

      Donut MinionDonut Minion11 ngày trước
  • When I 1st saw how AMD was splitting CCX, I knew that once they put out CPUs with a single CCX, that it was going to be a problem for Intel.

    GamevetGamevet13 ngày trước
  • Of course they were not ready, certain people were to busy cashing out on their grab.

    Michael WMichael W13 ngày trước
  • I am a noob to gaming PC's. I've never owned or built a gaming PC and I have always owned laptops. I have always been an Intel/Nvidia fan but I'm not against AMD, especially with their recent success with the latest hardware. If I do decide to build a gaming PC I want to go upper mid range so that I can play 1440p at high framerates with good future proofing. What would be your recommendation? I was going to buy a PS5 and am still comparing the two so if I go for a gaming PC I would like it to be a decent amount faster than a PS5 otherwise I may as well just save a bunch of money and get a PS5. Cheers.

    TheJaisahTheJaisah13 ngày trước
  • Has he really named AMD 5600X and Intel 10700K a mid range CPU? Cries in Ryzen 5 1600X

    Dalen GrdićDalen Grdić13 ngày trước
  • Idk how its in the us but atm the 10700k is actually cheaper than the 5600x

    Nik ONik O14 ngày trước
  • Quick Question (im hoping): Can either one of these Cpus (with corresponding ram and mobo) run on a 650W PSU with a GTX 1080 as the gpu?

    Ozzyorcborne1Ozzyorcborne114 ngày trước
    • Yeah, 650w will work. But with either of these cpus, you'd probably want to future prof your rig. Consider going higher for when you upgrade your gpu and need a higher psu again anyways?

      BLACK VVOLFBLACK VVOLF14 ngày trước
  • What I’ve personally always noticed with higher end Intel chips is how much stronger their bottom end fps has been. I’ve typically notice less stuttering or major drops in fps. While the benchmarks show the lowest frame they don’t show you the fluctuations so there’s no real way to know without being there yourself. For the money, it seems that you can go out and buy an Intel chip today at a better value and get very close and in some cases a better gaming experience. I’m excited for the new CPUs from AMD but for most of us we only stand a 2% chance of scoring one that aren’t using bots or constant stock tracking and sitting at a computer refreshing all day. Not only that but the demand is so high the value of the new hardware including graphics cards that they are in fact worth more than their MSRP hence everything is getting scalped. Us mainstream gamers are getting screwed just like we did when crypto mining was bananas. What worse on top of that is manufacturers are plagued by the inefficiencies the pandemic is bringing so stock is probably lower than normal and 99% of them still are not implementing a fair preorder system so we can all get our names on a list and get an actual chance to buy this stuff. It’s such a shame because we have all this technology to enable a much better system and only few like evga have a system they’re trying to use to mitigate how crappy this is for the customer. So the short of this is, this new stuff is great if you can get your hands on it but, don’t be afraid to go with Intel since they have stock of all of their hardware and you’re getting relatively matching performance. Paying over MSRP isn’t going to net you much especially with a new motherboard change in the near future for AMD. Same with Intel but you will most likely get rocket lake compatibility this generation.

    mattvmanimattvmani14 ngày trước
  • I have a i5 6600k and msi z170plus right now, should i buy intel or amd now? Amd will require new motherboard but so does a 10th gen intel if i understood correctly, iwant to be able to play at 4k after new gpus.

    keskekeske14 ngày trước
    • Wait for rocket lake

      Star mastercStar masterc8 ngày trước
  • Isn’t the Ryzen 7 the one supposed to be competing with the i7? I thought the Ryzen 5 was made to be the competitor to the core i5

    LIfe & ResellLIfe & Resell14 ngày trước
  • You couldnt even compare it the 10700k is like basically a year old now and the 5600x came out like 2 weeks ago

    Rakesh AckmedRakesh Ackmed14 ngày trước
  • I'll wait for 5600x price to drop. Atm i7 is going for $320, while 5600x $299 at msrp. Knowing microcenter, they always undercut cpu price once stock stablizes so expecting 5600x to drop furthur.

    안홍안홍15 ngày trước
  • i9 9900k for $300 or 5600x for $300?

    Habib MHabib M15 ngày trước
    • Inte

      S PapaS PapaNgày trước
  • Nice comparison. i5 2400 here, id give my left arm for a 5600x haha

    drbjrdrbjr15 ngày trước
  • My gaming rig has a Haswell CPU in it so I am sort of looking for a whole new build soon. Given a choice between the 5600X and 10700K, I think I would feel better about the 10700K simply because it has 8 cores and 16 threads and I think that will soon become a factor. I was really hoping that AMD would have had a 5700X CPU at launch! Then I would probably choose that.

    Mark HMark H15 ngày trước
  • Next video --> gpu midrange battle: RTX 3090ti vs 6900XT

    Player 1Player 115 ngày trước
  • I think if I had to buy a gaming CPU right now I would buy the 10700K. Get that 8 cores in case the new consoles mean devs actually design for them, not nearly as expensive as the 5800X, only a little more than the 5600X but comparable performance or better in some titles.

    Nater GNater G15 ngày trước
  • This actually felt pretty favorable to the 10700k to me

    Nater GNater G15 ngày trước
  • wwhy not 10600 instead for 107000

    fnudorfnudor15 ngày trước
  • To pick, right now... I'd lean a bit AMD, though I would not rule out the I7, (though for Intel I'll wait for the Rocket lake, though that doesn't seem super promising, leaks being what they are...never know) One advantage I'd give the 10700K is the ability to overclock it (easily) to 5.0-5.1ghz, where as the 5699X I don't think you'll get pass 4.8ghz (MAYBVE 4.9ghz ifyou get good silicon....maybe). would that, though, be enough of a benefit? I'm not sure. I mostly do gaming, but I want the ability to edit vidoe, use photoshop or lightroom, edit some video (of which I plan to do more in the future). so.... Yeah. the extra cores would be nice (extra core are also nice for games I play like Flight simes, and not necessarily Microsoft FS). SO, Because of the scalpers, I am very tempted right now to get a 10th Gen I7. Right now, I have all the part to build a new PC minus teh Motherboard and CPU. Should I wait a bit longer to see what Tigerlake is like? should I wait for Ryzen to come back in stock and not have to pay $100 extra to scalpers (BTW, scalpers can all go.... N/m I hate scalpers) and refuse to give them money) or should I buy an I7 10700K? Then there is the new AMD GPUs. Will it be worth it the performance y9ou get form a 4th Gen Rizen over intel? Or jsut go for an NVIDIA card when they come back in stock? I really don't know. All I know that for now I am goign to stick my computer parts I got on a closet and wait to see when I can buy a CPU for a decent price.

    Commander RoddiCommander Roddi15 ngày trước
  • Should I get the 10700k as it's on sale where I live for only $40 dollars more than the 5600x? (Gonna be for a full new build )

    Rob FitzpatrickRob Fitzpatrick15 ngày trước
    • same situation here

      Warlords 88Warlords 8812 ngày trước
  • i am watching this on a 10600k lol, so you're wrong i bought it on launch. kinda wish id waited lol

    RCBonesRCBones15 ngày trước
    • @Afiq Azlan Curiosity, actually i said a misnomer i am watching this on my older i5 6500 but that reason is because i am heating this one. the 10600k build is sitting behind my other AMD system that i use as a game that i made server. it's complicated but only a temporary arrangement for reasons to complicated to state here.

      RCBonesRCBones15 ngày trước
    • why tho?

      Afiq AzlanAfiq Azlan15 ngày trước
  • boys, at the same price, i7 10700kf or ryzen 5 5600x? pls

    simone giannettosimone giannetto15 ngày trước
    • 10700KF, i7s and Ryzen 7s hold up better than i5s or Ryzen 5s. But i rather have the 10700K that has an iGPU.

      Star mastercStar masterc15 ngày trước